General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2020

Published on September 16, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Entering a new season in Port Charles, and the drama will continue to heat up! Will Robert find Holly? Will the truth come out about Nelle? What should fans expect from Ethan Lovett’s return? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for fall 2020.

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12. Pine Valley Fun!

Actress Kim Delaney is set to hit Port Chuckles; however, reports are hush-hush around her character. As a former, All My Children (AMC) alum, could Delaney reprise her Pine Valley character on GH? That option is possible, and something that AMC fans might hope for! Then, there’s the possibility that she could play a new character or is being recast in a familiar role.

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11. Kim Delaney Is The New Holly

Holly Sutton has always been played by actress Emma Samms. With that said, if she’s busy, could the part be recast? This storyline is getting interesting, and Holly needs to appear at some point soon. Maybe Emma is busy? Perhaps, the plot twist around this is that Holly has undergone reconstructive surgery and is unrecognizable to Robert and others.

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10. Ethan Returns For DNA Test

Actor Nathan Parsons is returning to the land of Port Charles, and he should be popping up soon. Probably in and around the time actress Kim Delaney shows up. Could Ethan be asked to return for a DNA test to verify statements from this “new Holly?” He’d be the one that could help determine if her claims are true. After all, he is her son.

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9. Lulu Will Be Confused

Dante will be returning to town soon too, and with her and Dustin so close, Lulu’s about to feel very confused. But will she have to choose between her ex and current boyfriend? Dante will probably continue to push her away. With that said, if she’s constantly running into Falconeri everywhere, she may realize she’s not over him. It’ll take some time, but Lulu may break up with Dustin on her own accord.

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8. Dustin Is The One Being Investigated

Dustin’s a great guy, but you need to watch the clean-cut ones in the land of soaps! Could Dustin be the one that Dante is investigating? The WSB has stated Dante will be investigating someone close to him, so he (they) may know that Dustin is Lulu’s boyfriend. That could be the connection.

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7. Jax and Carly’s Secret Will Linger

Nina will learn the truth about who her bio daughter is (and soon) while Sonny will continue to struggle with the passing of his father. As these characters are going through so many challenges, their spouses (Carly and Jax) will continue to feel guilty about the Nelle lie they are telling. Carly will be upset with herself because she’ll know that Sonny wouldn’t care about what she did, but he’d be madder she didn’t tell him. But, with him mourning, she won’t have the opportunity. Meanwhile, Jax will feel bad about the role he played in “getting rid” of Nelle’s daughter. They will both feel conflicted, but the truth will not be revealed anytime soon. There will be “close calls” yet nothing substantial.

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6. Felix Struggles With What He Knows

Felix just learned a lot recently! He not only knows about the baby switch and Julian’s involvement, but he also knows that Britt knows! Felix is pretty tight with Sonny right now; however, he will realize that this may not be the best time to bring this to Corinthos’ attention. He may decide this information is better to use to his advantage.

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5. Felix Uses It Against Britt

Could Felix try and blackmail Britt with what he knows? She’s the Chief of Staff at the hospital, and for all the tricks she’s pulled on him and Sabrina in the past, this could be good karma thrown Westbourne’s way. He could use some job security, and having the goods on Britt (and Julian) is one way.

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4. Britt and Julian

These two share a ton of chemistry between each other, and things will continue to heat up between them this fall. They kind of (sort of) hate each other, then kind of (sort of) don’t. Maybe a couple of one-night stands under their belts is what will unfold. They’ll deny any love, but have no issues hooking up.

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3. Valentin Gets A Hold Of The Letter

Peter is desperate to get hold of Nelle’s letter (buried in Martin’s briefcase), and while Spinelli will try with all his might to get his hands on it, it’ll be Valentin who achieves this goal. He’ll keep it, not only to have over Peter’s head but also protect August too.

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2. Anna Finds Out Alex Is Peter’s Mother

Alex is luring Anna right now, and there’s a good chance that she’s connected to Holly’s disappearance, too. One other major revelation that is sure to come out of this storyline is that Peter is not Anna’s child, rather Alex’s. This will be revealed closer to mid-November, early December, as fall turns into winter. This will loosen Devane’s need to protect Peter, as he’s sure to get nabbed closer to when his baby is born.

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1. Cam Wants Joss, Chooses Trina

Cam is conflicted between liking Josslyn and Trina. He will spend more time with Josslyn and potentially realize that he wants to be with her; however, an incident involving Cyrus may have Trina shaken up. He’ll want to be there for her; after all, he does have feelings for Trina. In the end, while he may have a little more chemistry with Joss, he’ll make things official with Trina because she will need him a little bit more.

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