General Hospital: Spoilers For July 2019

Published on June 25, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Summer is in full swing in Port Charles, with plenty of drama, romance, and adventure on the horizon this upcoming month. Learn more about what will happen to JaSam, CarSon, Josslyn, Jax, Nina, Valentin, Shiloh, Willow, Lucas, Brad, Wiley, and others in the General Hospital (GH) crazy and surprising spoilers for July 2019.

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12. JaSam Moments

GH spoilers for July promise some warm and fuzzy moments with JaSam, as Port Charles’ super couple reconnect with some potentially steamy scenes. They will most likely try to put all that Dawn of Day drama behind them and celebrate their love. Sam will also come up with some sort of solution to a problem that could be quite pressing.

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11. Chase Upset

GH spoilers tease that Chase will be upset over everything happening with Willow, which will lead him to turn to brother Hamilton Finn. Teasers indicate that he will sympathize with Chase, so here’s hoping that Finn will be able to provide some solid advice to his brother about this crazy situation.

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10. Mac Saves The Day

GH spoilers suggest that Mac will work some magic, and save someone’s day. As Port Charles’ Police Commissioner, he does have a little power to help maneuver a situation, so could he add an assist for Willow, come July? This may also have to do with another character who may be in a jam this month.

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9. Willow On The Mind

Seems like Kristina will also be thinking about Willow in July. She’ll find out about all her issues and Kristina will want to help. After all, Willow was brave enough to step forward and share her Shiloh/DoD experience with Kristina and save her from a ton of hassle in the end. She’ll feel like she owes her one, and she may offer Willow her support and help.

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8. Kristina’s Request

GH spoilers hint that Kristina will approach Neil in early July, asking him if he’d counsel her mom and her. Teasers indicate that he’ll think about the request, and will most likely will agree to it, or perhaps this may spark him to decline the session, but explore the idea of a relationship with Alexis. Regardless, spoilers indicate that Alexis will be caught off guard by something this coming month.

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7. T.J. Shares DNA News

GH spoilers state that T.J. will embark on a DNA investigation. Back when Jordan needed a kidney transplant, she had mentioned long-lost relatives that were unreachable, so this might prompt T.J. to do some investigating. Either way, he’ll have some interesting news to share in July about this DNA search.

6. Carly’s Pregnancy

GH spoilers hint that Carly will continue to suffer from pregnancy woes in July. The added stress of having Dev in the house may not help, and she’ll also have difficulty sleeping at one point. Being pregnant is not an easy thing, but with Carly’s age and history, she may be walking on eggshells all summer long.

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5. Josslyn Moves Forward

Speaking Dev, GH spoilers tease that Josslyn will get an invitation of sorts, one that she’ll have to really think through before accepting. Could Dev ask her out on a date? The two seem to have some sparks between them, so a relationship is certainly on the horizon. It’s only a matter of time.

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4. Franco & Cameron

But, will a relationship with Dev leave Cameron out in the cold? GH spoilers indicate that Franco will worry about Cam this month. The teen could have issues moving forward from Oscar’s death, or he could find it hard to swallow that Joss has turned to a new man so close to his friend’s death.

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3. A Visitor For Harmony

GH spoilers tease that Harmony will get a visit from someone, but who could it be? From Willow to potentially Willow’s father, Chase, or someone else unknown, the options are endless. Could it be someone ready to concoct some sort of scheme with the sketchy lady? Sounds like an alliance may form soon.

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2. July Storyline

General Hospital will welcome film actress Veronica Cartwright, seen in movies like The Witches of Eastwick and Alien, to the cast for a five-show storyline set for July. While information around the character and why they are in Port Charles is being kept all hush-hush right now, spoilers tease she’ll have scenes with Ava Jerome.

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1. Pre-Emption On July 4th

With the American Independence Day holiday on the horizon, GH fans should note that a new episode of the soap will not be shown on Thursday, July 4th. Rather, fans will be treated to an encore show that originally aired on March 8th, during the time when everyone figured out “Kevin” was actually Ryan, and Chamberlain was shot by Jason.

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