General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 27 – May 8, 2020)

Published on April 24, 2020.

As General Hospital (GH) inches that much closer to May Sweeps, it’s hard not to try and predict what will happen next in the land of Port Charles! Will Mac find out the truth around TJ’s abduction? Will Molly crack under pressure? Will Michael and Willow get married? Time to speculate with the GH plotline predictions for April 27th to May 8th!

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12. TJ Will Remember Something Vital

As Mac tries to learn more about TJ’s abduction, the only silver lining for Jordan is that her son has blacked out most of what has happened. While Mac has little to go on, he’s an incredible investigator. At some point in the next couple of weeks – if not days – TJ will remember something vital that could crack the case, and Jordan will be left wondering how to handle this all.

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11. Molly Confides

GH spoilers for the next two weeks hint that Molly will confide in Kristina about something, and it only seems right that she’ll tell her sister about what she did. She’s feeling incredibly guilty right now, and spilling the beans to someone might help her find the advice and direction she is looking for right now.

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10. Sparks Between Brando and Kristina

While Brando keeps crossing paths with Sam, he has also had to deal with Kristina here and there. He and Molly did share a one-nighter; could he turn his attention to another Davis sister in the near future? As Sam is very much in love with Jason, she doesn’t seem like a likely candidate; however, Kristina is, and considering Molly’s history with him, this could add a ton of friction between the two sisters.

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9. Michael and Willow

Both scorned by what their significant others recently did to them, it seems only natural that misery may love company in the next coming weeks when it comes to Michael and Willow. They will not only bond over this but could the two also feel some sparks between them? They’ve always been good friends, but could they be something a little more?

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8. Wedding Bells

Regardless of the sparks Willow and Michael may or may not feel, one thing is for sure: Sasha and Chase’s stunt will absolutely push these two together for Wiley’s sake. The only thing holding them back from marriage was the fact that they loved other people. Now that Michael and Willow don’t have Sasha or Chase, they’ll be running to tie the knot.

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7. Nelle Catches Wind

Nelle may catch wind of what Michael and Willow are up to, and devise a little plan of her own. If Michael is getting married to set himself up in a better position in their custody case, could she do something to either block the move, or one-up it?

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6. Nelle Tries To Stop It

The first viable option in all this is that Nelle will try and stop Willow and Michael from getting married. Whether she jeopardizes the nuptials during planning, or simply tries to stop the ceremony itself, Benson will go to any length to make sure it doesn’t happen. She’ll cross a line or two in the process.

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5. She Fools Someone

Another viable prediction is that Nelle finds out about Willow and Michael and realizes she needs to find a husband of her own to counter their move. With that said, who would be stupid enough to marry Nelle? Her lawyer Martin? Perhaps she could bribe Valentin into marrying her, and choosing him could make things even more interesting as he’s Nina’s ex.

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4. Things Heat Up Between Carly And Nina

While Nina’s motivation to getting close to Nelle, in the beginning, was to nab her, it seems like her point of view is changing a bit when it comes to Benson. After all, the young girl may be manipulative, but wasn’t Nina manipulative too when she was Nelle’s age? It’s hard not to predict that the tensions will rise between Nina and Carly in the coming weeks, as Nina gets softer when it comes to Benson. Imagine how things will be when Nina learns Nelle is her daughter!

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3. Charlotte Does Something Drastic

Charlotte has gotten away with a lot as of late! From tripping Jax to the snake incident, Charlotte is crossing lines left, right, and center. Overall, children love to push the envelope, so Charlotte will be up to no good in the coming weeks. She seems to like plotting schemes, watching people’s reactions, and then getting away with it.

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2. Charlotte Targets Jax Again

Lulu will rush to Crimson this week, and while it could be on business, it could also have to do with Charlotte, as she does spend a lot of time with Nina still. With that said, Charlotte doesn’t seem too fond of Jax at this point. Could she do something to hurt Jax again, or concoct a scheme where she gets hurt and he looks bad?

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1. Ava And Nik

Speaking of looking bad, while Charlotte was at the helm of the snake incident, Ava seems to think it’s mind games from Nik. These two will continue to banter back and forth – and place Friz in the middle of things – in the coming weeks. Nik and Ava live in a sham of a marriage and will continue to spar.

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