General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For April 2020

Published on March 31, 2020. Updated April 2, 2020

Time to say goodbye to March, and hello to April in the land of General Hospital (GH), and there’s nothing soap opera fans love to do than speculate on storylines! What will unravel in Port Charles in the next four weeks? Below are some GH plotline predictions for April 2020.

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12. Sonny Has His Eye On Brando

GH spoilers indicate that Brando will do something that will cause some concern for Sonny in early April. What could Brando do that has Sonny raising an eyebrow or two? Could he be connected to Cyrus in any way, or could Brando’s need to leave Port Charles pop back up, and have Sonny worried?

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11. Franco Continues To Get Closer To Ava

Franco and Ava continue to get closer. They’ve always been friends; however, his painting of her means the two are spending more and more time together. While the concern may be around Liz and Nik hooking up, especially with their history, could Franco and Ava wind up crossing the proverbial line in April, if emotions get high?

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10. Nina’s Necklace

Seems like the mystery (and missing piece) to Nina’s necklace (and bio daughter) will come to fruition soon. Pieces of this puzzle just may start to unravel in early April. While there have been a ton of fan theories around who Nina’s “real” daughter is, could Nelle be in the running now? The two women are working very closely together, and Nelle could use a bona fide ally in Port Charles. Nina fits the “momma bear” bill to a “T.” While Nina is looking to snag Nelle, she may just find out the young woman is her daughter.

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9. Carly’s Episode

There will be a special episode that airs in April that will dive into Carly’s past and GH spoilers hint that it’ll shed some light on the character and some unexpected insights into her history. Could this episode offer a glimpse of a necklace on Nelle, which could raise the idea that she is Nina’s daughter after all?

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8. Carly Backs Off

Perhaps the special Carly-focused episode will offer insight of how she grew up, in a similar fashion as Nelle did, prompting Carly to back off on her a bit. While Carly has (somewhat) changed her ways, reminding her of things she did, and where she came from, might allow her to be a tad more sympathetic to Nelle’s situation. Sure, Benson is an angry and manipulative young woman, but it is for a reason.

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7. JaSam’s World

Yes, JaSam is set for a break in the near future; however, do fans have to really worry about this super couple? The answer is probably “no,” as GH spoilers hint that Jason will try to sneak some time away with Sam in April. They may be “pretending” to be apart, but their hearts still belong to each other.

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6. Liesl’s Accomplice

Peter seems a little smug now, but GH spoilers hint that an unlikely ally is set to partner up with Liesl, potentially to bring August down. Could this be Robert Scorpio? He’d be more than willing to help out. Damien Spinelli may be another option as an ally for Obrecht. Either way, help is on the way for Liesl, come April.

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5. Violet’s Birthday Ends In Disaster

GH spoilers tease that Violet’s birthday party will turn into a dramatic mess! What could happen? There’s a good chance that Robert won’t be able to handle being in the same room as Peter, and he may let his mouth get the better of him. Anna could try and intervene on this, getting locked up in it all. Here’s hoping Violet doesn’t notice the adult drama around her!

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4. Charlotte Spirals

As Valentin continues his attack on ELQ in April, it seems as if Charlotte will pick up his bad habits. Does this mean that Aiden might have to deal with her bullying again? Could Lulu struggle with discipline? Is there a chance that Violet and Charlotte start having playdates, and she remains victim to the little Cassadine’s bullying tactics?


3. Trina Overhears Jordan’s Plan

GH spoilers indicate that Trina will be angered over something she overhears in April. Teasers also hint that Jordan will essentially pin Cyrus’ crimes on former task force members who have passed away. Seems as if Taggert will be on that list too. If Trina overhears this plan, she may just lose her mind.

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2. Alexis Starts To Drink Again

GH spoilers state that Alexis will have a drink after a fight with Sam in April. She’s already done this in late March, so could this mean that she could fall off the wagon? Between her relationship with Neil, and all that Sam is going through, Alexis could feel the weight of the world on her shoulders. She may slip up and just start drinking again. With that said, she’ll do it under the radar.

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1. Willow & Michael

Willow won’t be able to stop worrying about Wiley in April, and with Sasha asking her to marry Michael, could she decide to go through with it? It may be the only way she can protect him, and despite the fact that he isn’t really her son; after all, she still holds quite a bond with the little guy. But, are these two in over their hands? After Wiley’s recent health scare, Michael just might be desperate to gain the sole rights of his son.

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