General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For June 2019

Published on June 3, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

As summer approaches, things will only heat up in the land of Port Charles! Like most soap opera fans, viewers of General Hospital (GH) not only love to watch the drama unfold, but they also like to ponder about what will happen next! As such, below are some crazy plotline predictions for June 2019.

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12. Baby Wiley Drama Explodes!

GH spoilers tease that Nelle Benson is set to hit Port Charles again sometime in June. Knowing Nelle, she’ll want to cause some serious chaos. Michael seems to be entering a nice little romance with Sasha, and if Nelle catches wind of it, she could want to destroy it. This means she may tell him the truth about Baby Wiley and who the child’s bio parents really are.

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11. Brad & Julian

Julian has been working hard, if not crossing the line, when it comes to covering up Brad’s lie and Wiley’s adoption. If the truth comes out in June, Lucas’ world could come crashing down on him in more ways than one. Not only would he be losing a child, a relationship, but even more trust in his father. He’ll need Bobbie, Carly, and Sam more than ever.

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10. DoD Continues To Roll On

With Margaux by his side (and in his pocket), can Shiloh get nabbed for his recent “drugging” of Sam? She and Jason may not realize that if Shiloh doesn’t do jail time, he could cause a ton of problems for them. Shiloh will most likely get off on any charges laid against him, and he and his cult could launch a war on JaSam.

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9. Hello Hayden!

While her airdate has not been released as of yet, GH spoilers are promising a huge comeback from Hayden. She’ll return to Port Charles, with child in tow, and it’ll be no surprise that she’ll finally reveal that she didn’t miscarry and Finn is the proud papa of her baby. Having said that, what will bring Hayden back to the little town?

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8. Medical Condition

She could come back, child by her side, for two reasons. Either Baby Hamilton is sick, and may need something from his father, or vice versus. Regardless, with the history that Finn and Hayden shared, sparks are sure to fly the moment he sees her back in Port Charles. Things should get heated between these two.


7. Finn/Hayden Reunion?

But, will Finn he really welcome her with open arms when he realizes that Hayden has kept him away from his child for so long? While he may get butterflies in his stomach when he sees her, these two have a far road ahead when it comes to a reunion. They won’t just jump into each other’s arms right away. Plus, there’s the Anna factor.

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6. The Anna Factor

Last GH fans saw of Anna, she was headed for a confrontation with evil twin Alex. Actress Finola Hughes will be off-screen on the soap for a couple of months, as she typically takes a summer vacation this time of year. With Anna gone, and Hayden back into the picture, will Finn’s heart grow fonder, or will he get distracted with his ex and their child together? He won’t cross the line in June, but Finn may ponder crossing it.

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5. Vina Done?

It’s clear that Valentin’s scheme has been pushed under the rug, and it doesn’t seem as if Nina’s real daughter secret will surface anytime soon. However, it is clear that there are some sparks between Nina and Jax, and with actress Cynthia Watros stepping into the role early June, this may create even stronger chemistry between the two (especially for those fans who liked seeing the old Nina with Cassadine). Are Vina’s days numbered?

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4. Jina Starts To Bond

There is something special between Jax and Nina, and most fans will agree: she deserves a man who won’t scheme to keep her around. With Jax adding Crimson to his business portfolio, he and Nina will be working closely more and more, which means they will undoubtedly start to bond. They aren’t going to become a bona fide couple anytime soon, but Jax is someone that may turn Nina’s eye.

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3. Cassadine Vs. Jacks

GH spoilers tease that there will be reason around to delay the Vina wedding, and there’s a good chance that a special project at Crimson may just cause Nina to request the big event be pushed back. This won’t make Cassadine happy in the least, and it could be the start of a silent war brewing in Port Charles between Jax and Valentin, something bound to get louder over time.

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2. Maxie & Lulu + Peter

Lulu is still very distraught over losing Dante, and BFF Maxie is desperately trying to do all she can to help her. She’s even solicited the help of Peter in finding Lulu’s love; however, this just seems like trouble in the making. Could Peter’s eye fall upon the lovely Lulu? Could this become the spark of a love triangle in the making?

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1. The CarSon Pregnancy

The CarSon baby is due in the fall, which means plenty of more weeks and months for Carly and Sonny to stress about the little one growing in her tummy. June will probably bring some scares here and there, perhaps a minor fall, and CarSon will have an incident pop up that has them worrying (once again) about their baby’s health.

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