General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 5 – 16, 2021)

Published on April 6, 2021.

Is Alexis headed to prison? Is BLQ really expecting? Will Anna and Valentin get a little closer? Could Nina’s visit start to “spark” some memories for “Mike”? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for April 5 to April 16, 2021.

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13. Alexis’s Fate

Alexis is set to have a special episode dedicated to her storyline this Thursday, April 8th. It’ll be a reflective show with childhood flashbacks on how she got to this point in her life. Davis is likely headed to prison this coming week and her storylines may start to revolve around “life on the inside”. Seems like there’s no coming back from her decision; however, she may get released early on “good behavior”. This isn’t the first time someone has spent time in jail for an extended period.

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12. Anna and Valentin

These two are headed for a romance, and soon. Not only will they have to deal with Peter August in the coming weeks and an “offer” he presents them, but they’ll be in each other’s orbits over the next little while, as well. They’ll continue to work to bring Peter down, but could they hit a snag where Gladys is concerned? If Corbin catches these two in a “moment”, she may be on to their “plan”.

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11. Proving Peter’s Guilt

Two major advocates in bringing Jason down were Liz and Scott. Now that Scotty is in “the know”, thanks to Liesl, could things start to shift? Elizabeth isn’t necessarily “there”, but she does have her doubts about what she saw. She’s starting to believe that Jason could be innocent. A visit from Scotty could help this and Jason could have two more on his side to bring Peter down.

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10. The Cameron Factor

Cameron is very “anti” Jason right now. The teen has been a tad hot-headed about the entire thing and seems to be pushing away his mom and Josslyn. Could he get wrapped up in Peter’s schemes? Could he do something drastic for August? Seems as if Cameron could cross a line with all of this; one that he won’t easily be able to come back from.

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9. Nina’s Personal Tour

GH spoilers for the week of April 12th hint that Elijah will take Nina on a tour of Nixon Falls. But could this leave Reeves vulnerable? Elijah could be up to no good. Added teasers hint that “Mike” will get suspicious this week. Could he be on to Elijah? Could the entire thing cause some memories to resurface for Corinthos?


8. Mike “Saves” Nina

Could Elijah “try” something on Nina while out on the Nixon Falls tour? Could “Mike” save the day? According to GH spoilers, Reeves is staying put for the next couple of weeks, so if Mike were to help her out of a dire situation, this would only drive these two that much closer.

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7. Is BLQ Expecting?

It’s hard to say, but it seems as if she’s not. There’s a good chance this is all part of a scheme for Brook Lynn to score ELQ back from Valentin. She may have thought she was, and her test was a false positive. Then there’s also a chance she lost the baby between now and the time she left Port Charles.

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6. Maxie and BLQ Come Together

Dante and Brook Lynn are set to spend some time together. The two had a “thing” years ago, but there were never massive “sparks” between them. Could BLQ confide in Dante about not having a baby? Could Maxie confide in Dante about her plan to keep Peter out of their baby’s life?

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5. Dante’s The Link

Dante might come up with the entire plan. He may bring together Maxie and Brook Lynn and talk about “switching” their babies. As BLQ is not expecting, it would just be Maxie “giving” Brook Lynn her child. BLQ would lie and say the child is hers, protecting the infant from Peter August, while Jones plays along for the safety of her baby?

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4. A Baby Switch, With A Twist

Both women are “ready” to give birth at any moment. This wouldn’t be a baby switch, as it would be more of a “plan” between both ladies, Dante, and Britt would be in the loop (potentially Sam, too). No one else could know, especially Anna, as she’s so cozy with Valentin. The papers for ELQ would belong signed before Maxie’s baby was delivered; however, could Jones go through with everything knowing that Cassadine would have access to her baby?

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3. BLQ Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Could Brook Lynn nix the plan against Valentin to help Maxie out? Could Cassadine be brought into the loop? BLQ might be pressured by Dante and Maxie to back out of saving ELQ and helping out Jones’s baby instead. Will Brook Lynn make the right choice? How will Ned feel about all this?

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2. Curtis and Jordan Finalize Everything

Sounds as if Jordan and Curtis will finalize their separation the week of April 12th. They’ll likely move forward with a divorce. The bad news is, Jordan and Curtis are over, but the good news is that this opens a door for Taggert and Jordan, as well as Curtis and Portia. New relationships on soaps are always fun!

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1. Chillow Breakup

Sounds as if Chase and Willow will go their separate ways this week. This might have to do with Chase and his family issues. There’s word that Willow will feel “hopeless” the week of April 12th, so she’ll mourn the loss of Chase; however, there’s a good chance that Michael may help ease that hurt. After all, Sasha and Brando will continue to bond in the coming weeks. As she and Michael have been working so hard to bridge the gap in the relationship, being with Corbin could make her realize that love shouldn’t be such hard work. Sounds like a major shake-up with these five will occur.

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