General Hospital: Spoilers For December 2018

Published on November 27, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

With the holidays around the corner, Port Charles is busy with romance, intrigue, and a little drama sprinkled into the mix. Learn more about what will happen to Sonny, Carly, Michael, Kim, Margaux, Aiden, Charlotte, Liz, Franco, JaSam, Drew, and others next month in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for December 2018.

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12. Kim and Drew Get A Little Closer?

GH spoilers indicate that Drew and Kim will have a private moment in early December. These former loves have been through a lot while trying to co-parent Oscar, as he goes through this life-threatening condition. There’s been a ton of tension between Kim and Drew as of late, but it seems as if December could bring some romance between the ex-couple.

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11. Love Triangle

While there is a spur of a love triangle between Chase, Michael and Willow as of late, December seems as if something will flourish between these three, or maybe only two, of these characters. GH spoilers tease an invite of sorts for Willow come next month, so who will be the lucky suitor: Michael or Chase?

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10. PCPD Are On The Case

GH spoilers tease a new clue popping up in December when it comes to Port Charles’ latest murder investigation. Chase and Jordan’s case will take a crazy turn thanks to said evidence that pops up. Both PCPD cops will each find a lead, and GH spoilers indicate both will become increasingly obsessed with getting some answers around Mary Pat’s murder.

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9. Jordan Can’t Let Go

In fact, GH spoilers tease that Jordan won’t be able to let go of work come December. This might become increasingly difficult for her, especially being a newlywed. With the holidays around the corner, will she let go of work a bit to enjoy the season with her new hubby? Doesn’t look like it.

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8. New Couple Alert?

Remember Auntie Viv from the Will Smith television comedy Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Well, actress Janet Hubert will be joining the GH cast on December 7th, playing a new character named Yvonne. GH spoilers tease that this character will be romantically linked to Mike, Sonny’s father, so expect some sparks to fly in December between these two.

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7. Sam Turns To Curtis

For help, that is! Seems that Sam will need some assistance on a project, and Curtis will dive in and lend a hand where Sam needs it. In other December spoilers for Sam, she’ll get a pleasant surprise come early on in the month, so here’s hoping things continue to slowly progress towards a reunion with Jason.

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6. Ava Flies Off The Handle

Off the cusp of her daughter Kiki’s murder, GH spoilers tease that someone is set to enrage Ava come December. Could someone rub salt in wound around the fact that she and Kiki weren’t on the best of terms before her death? Perhaps Ava gets an inkling around who may be behind Kiki’s murder and get filled with rage? Either way, hell has no fury like Ava scorned. Who ever will rattle Ava’s cage in December, better be able to deal with her temper.

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5. Break Up On The Horizon?

For fans who love seeing them together, it seems as if Anna and Finn might be headed for a breakup next month. It’s a good possibility that Hayden’s note will ultimately place a strain on their relationship that they won’t be able to come back from. The only silver lining would be if Hayden returns, putting in place a Hayden-Finn reunion just in time for the holidays!

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4. Anna Sets A Trap

Speaking of Anna, it seems as if she will set a trap for Dr. Liesl Obrecht come early December. Anna will hope she can bet on her nemesis’ motherly instincts in order to trap her out of hiding. Will she succeed? Anna is never one to lose, so odds are that she’ll finally have Liesl right where she wants her.

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3. Julian Loses His Cool

He’s been doing so well, not letting his inner-mobster come out lately. Having said that, GH spoilers tease a lash out from Julian in early December, one where his temper will truly flare up. Will it be Kim, Alexis, or maybe even Brad that brings this out? Only time will tell.

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2. Franco’s Art Therapy

GH spoilers hint that Franco will launch some art therapy sessions for Aiden come early December. Will he finally uncover more about Aiden’s bullying at school? Will Charlotte’s name come out into the mix? Here’s hoping the truth is revealed soon, so both kids can get the help and guidance they need!

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1. Sonny and Margaux

This rivalry won’t slow down much for the holidays, as GH spoilers in early December note that these two will run into each other. Here’s hoping that these two can get over this hump and move on. Many district attorneys in the past have tried to nail Corinthos, and so many have failed miserably in their attempts.

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