General Hospital: Spoilers For June 2019

Published on May 30, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

As General Hospital (GH) heads into the summer months, fans can expect some exciting developments in the land of Port Charles. Two characters are set to make some splashing returns; friends will come together to conspire; and Carly will be reflective as her pregnancy continues to drum on. Learn about these stories and others in the GH crazy and surprising spoilers for June 2019.

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12. Hello Nelle!

GH fans need to gear up, as spoilers indicate that Nelle Benson will be back on the Port Charles scene come the week of June 10th. Actress Chloe Lanier will reprise the role, and it seems as if Nelle will cause a ton of chaos when she returns. This might make Brad a very nervous man.

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11. Baby Wiley Drama

Will June be the month where the truth around Baby Wiley comes out? It’s not a good sign (for Brad) that Nelle is strolling back into town, and as she’s unpredictable, she could very well spill the beans. Having said that, GH spoilers suggest that Willow will be confronted by Harmony in June, and Lucas will confess something.


10. Hayden Returns

While an exact airdate is not available as of yet, GH fans can gear up for the explosive comeback of Hayden Barnes sometime in late June, early July. Spoilers are teasing that she’ll have Finn Hamilton on the radar when she returns, and the good doctor may finally learn that he is, in fact, a father.

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9. How Will Finn React?

It’s hard to predict how Finn will react to learning he is a father and Hayden’s return, especially now that he is involved with Anna. Having said that, GH spoilers indicate that Hayden does come back to Port Charles for a good reason, and Finn will learn about a mysterious medical condition he has.

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8. Franco and Carly Are Reflective

Both know how it feels to lose a child, and both will be missing their kids come early June, according to GH spoilers. Franco will take the time to visit Kiki’s grave, while mere days later, Carly will go visit Morgan. While CarSon is happy to be pregnant, Carly will clearly be missing her second son come this month.

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7. Julian Protects

GH spoilers for June indicate that Julian will go to extreme measures this month when it comes to protecting his family. Between Sam and the Dawn of Day drama, plus Ava with all her Ryan issues, Julian will do what it takes to make sure his family is okay, even if it potentially means crossing a line.

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6. Curtis’ World

Much like Julian, Curtis will be doing whatever it takes to keep Jordan healthy and strong. GH spoilers tease that he will literally risk it all at one point in early June; however, having said that, it does seem like this will pay off as Jordan will be okay when all is said and done. Will he be able to score that kidney for her?

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5. Maxie & Nina

GH spoilers indicate that Nina will reach out to Maxie in June, and the two will concoct a plan of sorts. Could this be around finding out who Nina’s real daughter is? Perhaps they’ll also want to learn more about Valentin’s involvement in it all. Regardless, they’ll come together to conspire. Watch out, Port Charles!

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4. Vina Done?

GH spoilers for June tease that something will place Nina and Valentin’s nuptials on the backburner. With Nina and Maxie conspiring, it seems only right that these two ladies will dig something up on Cassadine, and Valentin’s entire scheme should come to fruition, jeopardizing his relationship with Nina once and for all.

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3. Alexis’ Warning

GH spoilers tease that Alexis will offer up a warning in June, and it might be headed in Shiloh direction. She finally learned that Kristina’s DoD pledge was about her, not Sonny, and while she’s trying to be supportive to her daughter, she’ll also be on the offense in this situation.

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2. Kevin’s World

GH spoilers indicate that Kevin will start to move on from the entire evil twin/Ryan debacle, and he’ll decide to expand his practice by taking new clients. Little information around who these “new” patients are; however, here’s hoping Kevin can move forward from all the drama he’s had to deal with in the recent past and focus on work.

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1. More Spoilers!

Carly will be the bigger person by accepting a truce … could this mean the war between her and Ava is over? Meanwhile across town, despite some persuading, Margaux won’t budge around an issue. Lastly, GH spoilers for June indicate that Liz will try desperately to lift some spirits across town.

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