General Hospital: Spoilers For Winter 2019

Published on January 22, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

It’s getting colder and colder in Port Charles as winter is in full swing! But, despite temperatures dropping and flurries sprinkling all around, the drama is sure to heat up a notch or two in the coming weeks. Learn more about what will happen to Ryan/Kevin, Ava, Margaux, CarSon, Liz, Franco and others in these 12 crazy and shocking winter 2019 spoilers for General Hospital (GH).

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12. JaSam Makes It Official

They’ve been getting closer and closer since the holidays have passed, and GH winter spoilers indicate that Jason and Sam will make it all official this season by solidifying their reunion when they make love. It’s the moment a ton of JaSam fans have been waiting for, for a very long time now.

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11. Ryan/Kevin Twin Switch Storyline

Some residents in Port Charles have certainly started to notice how oddly “Kevin” is acting as of late, and it seems that as fans head deeper into the winter season, Ryan will continue to wreak havoc in the little town. GH winter spoilers indicate that he’ll have a need for recognition, and it seems as if the killer will continue to offer sick clues around his murders that’ll have people raising an eyebrow and pointing a finger (or two).

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10. Gail’s Will

The news of Gail Baldwin’s death has left quite a few GH characters mourning in Port Charles as of late. GH winter spoilers indicate that her “will” will have some kind of effect on the hospital moving forward. Will Scotty play a role in this emerging storyline? Seems like a good possibility.

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9. Mike’s Decline

In more sad GH winter spoiler news, Mike will continue to decline. Having said that, this will have an effect on Carly and Sonny’s love story. Will it bring them closer together, or draw them further apart? Seems like most fans would like the first to happen as they are an extremely popular super couple on the show.

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8. Stella and Marcus

Stella has been a great friend to Mike, and the entire Corinthos clan. GH winter spoilers suggest that some old feelings will be stirred up between her and Marcus as the weeks go by. Does this mean these two characters could see some sparks soon? Anything is possible in the land of Port Charles.

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7. Robert Returns

GH fans should gear up for a Robert Scorpio return and soon. Spoilers indicate he’ll appear back on the canvas in late January. In other related spoiler news, something shocking will happen to Anna that could stir things up for her, Finn, and others in Port Charles. Will Robert hold the key to this new storyline arc?

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6. Drew’s Choice

GH winter spoilers indicate that Drew will be given an impossible choice. Will this have to do with son Oscar and his recent condition? Or maybe it involves Oscar’s mom, Kim? These two have been bonding quite a bit as of late, and perhaps his decision will affect her in some way.

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5. Cassandra Mystery

GH winter spoilers tease that the mystery around Cassandra will continue to linger within storylines in the coming weeks. Who has her? This never was resolved, and the arc will not be forgotten as winter turns into spring. There seems to be a good chance it will be revealed before the flowers start to bloom in Port Charles.

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4. Liz and Franco

Liz and Franco continue to go strong in 2019 as he helps Aiden with his bullying situation and bonds with the youngster by baking cookies. His effort with her sons will not go unnoticed, as GH spoilers for winter tease that Liz will show her love for Franco in a big way.

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3. Nina’s Real Daughter

Nina and Valentin continue to celebrate their reunion; however, GH winter spoilers hint that her real daughter is still out there. This storyline is sure to take center stage in the coming weeks, as the other half of that necklace, and Nina’s child, just may (finally) come to light. Will this mean the end of Valentin and Nina? It could threaten it.

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2. Willow, Chase, Michael (and Baby Wiley)

GH fans know that Baby Wiley is not Willow’s, but she’ll continue to feel an emotional pull towards the little one. As winter turns to spring, GH spoilers indicate that she’ll also continue to bond with Michael and Chase. This love triangle is heating up, and while Chase seems to have the upper hand with Willow, Michael just may be on his heels.

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1. Margaux’s Connection

Things have been a little quiet with Port Charles’ district attorney as of late, but that should change very soon. Winter spoilers for GH hint that a shocking connection will be revealed when it comes to Margaux, and it’s hard to anticipate who will be affected by it. The show has been teasing a bond with Sonny, so it may be something that further adds a spark between these two characters.

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