General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For July 2019

Published on July 2, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Summer is in the air, which means General Hospital (GH) fans need to gear up for an exciting month! Will Port Charles ever learn the truth about Wiley? How will Hayden find her way back to Port Charles? Will Valentin continue to get away with the secret he is hiding from Nina? Fans can only speculate at this point! Below are some crazy and surprising GH plotline predictions for July 2019!

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12. Willow Will Be Saved, Short Term

GH spoilers and previews for this week are hinting that interim PCPD Commissioner Mac Scorpio may try and find some loopholes when it comes to Willow being held up in jail. She doesn’t want to admit Shiloh is her baby’s bio dad, and she is doing all she can to protect little Wiley. Little does she know that Wiley isn’t hers after all; therefore, he doesn’t need her protection! Regardless, seems like Scorpio may be able to help her in some way.

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11. Shiloh Will Stalk Wiley

Now that Shiloh knows that Wiley is his baby, which GH fans all know is not the case, expect the creepy cult leader to stalk the baby, Brad, and Lucas. He may try to manipulate his way into spending time with the little one, although little does he know that Lucas and Brad are on to his evil ways.


10. Truth Comes Out

Seems as if we are the cusp of the truth coming out about Wiley, and Julian may be at the helm of it all. GH spoilers in the coming weeks reveal that Willow will have to deal with some healing, and Lucas will turn to sister Sam for support, so fans need to gear up for a huge reveal around the true paternity of Wiley to come to the surface. But, we they learn that Wiley is actually Michael and Nelle’s?

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9. Wiley Kidnapped

If Nelle catches wind about everything going on with her child, she may lose it. She trusted Brad to protect Wiley; however, in the end, this all exploded in his face. There’s a good chance she could roll back into town in July, snatch Wiley, and head on the road with her baby.

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8. More Secrets Revealed

Seems like Wiley’s true bio parents won’t be the only thing revealed in July. GH spoilers tease there’s also a good chance that Liesl blows Valentin and Sasha’s secret out of the water in the coming weeks this month. With sparks flying between Jax and Nina, this will only inch the potential couple that much closer as August approaches.

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7. CarSon Struggles

GH spoilers indicate that Carly will struggle this July, and as she and Sonny just found out there is a chance that their unborn child could have spina bifida, the two will be on pins and needles around this pregnancy, moving forward. The only silver lining around this storyline as it will shed a light on this condition, and increase awareness around the illness.

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6. Joss & Dev

These two teens are living under the same roof right now, so they are bound to “get a little closer.” While Sonny is working on helping Dev with his legal issues, Josslyn will be getting to know the teen a lot better. There is definitely romance on the horizon; however, this could cause Cameron feeling isolated and alienated in the long run.

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5. Olivia Jerome Returns?

GH spoilers are teasing an interesting, yet short, arc when film actress Veronica Cartwright joins the soap operas’ cast this month. While the show does reveal the storyline with the actress will unfold in July, and she will be in scenes with Ava Jerome, they are keeping everything else under wraps and hush-hush. Could she be recast in the Olivia Jerome role? Maybe Ava turns to her for advice on how to kill Ryan once and for all?

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4. Dante Closes The Door Once And For All

It seems like the location of Dante will be established come early July, where Maxie will find herself wanting to confront her BFF’s hubby. GH spoilers also indicate that Laura will encourage Lulu to bring Dante home. Fans know that Dante’s work in Port Charles is done, as actor Dominic Zamprogna is onto bigger and better things; however, does this mean he’ll close the door on Port Charles for good? Perhaps he’s already found someone new, perhaps he’s fallen too deep into the dark side that there is no turning back.

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3. Hayden’s Return

GH fans need to get ready for Hayden’s return, as spoilers tease she should be back in the next couple of weeks. Finn is set to be diagnosed with an illness, and Hayden will return to town, potentially with their child in tow. Does Hamilton’s baby hold the key to his recovery, or will Finn be in such a dire health situation that Barnes is bringing the child to Port Charles so that he/she can meet his/her dad before something terrible happens?

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2. Another Baby For JaSam?

Speaking of babies, Jason and Sam are officially together, and GH spoilers promise a ton of sweet and tender moments together this month as they bask in official super couple status once again. But, could all these romantic escapades lead to another JaSam baby? It would help to add to their “happily ever after” storyline, and Jason deserves to truly experience fatherhood from baby phase to toddler, child, and so on.

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1. Bobby & Scotty

It seems that Bobby will struggle with her type 2 diabetes diagnosis come July. In fact, spoilers are teasing that she may even faint again at some point (most likely during the Franco and Liz wedding celebrations). While family members and friends will be very worried, one person will stand by her side throughout this ordeal, and that is Scotty. Could these exes rekindle a relationship this summer? They made a very hot couple back in the day!

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