General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For February 2020

Published on January 29, 2020. Updated January 31, 2020

Sadly, it seems like forever since General Hospital (GH) fans have seen a new episode of the show, thanks to the U.S. impeachment trials and pre-emptions. With a new month around the corner, here’s hoping fans will get to see more fresh episodes and soon! What will unravel in the land of the Port Charles in the next four weeks? Below are some GH plot predictions for February 2020.

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12. Mike’s Trial Fails

Sonny has been placing a ton of hope around this clinical trial for his father Mike. Corinthos definitely has the money and power to do all he can to help Mike; however, sometimes even those things can’t stop the inevitable, and Sonny might find himself feeling helpless once the trial ends, and Mike isn’t doing any better.

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11. Sonny Accepts Inevitable

Sonny will take this blow hard at first, and it may take some days for him to fully digest that there really is nothing more he can do for his dad. Sonny will then accept the inevitable, and try to simply be grateful for the time he’s had with him, and appreciate the time he has left.

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10. Lorenzo Alcazar Returns

There was a massive shooting attack that took place recently, and GH spoilers for February indicate that Sonny will have to battle an enemy. Could Lorenzo Alcazar be making his way back to Port Charles? There have been teases in the past that he is still alive. Maybe he’ll return to settle the score with Sonny (and Jason).

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9. Gladys Somehow Involved

Gladys has been around since the holidays, and it has been a little hard for the Corinthos family to shake her, thanks to her connection to Mike, and the fact she went along with the Dev lie. With that said, she has been asking some questions about Sonny’s business, and while she doesn’t seem like someone who would be in cohorts to bring Corinthos down, it is more than suspicious that she won’t go away. Could she be linked to the enemy that is trying to bring Sonny down, a spy of sorts to offer the other person intel on Sonny and his family?

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8. JaSam Sneak Around … JaSam Get Caught

On to the other side of town, as Jason and Sam continue to try and get the dirt on Peter August so that they can finally be together, GH spoilers seem to indicate that they’ll also set up a secret meeting. Would this be to plan their next steps or for romantic purposes? Either way, there is a good chance they could get caught, and if they do, it would be game over for Sam.

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7. Bromance In The Wings

GH spoilers suggest that Robert and Finn will join forces this month to help open Anna’s eyes around her “son” Peter. While Robert and Finn get along, their relationship has always revolved around Anna. Could these two bond to a bromance level in February? Robert could use some male friends (outside of his brother Mac) in Port Charles.

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6. Anna Isolates Herself

What could force Finn to turn to Robert and vice versa? Perhaps Anna isolates herself from both men due to what they keep accusing Peter of. According to GH February spoilers, she’ll feel protective and stressed at one point this month, so perhaps she alienates herself from both relationships, which would not be a good thing.

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5. Hayden Returns!

With Nik back, and no real imminent threat, Hayden is bound to return to the land of Port Charles at some point, especially with daughter Violet waiting in the wings. Perhaps the truth around Peter reveals itself at the end of the month, and Finn and Anna find themselves stronger than ever, only to have Hayden whirl back into the picture.

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4. Nikolas Bonds With Ava

Speaking of Nikolas, he and Ava seem to have a love-hate relationship at the current moment, with Ava dangling the codicil from atop his head. With that said, she’s also helped him a lot, and it seems that these two are bonding (in a weird sort of way). By February, GH fans may see some sparks flying between these two. It’s only a matter of time. Perhaps they’ll get inspired for some romance come Valentine’s Day.

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3. Elizabeth Doesn’t Approve, Franco Takes Notice

GH spoilers tease that Nikolas could cause a wedge between Friz this month in an unlikely way. As many don’t approve of Nik and Ava being together, Liz may join that bandwagon, and Franco could wonder why she even cares so much. This could cause him questioning Liz’s friendship with Nik, and creating some friction in his own relationship. 

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2. Emma Returns … And She Brings Spencer Back

Many fans loved seeing Spencer back on GH screens recently, and while it seems he’s not so willing to forgive his dad for all he’s done, perhaps someone could help sway him back to Port Charles. Emma Drake is set to return to daytime screens in February, but there is little information around her Port Charles comeback. Could she return to sway old pal Spencer to forgive his dad?

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1. Trina’s Linked To Marcus Taggert

According to GH spoilers, Trina will find out she has a relative in Port Charles in the near future, and this connection should roll out sometime in February. Could she be linked somehow to the newly returned Marcus Taggert? Plus, how is she related to him? Long lost uncle? Dad? Cousin? Only time will tell!

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