General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For July 2021

Published on June 30, 2021.

Could Carly and Jason come together in a united front that goes against the Five Families? Could a romance brew between Jax and Britt? How will “Mike” play a role in storylines, moving forward? General Hospital (GH) fans just LOVE to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plot predictions!

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12. Jarly Wedding

Could fans see a wedding between Carly and Jason on the horizon? What if these two have to “pretend” to be together to form a united front against the Five Families? Where would that leave Stone Cold’s relationship with Britt Westbourne? Also, if Jarly becomes a thing in July, could a “pretend” romance lead to a “real” one?

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11. New Couple Alert: Brax

Britt Westbourne and Jasper Jax are about to start spending time together in early July. If Jason has to ditch his relationship with Westbourne, would she naturally gravitate towards another? Jax might be a bit older than her, but he’s still very much the handsome and charming bachelor he’s always been. The two will “run into” each other this month, and even spend Independence Day together. Will sparks fly between these two, as fireworks explode?

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10. Nina Decides To Stay In Port Charles

It seems as though Nina will decide to stay in town, for now. She may want to distance herself from Nixon Falls, and “Mike”. She was starting to have some major feelings for the man. Considering their ties together in Port Charles, however, Reeves will believe it’s best to leave “Mike” behind.

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9. The Sonny Factor

GH spoilers hint that Phyllis will encourage “Mike” to go visit Nina. It may take him weeks before he builds up the courage to do so. Sonny will be in the little town and go unnoticed. He’ll run into people who don’t know him or pass by others who do, yet don’t see him. Reeves will be working overtime to ensure he stays hidden. The two might even spend time with Wiley, behind Carly and Jason’s back.

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8. The Two Cross A Line

Could Nina and Sonny cross a line during his stay in Port Charles? Could Carly, Jax or Jason catch them in the act? Maybe Michael? Or Ava? Could “Mike” get his memories back right after the two hit the sheets? Could Sonny realize he’s just slept with Nina Reeves? Either way, this relationship is doomed!

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7. Sonny Catches Jarly

If Jason and Carly come together and realize they have feelings for each other (more than just friendship), could they cross a line? What if “Mike” catches these two in the act? Could this be the trigger that allows “Mike” to remember he’s Sonny? “Mike” and Nina hooking up could happen around the same time that Jarly hooks up!

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6. Willow Finds Out She’s Expecting

As Willow and Michael continue to keep their relationship a secret, could she end up expecting? The two did hit the bedroom a few times before and after Chase wound up in the hospital. They might be able to keep this secret hidden for a little while – throughout July, and maybe into August. However, come the fall, she’ll have to fess up.

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5. Sam and Dante

Sam and Dante are teetering on something big in the romance department. Could they decide to take the full plunge in July? Jason’s moved on, so it’s about time that Sam does, too. With that said, as they start enjoying the ins and outs of their new relationship, could an ex pop out of the woodwork to dampen things?

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4. Drew Cain Returns!

Rumors are swirling that Drew Cain could return. As per Soap CentralAll My Children alum actor Cameron Mathison might play the character. Up until recently, Mathison’s role on the show has been a mystery. The actor is set to join the cast this summer. Could July be the month fans see Cameron (and Drew Cain) hit Port Charles? This could put a snag on the Sante relationship.

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3. Austin’s Interest

Austin seems quite interested in the Quartermaine family. Could he be part of the clan? A cousin, twice removed, or a long-lost son? Is Dr. Austin actually Drew Cain? A “plastic surgery” angle could be added to the storyline quite easily. Maybe Austin has run into Drew (soon to be played by Cameron Mathison), and he’s come to the little town on a recon mission. Anything is possible in the land of soap operas, right?

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2. Jake Turns Creepy

GH spoilers reveal that Cam will issue an apology to both Jake and Jason for his recent behavior. While Jason will be forgiving, it sounds as if Jake won’t easily forget what his older brother did and said. Could Jake become a creepy kid with a major revenge chip on his shoulder? Will Elizabeth struggle with keeping the peace in her household — especially now that Franco is gone?

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1. Finn and Elizabeth Struggle To Keep Peter Hidden

Could sparks fly between Finn and Elizabeth this month? They are desperately trying to hide a secret they share, and soap fans know that nothing bonds two people more than covering up a murder! Will anyone be “onto” where Peter is? Could the revamp in the hospital staffing cause someone to check out the area where August is? If Peter gets discovered, will anyone even think to point a finger at Elizabeth and Finn?

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