General Hospital: Spoilers For Summer 2019

Published on June 19, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting hotter, and the drama is about to explode in Port Charles! What should fans expect on General Hospital (GH) come the summer months? A little romance, some adventure, a new face, and a major character return! Learn about these storylines and others in the GH surprising and crazy spoilers for summer 2019.

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12. Nina’s Eyes Wonders

GH fans may not need a spoiler to figure out that there is a love triangle emerging in the land of Port Chuckles between Nina, Valentin, and Jax. Having said that, teasers are hinting that this will unravel in the coming weeks and months. Seems as if Cassadine’s daughter secret will remain hidden during the summer and should resurface in the fall.

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11. Nelle’s World

GH spoilers are teasing that Nelle may be a big part of Port Charles come the summer months. She’s already been chatting with Ryan Chamberlain, and it seems as if she’ll cross paths with Harmony in the next little while. This may be good news for Wiley, as she may let the secret slip that the baby is not Willow and Shiloh’s; however, this could scream bad news for Brad.

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10. Baby Wiley Drama

GH summer spoilers indicate that Brad’s world will be flipped upside down in the road ahead. This means that Baby Wiley’s true parental lineage may come to fruition in the summer, and many fans of the show agree that it is about time Michael learn his child is in fact alive and not dead.

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9. Willow’s Secrets

Chase better watch out (and Michael for that matter, too)! Speaking of all that Wiley drama, seems as if Willow isn’t out of the woods yet when it comes to secrets she is hiding. GH spoilers reveal the conservative teacher will have plenty of these coming out of the woodwork come the summer months.

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8. Friz Drama

GH spoilers hint that the wedding celebration between Franco and Liz will be filled with obstacles in the summer months ahead. Teasers reveal that the Friz relationship will be tested. Having said that, will the two be able to survive these twists and turns? Hard to say. The super couple has a huge following, but also a ton of GH fans would love to see them break up and move on to others.

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7. Major Return

It’s the moment many have been waiting for! Actress Rebecca Budig will reprise her Hayden role on GH, with the character coming back with a major purpose. While no air date has been released as of this writing, fans should expect to see Hayden arrive on the Port Charles scene sometime this summer.

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6. Finn’s Health Emergency

GH summer spoilers hint that Finn will deal with a major medical mystery, so perhaps Hayden’s return is sparked by the idea around the child he has no idea he has can somehow help him deal with this issue. Regardless, things should get very interesting between these two, especially with Anna off and out of Port Charles looking to confront her sister.

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5. New Character Alert

While there is no information on the storyline or character, actress Veronica Cartwright will be joining the GH cast in early July, participating in a five-show arc. Producers are keeping everything hush-hush for now; however, the character will be linked to Ava Jerome. Cartwright is best known for her film roles in Alien and The Witches of Eastwick.

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4. Josslyn Struggles

GH spoilers indicate that Trina and Cam will continue to help and support Josslyn as she mourns over the loss of Oscar. Having said that, teasers also state that love will blossom over a heart that is grieving, so will Joss be able to find love once again, and is Cam the one who will be the lucky guy, or will another character help her heal?

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3. Looking Out For Josslyn

Regardless of whether or not she finds love with another this summer, Josslyn will have plenty of “eyes” on her … so to speak. GH spoilers suggest that Jax will offer her an opportunity to change things up, so she may be given a job to help keep her occupied while she is off of school. Additionally, stepdad Sonny will add some extra bodyguards to keep an eye on her in the coming weeks, too.

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2. Kim’s Actions

Speaking of a grieving heart, GH spoilers indicate that Drew and Julian will be substantially affected by Kim’s actions come the summer. She’s still hurting from the loss of her son, rightfully so; however, here’s hoping she doesn’t do something drastic when filled with such high emotion. Shiloh seems to in her orbit a lot as of late.

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1. Surprise Visitor

GH spoilers state that CarSon will continue to prepare for their baby’s arrival this fall, but will have to deal with the aftermath when a surprise visitor arrives in Port Charles during the summer months. Could this be a family member or a friend? With Jax in town, could Brenda be around the bend to cause a little chaos?

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