General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 19 – 30, 2021)

Published on April 19, 2021.

Will Chase be okay? Will Nina continue to lie to “Mike”? Will Scotty be able to get through to Cameron? So many questions, so few answers! There’s nothing General Hospital (GH) fans love to do more than speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for April 19 to April 30, 2021.

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13. Chase’s Condition

Chase’s condition will spiral this week. There’s also a good chance he has some over-the-top dreams in the coming days. His health will be touch-and-go in the coming days, which will not only have Finn on edge, but Willow feeling very guilty. There’s a good chance that Chase will be in a coma for much of the week. He may “come to” the week of April 26th, but things won’t look good for him.

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12. Willow’s Dilemma

Willow will have a major dilemma to sift through this week and next. She was going to officially break things off with Chase before he collapsed. She felt guilty en0ugh about leaving him for Michael as it was. If Chase finds himself in a situation where he is struggling with his health or has a debilitating condition, she’ll hold off on breaking up with him entirely.

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11. Keeping It All A Secret

She and Michael will decide to keep their reunion a secret. They’ll continue their relationship; however, it’ll be behind everyone’s back. They’ll agree that until Chase is back up on his feet, the best thing to do is to keep their romance under wraps. Chase may be too sick to engage in anything romantic, and Willow will feel good about being a friend to help him during his recovery. Stress could worsen his condition.

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10. Chase May Need Her

Michael will be okay with Willow not breaking up with Chase during his hour of need. But will he be okay with the idea of her moving in with him? Chase may need someone to take care of him, and Willow might be his only choice. He won’t want to stay with Finn or Jackie, and taking care of Chase might be too much for Gregory. Everyone will decide it’s best for Willow to move in with Chase and help him with his needs.

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9. Finn Loses His Cool

Finn will have a rollercoaster of emotions this week. He’ll lose his temper early on, and then feel hopeless as the weekend hits. This could mean that Chase’s health will be extremely unstable over the next couple of weeks — or even longer. Finn will feel responsible and extremely agitated that he can’t do much to “solve” the problem.

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8. Phyllis Is Stunned

Over to Nixon Falls, could the news about “Mike’s” real life reach Phyllis? Could she find out there’s a chance that “Mike” is Sonny Corinthos, a mob boss? GH spoilers hint that something will stun her in the coming days. Could Nina reveal that she knows Corinthos from Port Charles? Could Elijah unveil the truth and bring it to Phyllis’s attention?

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7. Nina Will Continue To Lie

Regardless, Nina will continue to lie to “Mike”. While she’s humoring Elijah, by allowing him to give her a tour of Nixon Falls and being his date to the dance, she is drawn by Sonny. She’s seeing a different side to him, and there’s chemistry there. She’ll continue to keep “Mike’s” past under the rug, but also gravitate closer to him.

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6. Sonny and Nina Share A Kiss

Tensions are set to rise between Elijah and “Mike” this coming week. So, if Elijah crosses a line with Nina (and it’s not reciprocated by Reeves), Sonny could lose his temper. He may even “save” Nina from an unsafe situation. By the week of April 26th, there’s a good chance that Nina and “Mike” share a kiss.

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5. Scotty and Cameron

GH spoilers hint that Scotty will try to place Cameron on the right path. Baldwin knows that Jason didn’t shoot Franco, and it sounds like he’s going to try and convince Cam of that too. Can he get through to the troubled teen? That might be a hard “no”. Teasers for the week of April 26th reveal that Cam will go head-to-head with “Stone Cold”.

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4. Cameron Versus Jason

From the sounds of it, Jason and Cameron’s exchange will be a heated one. Will Cam visit Jason in jail, or could the two come face-to-face if “Stone Cold” is at a court hearing? Could Jason be cleared of all charges? Will that agitate Cam enough to confront Jason? If Jason is cleared, it could be that Carly was able to intimidate Gladys into stepping away from the case after all. Or perhaps Valentin came up with evidence that cleared her as a witness. If Gladys retracts her statement, this could infuriate Cam since he truly believes Jason shot his stepdad.

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3. Brooklyn and Maxie

Maxie has a baby she needs to protect, while BLQ has a fake belly that she needs to prove is real. GH spoilers for the week of April 26th indicate that these two friends will come together and realize just how helpful they can be to each other. Many fans could sniff a baby-switch storyline from a mile away as soon as Brook Lynn returned to town; however, this one would be unique.

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2. Baby Switch To Bring Peter Down

Unlike baby-swap storylines of the past, “the good guys” are generally kept in the dark about the switch, while the “bad guys” wreak havoc. Maxie being in the know that she’s handing her baby daughter to a friend for protection makes this one very different from anything that has been done in the past in Port Charles (or any other soap opera for that matter).

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1. Dante and Sam

With all that is going on, there hasn’t been that much between Sam and Dante as of the past couple of weeks. Could this all change? GH spoilers tease more scenes between them, as April comes to a close. Sounds like they are set to get that much closer. Will sparks start to fly? Here’s hoping something happens!

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