General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For May 2021

Published on April 29, 2021.

Will Maxie and BLQ get away with their baby-switch plan? Will “Mike” and Nina come together? Who’s behind all those “creepy” gifts that Ava is getting? General Hospital (GH) fans love to ponder what will happen next in storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for May 2021.

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13. Maxie and BLQ

Maxie and Brook Lynn will pull off the baby switch, no problem. Jones will hand her baby girl over to BLQ with the understanding that this is “temporary”. Valentin and August will be in the dark; however, will Jones decide to confide in Anna? She’s a tad mad at her, but could Devane somehow be brought into the loop or fall upon the information by accident? This could be a secret that Anna is “forced” to keep from Valentin for the safety of Maxie’s child. As Anna and Valentin are potentially headed towards some sort of romance, this could stifle that possibility.

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12. Valentin Signs Over ELQ

Valentin will sign over ELQ, so Brook Lynn and the Quartermaines will get what they want; however, Peter won’t go away as quickly as Maxie would like. Somehow, August will continue to dodge bullets. GH spoilers indicate that Valentin will overhear a conversation and gain the upper hand on Peter, but nothing will be done for a while. Valentin will believe the baby BLQ has is his, while August will mourn the loss of his child. Peter will continue to be a thorn in the side of Valentin and Anna possibly Maxie, too.


11. Olivia Will Poke Around

Another person who could find out about the baby switch is Olivia. She’s been very critical of BLQ and how she’s been taking care of her baby while expecting. If Maxie lingers around the Quartermaine mansion or even drops by for a visit, Falconeri may be concerned for both Jones and Brooky Lynn’s little one. After all, Olivia will believe that Maxie just lost her child. It might not be good for Jones to be around another infant girl. Someone could slip up while Olivia is around, and she’d be in on it, too. She’d keep the ladies’ secret, for sure. Even if it was just for Maxie and the baby’s sake. She knows Peter is not the man he pretends to be.

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10. Nina and “Mike”

Over in Nixon Falls, Nina and “Mike” are going to come together in May. Things have been building up for too long for these two not to share a kiss or something more. While Elijah Crowe has somewhat kept Nina and “Mike” apart, GH spoilers indicate that he’ll prove to be a major threat. Could he try to attack Reeves? Perhaps the two are left alone together and he doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

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9. Sonny Saves The Day

If Nina is placed in a situation of this sort, Sonny could come in at the very last moment and save the day for her. This would only strengthen the bond between these two, and they could get caught up in a moment together. Spending the night with “Mike” would only intensify her feelings for him, but it would also dig her deeper into the lies she’s told.

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8. Nina Protects

GH spoilers also hint that Nina will do all she can to “protect” her new life, and she’ll make a major decision in May. Could she extend her vacation, or choose to work from Nixon Falls for a little while? She’ll continue to lie to Jax (and anyone else who reaches out) but will she do something even more drastic, like cutting her ties to Port Charles and Crimson Magazine?

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7. Spencer Returns!

GH spoilers for next month reveal that Ava and Nik will host a family dinner. Some teasers are implying that this could be to “welcome home” Spencer. Could he be returning to Port Charles? Anything is possible. It’s also been suggested that Nik’s son might be the person who has been sending the “creepy” gifts to Ava.

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6. Spencer Causes Trouble

Spencer has been against his dad’s marriage to Ava from the beginning. If he were to return to Port Charles, he’d stay at Wyndemere. This would cause a ton of conflict between Ava and Nikolas, and create a lot of chaos for the family as a whole. Nikolas will feel torn between love and parental guilt. If Spencer is behind the sketchy presents to Ava, then these would increase the moment he arrives.

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5. Special Episode For John Reilly

GH fans have been anxiously awaiting the episode honoring Sean Donely and the late actor who played him, John Reilly. The episode is set to take place on Friday, May 21st. While actress Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio-Drake) recently teased on social media that she was back on GH to film something special, viewers should anticipate some unexpected guest returns. Could Donely’s wife Tiffany, played by actress Sharon Wyatt, make an appearance? Here’s hoping!

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4. Franco’s Ghost Helps Clear Jason’s Name

GH spoilers state that actor Roger Howarth is coming back to the show in May. As per Soap Opera Digest, Roger’s return will be “extremely memorable”. It’s also been indicted that Franco will not return “alive” during Howarth’s next run with the show. Could Franco’s ghost come back to nab Peter and clear Jason’s charges? Could he also help Cameron work through his anger issues and perhaps officially say “goodbye” to Liz, so that she can have closure and move on?

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3. Drew Returns

There’s also the chance that Roger plays a completely different character, as GH has been known to have actors come back for other roles. What if Roger returns as Drew Cain? What if Drew Cain’s return is part of Peter August’s downfall, or instead the next chapter for August’s reign of terror in Port Charles? There’s a chance that Cain still might not remember anything to nab him.

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2. Elizabeth’s New Love

GH spoilers tease that Elizabeth will have someone by her side to help her rebuild her life. The natural guess as to who this might be is Finn, as they’ve been spending a lot of time together as of late. Plus, the fact that Liz is Hayden’s half-sister would make things interesting if Elizabeth and Finn were to become a couple. What if Drew Cain returns and he’s the one to help Elizabeth? The two did have a “thing” once upon a time.

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1. Carly Goes Missing

GH spoilers indicate that Cyrus’s temper will flair in early May. Then, there will be a point where Carly desperately misses Sonny, and Jax won’t be able to locate her. Could Renault get angry and kidnap Mrs. Corinthos? She may miss her husband and his power if something along those lines were to occur. Carly has been able to stand up to the pressure of running Sonny’s business; however, with Jason out of the loop and Sonny’s passing, she may have bitten off more than she can chew.


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