General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 25 – May 6, 2022)

Published on April 26, 2022.

It looks like Harmony’s past is about to implode, but will the truth about Willow’s bio mom come out? Will Liz and Finn find out what’s going on in their house? Can Ava and Nik turn things around? General Hospital (GH) fans love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for April 25th to May 6th, 2022.

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12. Carly’s Digging

Carly knows something doesn’t feel right with Harmony, but because she’s Willow’s “mom”, she is taking it very easy on the lady. Bad move. Generally, Carly’s claws would be out in full force by this point; however, Harmony is getting a bit of a pass when it comes to Mrs. Corinthos’s wrath. Carly shouldn’t keep her guard down with Willow’s mom – Harmony is far more dangerous than she realizes.

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11. A Dire Situation For Carly And Alexis

GH spoilers for this week reveal that Alexis and Carly might have to rely on each other during a dire situation. This week’s preview video shows Mrs. Corinthos digging through the fireplace at Alexis’s house. As she looks at those papers Harmony tried to burn, Carly won’t see the former Dawn of Day cult member sneaking up behind her with a needle. This may not end well!

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10. Alexis Will Catch Harmony

There’s a good chance that Alexis will catch Harmony before she’s able to stab Carly, but there’s also a good chance that Ryan’s nurse will be able to turn things around to hold these women captive. GH spoilers suggest that both Josslyn and Sam will find themselves at the hospital this week. Will Carly and Alexis wind up in need of medical attention after this encounter?

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9. Carly Pushes Harmony To Tell The Truth

In an interesting GH spoiler for the week of May 2nd, Carly will push Harmony to come clean. Sounds like Mrs. Corinthos will know what the deal is and encourage the lady to tell the truth to her daughter. It’s unlikely that the information in those papers (in the fireplace) revealed anything about Neil’s passing or any other secrets the caretaker has. They may just be adoption papers proving Harmony is Willow’s adoptive mom.

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8. Carly Stuns Willow With News

GH spoilers for the week of May 2nd also suggest that Carly will head to see Willow and give her some stunning news. She may decide to take matters into her own hands at this point. Carly may blow the top off this secret as she has no clue who Willow’s real mom is. If she found out it was Nina, she probably wouldn’t “push” for the truth to come out.

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7. Harmony Still Lingers

Despite Harmony lingering with a needle behind Carly this week, not to mention the “dire” situation Alexis and Mrs. Corinthos are in, Harmony’s name is sprinkled throughout GH spoilers for the week of May 2nd. In fact, it seems as if she and Carly have more than one scene together. It’s clear that she’ll face zero repercussions around the papers in the fireplace (or needle incident… if there is one…). Willow should be given stunning news by the end of next week. She’ll likely learn Harmony isn’t her bio mom, but won’t learn about Nina or any other bad deeds her Dawn of Day mom has done in the past.

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6. Lucy Offers A Supernatural Solution

As Liz and Finn continue to “scratch their heads”, GH spoilers indicate that Lucy may offer a solution for them. Could she suggest a séance? Makes sense. All arrows are seemingly pointing to the idea that ghost Franco may be behind these odd events in the house, and Coe has always been into the supernatural. But should they call a medium or a priest at this point? Baldwin’s spirit seems violent and very angry.

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5. Can Ava And Nik Get On Track?

The answer to this is likely, “no”. GH spoilers note that Nik will set up a romantic gesture that shows promise. However, there’s a good chance that Esme will intercept before Nik and Ava land on the same page again. They’ll almost be there and ready to come together when Ms. Prince will pull out the rug out from under them with another scheme.

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4. Esme Overhears Something

GH spoilers imply that Esme will overhear a “private” conversation that Spencer is having. Hopefully, Spence is trying to set his girlfriend up and doesn’t spill the beans about his plan. If it’s the former possibility, this may be the beginning of the end for Ms. Prince. If it’s the latter, this could all blow up in Spence’s face.

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3. Trina And Cabrera Get Closer

GH spoilers suggest that Trina will be alone in the gallery when she hears a door close. Sounds cryptic and scary, but there’s a good chance that the cute and sweet new Port Charles cop, Rory Cabrera, is looking for some alone time to get to know Trina. Although, do any other fans think that Rory may not be as sweet and naïve as he presents himself? Does anyone else think he’s a hired hand for Ryan Chamberlain (or Esme)?

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2. Maxie And Austin

Are any other fans underwhelmed by the pairing of Austin and Maxie? Watching Ms. Jones with Spinelli this past week could mean that a reunion between them is on the horizon. They’ve always made great friends and co-parents; plus, they were a solid couple back in the day. GH spoilers over the next two weeks seem to hint at some “trouble in paradise” between Maxie and Austin. Could they stop a romance before things get too sticky? Maybe Austin will move on to Britt, as Maxie looks Spinelli’s way.

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1. Sasha’s World

Looks like Sasha may crumble this week, as GH’s preview video shows her having a meltdown with Nina. Ms. Reeves will also approach Brando with concerns she has for her friend. So, could everyone start to see that the new Mrs. Corbin is struggling and off the wagon?

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