General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For June 2021

Published on May 27, 2021.

Will Peter get the last laugh on Maxie and Brook Lynn? Will Sonny ever learn the truth about his identity? Will Finn be able to find an antidote for Chase, with or without August’s help? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines. As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for June 2021.

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12. Peter Gets The Better Of Maxie

GH spoilers hint that Maxie will try to make the best out of a bad situation in early June. Could Peter figure out a way to kidnap her right before she is set to deliver? With Nurse Chloe on board, he does seem to have all his bases covered. It wouldn’t be overly surprising if August pulled something of this nature off; however, this entire situation could leave BLQ in a pickle (with no baby).

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11. BLQ Comes For The Ride

There’s also a chance that Brook Lynn is kidnapped in the process, too. If the two women were set to meet up at the beach house together before Maxie gives birth, then BLQ might be with Maxie when Peter tries to kidnap her and the baby. He could get a “two-for-one” deal. August may see this as a way to get back at Valentin, too.

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10. Nixon Falls Drama

With all that is going on with Elijah right now, June will be a little more settled for Nina and “Mike”. Sonny will end up “saving” Reeves from the con, and their romance might also heat up in the aftermath. Nina will start to feel a tad guilty about keeping Sonny’s identity from him, but she’ll continue to reassure herself that this is all for the best.

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9. Disaster Strikes In Port Charles

Something big is bound to happen in Port Charles in June that will leave Nina reeling. She’ll question whether she should continue to keep Sonny hidden away in Nixon Falls. With Jason on the run, and Cyrus more powerful than ever, disaster could strike for Carly and the Corinthos family. Could Dev’s identity come back to haunt them? Could Renault kidnap Josslyn or Bobbie? It’ll be something that has Nina on the fence about telling “Mike” the truth, because his family back home will desperately need him.

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8. Sonny’s Babies

Sonny has a ton of family in the little town. While most of his kids are older, he has two young daughters that need him. What if Avery or Donna get kidnapped? What if either of these girls lands in the hospital and needs a transplant or blood transfusion, and Sonny is the only match? Then there’s the idea that Kristina, Dante, or Rocco could experience a medical emergency. Nina would feel tremendously guilty if something happened to one of Sonny’s kids or grandkids. Then there’s a chance that Wiley could get kidnapped. He is Sonny’s grandson, but hers as well. If Wiley’s life is at stake, Nina will stop at nothing to help her grandson — even if it means jeopardizing her happiness.

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7. Finn Is Stressed

Over to Finn: by early June, he’ll still be searching for an antidote to save Chase. Sounds like he’ll be incredibly frustrated at the situation Peter has caused. Will he start to take it out on those around him? He could lash out at Gregory, Jackie, or even Liz and Anna. He feels responsible for Chase, and with their shaky history, he’ll continue to work day and night to figure out how he can help his son.

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6. Finn Catches Millow

GH spoilers indicate that Finn will have an “intense” confrontation with Willow in June. Either he tells her exactly what is going on with Chase (i.e. Peter’s poisoning) out of frustration, or he catches her with Michael and calls her on it. Chase’s condition could deteriorate so badly that Finn will believe that Willow needs to keep up the charade of their relationship and stay away from Michael. If Chase sees them together or hears that Willow and Michael are an item, his life could be at risk.

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5. Chase’s Recovery

Willow and Michael will stay apart throughout June. Meanwhile, Finn will figure out an antidote (on his own and with no thanks to Peter). It’ll take a long while for Chase to get better. He’ll need to undergo rehab, and there’s also a chance that he may need to move in with Willow or have someone “take care” of him while he gets better. Chase has a long road ahead, which means that Willow and Michael’s romance does, too.

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4. Spencer’s Return?

GH spoilers had stated that Spencer Cassadine might return in May, yet this hasn’t happened. Added teasers implied that he was the one behind Ava’s odd gifts. Could Nikolas’s son come back in June and wreak havoc in Port Charles? What if he aligns himself with Cyrus as a way to “get back” at his dad and grandmother? After all, Renault is technically the boy’s family!

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3. Laura and Kevin Separate

Speaking of Laura, GH spoilers suggest she’ll be “shaken” this coming month. Is she upset over Peter’s article? Added teasers reveal that she and Kevin will have an emotional discussion. There’s a good possibility that her hubby doesn’t approve of her recent actions as mayor. Could this be the end of Laura and Kevin’s marriage?

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2. Laura’s Life Is Threatened

GH spoilers note that someone will threaten Laura’s life in June. Who could this be? The obvious answers are Cyrus or Peter; however, there’s also a good chance it’s someone else entirely. Other suspects could be Ryan Chamberlain (faking a coma) or a returning Spencer. But, what if the person is someone new and mysterious?

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1. A New Character?

Actor Cameron Mathison, famous for his stint on All My Children, is heading back to daytime drama! He’s officially joining GH, and reports indicate that he’ll debut in Port Charles soon. The part he’s playing is a new character and not much else has been revealed. Could there be a new bad guy ready to step into the little town? Could he be the one threatening the mayor? Only time will tell!

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