General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For When The Show Returns

Published on June 3, 2020. Updated July 13, 2020

Raise your hand if you miss General Hospital (GH)! While daytime drama fans anxiously anticipate the production shutdowns to be lifted on all their favorite soaps, one can’t help but wonder what the land of Port Charles will look like once filming does resume. Below are some GH plotline predictions for when the show returns with new episodes.

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14. Time Jump

Actor Tristan Rogers (better known as Robert Scorpio in the land of Port Charles) hopped onto Twitter recently and asked GH fans if they’d be interested in a time-jump storyline once production got rolling. As some audiences may know, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) did just this last November where the soap leaped forward one year, and was able to shock viewers with what characters had been up to 12 months ahead, and fill in the gap with “memory” flashbacks. Not a bad idea for GH at this point.

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13. Picking Up Where They Left Off – Court Room Drama

If GH does decide to “pick up where they left off” then heading back into the courtroom just as Nina is about to testify would be a great start. How about flashing to Nina seeing the other half of her necklace in Nelle’s hands? This would undeniably give Nina the motivation to offer up a strong testimony on her bio daughter’s behalf, which would change the game for Wiley’s custody.

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12 The Verdict Is In

Many GH fans wonder what the final verdict will be around Wiley’s custody. Carly’s testimony was a flop, Michael admitted he and Willow weren’t in love; however, Julian’s testimony wasn’t overly amazing, and Nina may be the deciding factor. What if the judge awards joint/shared custody? With both couples just tying the knot, it seems very unlikely that one twosome will get the child, leaving the other to crumble. Both of these loveless marriages will be forced to remain together for Wiley’s sake, as they all have to co-parent together.

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11. Gear Up For Some Massive Feuding

Getting back to Nina’s revelation about Nelle being her daughter (plus, testimony). Nina will reach out after the courtroom drama and tell Nelle the real deal; however, Nelle won’t be as receptive as Nina would like. Despite Nina’s testimony helping her, Nelle will resent Nina for “abandoning” her, especially considering how she grew up. Carly will be furious with Nina for her testimony, and lash out on both ladies in typical Carly fashion. Things will get heated with all three ladies.

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10. Carly Crosses The Line?

Josslyn had reached out to Jason sometime ago, begging him to “get rid” of Nelle, where his reply was that it was truly up to Michael or Sonny. Carly recently “reminded” Martin who here husband was, so could she cross the line when the verdict comes out? Could she try to order a hit on Nelle to rid her for good?

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9. Time To Let Go

On to some sadder predictions, it seems as if Sonny is ready to let Mike go. While he’s been struggling with the decision to give his father as much time on this earth as possible, the two did lose so much time in the past. Once GH filming production resumes, fans should gear up for some emotional moments from Sonny as he says goodbye to Mike.

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8. Holly’s Alive

GH sure does love their boating accidents; however, there’s a good chance that once Robert gets over the fact that Holly has passed on, she may show up in Port Charles again, alive and well, with information that proves Peter August is up to no good. The truth about Peter is bound to come out, and this will not only devastate Anna but a pregnant Maxie as well. The only silver lining is Liesl may return once everyone realizes that she was framed.

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7. Peter Is Shunned

Maxie will cut Peter out of her life and Anna will struggle with what to do with him as he is her son (well, sort of maybe, who knows?). Regardless, Peter was given a second chance with Maxie, and once she finds out that he blew it, he’ll be kicked to the curb. With that said, Peter will do everything he can to gain access to his child, and he may even threaten to steal the baby or sue for custody.

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6. Dante Returns

Too many mentions of Dante without there being a strong chance that he returns once filming resumes. How will Lulu react? She’s struggled to move forward and seems to have a nice thing going on with Dustin. She’ll completely reject/resist any idea of a reconciliation with her ex, which should prove to make an interesting storyline.

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5. Brook Lynn Welcomes Him With Open Arms

Where will Dante stay when he returns? With his mom Olivia, of course … in the Quartermaine mansion, where Brook Lynn resides. While Lulu will allow Rocco to visit with his dad, she won’t be open to a reunion with him, but watching Brook Lynn manipulate Dante and try to butter him up, will only add fuel to the fire when it comes to their “frenemy” relationship.

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4. Robert & Olivia

Speaking of, any other fan notice the chemistry between Olivia and Robert Scorpio that was being teased right before the soap went off the air? Could these two hook up once production resumes? Robert has always been intricately linked to Dante’s exit because of his WSB ties, and it seems as if Ned isn’t giving Olivia the attention she needs right now.

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3. Sasha’s Drug Issue

There’s no doubt that GH will address Sasha’s drug issue once production resumes. It may be a few weeks or months before everyone starts to notice, as this has just recently popped up, but she’ll slowly start to spiral the more involved and dependent she becomes on drugs. It’ll begin with more hits now and again to get through work. She may then start to miss photoshoots because she’s high; be desperate and ask friends for money and maybe even turn to Carly or Michael for drugs; start to have mood swings; and it could all culminate with an overdose. Expect her friend Chase to be a big source of support when everything hits the fan.

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2. Jordan Takes The Fall

It won’t take long before Mac puts two-and-two together about TJ’s kidnapping. In an effort to keep Cyrus at bay, Jordan may take the fall for the entire plan. She’ll not only lose TJ, she may also have to serve some jail time. Cyrus won’t be going away anytime soon.

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1. Nik, Liz, Ava, Franco

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: Nik and Liz will cross a line and soon. They have already re-established their BFF bond, and with Franco’s behavior as of late, he may do something to literally push her back into the arms of Nikolas Cassadine. Liz and Nik have gone down this road before, so if and when something does happen, they’ll know the importance of keeping things under wraps, and while Friz may split up, Nik is not leaving Ava anytime soon, which will cause even more tension.

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