General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 20, 2018)

Published on August 20, 2018.

Get ready for some massive family secrets to be exposed this week in the land of General Hospital (GH)! Learn more about what will happen with Brad, Lucas, Valentin, Nina, Maxie, Lulu, Kevin, Ryan, and more by checking out the GH spoilers for the week of August 20, 2018.

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9. Baby Momma Drama

Alexis delivers some huge and crushing news to Brad and Lucas — the birth mom of their baby wants her son back. While Lucas will be saddened, Brad will freak out this week. After all, the real Wiley died in that car crash and with him switching the babies with Nelle, he’ll feel like his entire world is closing in on him.

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8. Brad Turns To Julian

Brad will reach out to Julian for advice, and confess to what he’s done, which will leave Julian in a pinch as well. Julian’s gal pal Kim would not approve of keeping this secret hidden; however, Julian can’t stand the thought of Lucas being devastated by the truth, and he’ll focus on helping the couple hold onto the child and keeping the baby-switch secret under wraps. In fact, Julian will approach the baby’s birth mom to sort the situation out.

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7. Lucas Gets Support

Sam will support her brother this week, and let him know that he has a ton of people in corner. Carly will hate the idea that Lucas’ dreams of being a father snatched from him, and she’ll lean on Sonny this week. She’s been through a lot as of late, between Ferncliff and watching Michael go through his baby loss that she’ll need Sonny for support. GH spoilers also indicate that Jason will continue to worry about Carly.

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6. Saying Goodbye To Baby Jonah

Speaking of Carly and Michael, as one father is dealing with adoption woes, another is having to say goodbye. Michael’s friends and family gather to support him this week, as he organizes his infant son’s funeral. Stock up on Kleenex, as this one is sure to tug at anyone’s heartstrings. Here’s hoping this baby-switch storyline doesn’t last too long.

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5. Julian Uncovers A Family Secret

Madeline Reeves will reveal information about a family secret to Valentin this week. This most likely has to do with Nina, and potentially could mean that a long-lost child of hers is out there somewhere, but it also could be something hidden that centers around the Cassadine family. GH spoilers reveal it has been a family secret that has been buried, so it should be a good one. Valentin will also turn to Curtis for help this week, perhaps an investigation on said secret.

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4. Alexis and Kristina Bond

Kristina and Alexis will bond this week, and GH spoilers tease that Kristina will reveal why she kept her mom at a distance. She’ll let her know that her relationship with Parker is on the rocks, and she will also share suspicions around cheating. Kristina feels she and Parker live separate lives.

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3. Kevin And Ryan

GH spoilers state that Kevin will deal with some distractions this week. With fans fully aware that Kevin’s evil twin Ryan has been parading around town as Kevin while poor Kev is locked in Ferncliff, it’s no wonder he will feel distracted. This storyline is just beginning to heat up, and it should be a very interesting watch as it unravels.

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2. Drew and Margaux

Lots happening this week between Drew and Margaux. GH spoilers indicate that Drew will question Margaux at the beginning of the week, wanting some answers. As the days go by, Jason will approach Drew, warning him about Margaux and her intentions. What is she really up to? Only time will tell.

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1. More Spoilers!

GH spoilers tease that Josslyn will be annoyed this week while Elizabeth will be horrified! Alexis and Diane organize a meeting together, and Finn will be stuck in a situation where he needs to think fast. Sonny will turn to Felix and confide in him around an issue, as his dad Mike suffers from a false alarm. Lastly, Griffin tries his best to make things right, and Lulu shares news with BFF Maxie.

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