General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2019

Published on September 23, 2019.

The coolest things about fall: pumpkin-spiced everything, colorful trees, and explosive drama in Port Charles! What will happen on General Hospital (GH) these next few weeks and months? No one knows for sure, but it is always fun to ponder! Below are some interesting GH plotline predictions for this fall 2019.

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12. Goodbye Shiloh

Actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin (Shiloh Archer) recently confirmed that he is leaving the land of Port Chuckles, departing from the soap soon. With that said, fans should expect the cult leader to exit the show, but how will he leave? Death or jail time? Most likely he’ll get convicted for all his wrongdoings, and exit the show that way. Then, there’s always a chance he escapes prison, leaving everyone wondering where he is. While he’s not the nicest of guys, Shiloh is a diverse and complex character that could return to the little town somewhere down the line.

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11. Baby CarSon Arrives

With Carly’s belly continuing to grow, it’s not hard to predict that Baby CarSon will arrive very soon. Having said that, it’s also not hard to predict that Sonny and Carly may have their hands full when the little one finally gets here. Not only is having a newborn a lot of work as it is, but with the baby’s potential medical concerns, the super couple may also discover some relationship woes in the mix, as they adjust to life with a new Corinthos.

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10. New Character On The Horizon

GH spoilers are remaining all hush-hush about a new character set to hit Port Charles, and soon. For All My Children (AMC) fans, Michael E. Knight (former Tad Martin) will be joining the cast this fall, but there is very little information on his character. Could this new guy in town be a potential love interest for Ava? Could he have mob ties that link him to Sonny? Perhaps he’s another Cassadine that no one is aware of? Maybe he is a relative of Dev’s?

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9. Julian & Kim

Kim had a major hookup with Dranco recently, but has yet to inform Julian of the entire thing; however, that won’t last too long. She’s sure to fess up about her indiscretion and soon. Seems like these two won’t last the long haul, and with Franco locked up in a facility, there’s a good chance that both Kim and Julian decide to stay in town after all.

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8. Pregnancy Announcement

With Kim bedding both Dranco and Julian in relatively a small amount of time, this could mean GH fans should gear up for a “who’s the daddy” storyline. Kim desperately wanted another baby after grieving the loss of her son Oscar, so there is a very good chance she could end up getting exactly what she wanted in the end.

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7. Who Is Kendra?

She’s clearly up to no good, but exactly what is Kendra’s connection to Alexis? GH spoilers tease fans will learn about it, come the fall, and it won’t be a good one. Seems like she could be connected to Kiefer Bauer, the young man Alexis killed during a hit-and-run accident back in 2009. Could Kendra be an older sister of his? An ex-girlfriend? Regardless, she may be in Port Charles to seek revenge on Alexis, as she never truly dealt with any repercussions around the accident.

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6. Sparks Fly Between Finn and Hayden

GH spoilers suggest some friction between Finn and Hayden in coming weeks, as Hamilton becomes that more suspicious around why is ex has decided to return to the little town. Having said that, while he may have an eyebrow raised, sparks may also fly with these two during tense moments.

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5. Robert Picks Up On It

He didn’t build a career on being a super sleuth for nothing! Robert has not only been trained to see deeper into a situation, but he also has feelings for Anna, and while Hamilton may protest and claim that he doesn’t still care for Hayden, seems as if Scorpio will pick up on the tension between the two exes these coming months. Robert has Anna’s best interest at heart, and he may turn to her with what he suspects.

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4. Baby Wiley Gets Kidnapped

Will the truth ever come out about Wiley’s true paternity? It surely has to all be revealed come this fall … the storyline has been dragged out enough as it is! But, how will this unfold? Perhaps Wiley is kidnapped! Either by Nelle or Shiloh, forcing Brad to come forward with the truth. He could also face a medical emergency, one that Michael could help out with!

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3. Valentin’s Secret

Speaking of dragged-out storylines, surely it is time for Nina to find out the real truth about Sasha, and Valentin’s role in it all. Sasha is on the brink of telling Nina the truth, but seems to be constantly interrupted. Will it come out? Will Michael be the one to do it in the end? Could Valentin step forward with the truth? All of these are possibilities!

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2. Joss Stressed Out

Having to lie to her dad hasn’t been easy these recent months, especially in an effort to protect someone she barely knows. This will continue to take a toll on Joss Jacks in the fall, as the story around Dev’s connection to the Corinthos clan starts to weaken. With a new baby on the horizon, there’s only so much more Sonny can do at this point. He’ll have his hands full with baby stuff.

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1. Who Finds Out?

GH spoilers state that someone will find out that Dev isn’t who he says he is this fall. It’s not hard to predict that Jax may be the one who figures it all out; after all, he’s the one asking all the questions. But perhaps it’s not Jax who finds out, but someone else? Hayden is very close to Jax, and she could figure things out and go running back. Then, there’s Julian Jerome, who’s never been a fan of Corinthos and is always looking to nab him on something. What if it ends up being Ava?

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