General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 2 – 13, 2021)

Published on August 3, 2021.

What has Mike and Nina hopeful about the future? Why does Willow need comforting? Will Jax and Britt get a little closer in the weeks ahead? General Hospital (GH) fans love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 2nd to August 13th, 2021.

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12. Mike and Nina’s Future

GH spoilers for the week of August 9th hint that Nina and Mike will be hopeful about their future together. What has them feeling so optimistic especially Nina? Sounds like there’s a good chance the two take their relationship to the next level, which is something many fans have been longing to see for a while now! Nina may feel as if anything is possible with Mike by her side. She may also believe that a life with him is plausible if she can keep her two worlds from colliding.

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11. Michael Comforts Willow

Across town, Willow will be comforted by Michael this week. Could her mom do something to trouble her? Harmony will be in the picture during the week of August 2nd! Or could Willow not “feel” like herself in the days ahead, thus needing support from Corinthos? GH spoilers for the week of August 9th imply that Monica will check in with Willow. If she’s not feeling herself, it would be natural for Monica to want to be the one to conduct a physical on the young lady; she is technically part of the Quartermaine family.

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10. Willow’s Expecting

If Willow isn’t feeling well over the next two weeks, Monica may want to do a physical and run a series of tests. Through bloodwork, she may discover that Willow is expecting. Little will Monica realize that the young lady is carrying another Quartermaine heir. How will Willow react to the news?

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9. Chase Grows Stronger

As Willow is dealing with baby news, there’s a good chance Chase will grow stronger and stronger over the next two weeks. Dr. Austin will continue to guide Harrison through his recovery journey. As the cop starts to “do more”, fans should also expect him to hit a peak and possibly regress. This might unravel around the same time that Willow finds out she’s carrying Michael’s child.

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8. Carly and Jax At Odds

Once again, Carly and Jax will be at odds this week, as they fight over Josslyn. Jax’s concern is around his daughter’s safety, and Carly will likely feel utterly insulted by him assuming that she can’t steer Joss clear of danger. Carly and Jax have always been able to co-parent in harmony; however, as of late, they’ve been on opposite sides.

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7. Jax Grows Closer To Britt

As he butts heads with Carly, will Jax grow that much closer to Britt? GH spoilers imply that he and Westbourne will chat about the Jarly wedding during the week of August 9th. They’ll likely come together to “vent” about Carly and Jason’s nuptials, which might land them in bed together… again! This makes for incredible drama, but do these two make a good fit?

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6. A Plan In The Works

When Britt and Jax come together to talk about the Jarly wedding, will it be a chat in which they unload frustrations, or will it be a plotting session? Could Westbourne and Jax concoct a plan to stop the nuptials? They may believe they are doing what’s best for Jason and Carly (not to mention Josslyn) if they sabotage the event and stop the couple from saying their “I do”’s.

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5. Jax Is Interested In Carly

Despite his growing relationship with Britt, could all this friction between Jax and Carly be a lead-up to a romantic reunion between the exes? Jason and Carly’s engagement is all business, so there’s a good chance that after Jarly gets hitched, “Stone Cold” will start sneaking around with Westbourne. Will the same thing happen between Jax and Carly? This would complicate things even further for Sonny’s return, which is inevitable at this point.

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4. Spencer Throws A Party

Over at Wyndemere, Trina will convince Spencer to throw a party. Sounds nice enough, unless you are a long-time GH fan who knows how disastrous things could turn out. Has a party ever ended on a nice note in that mansion? Do any other viewers out there feel as though this could be a very bad idea?

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3. Someone Gets Hurt

Will someone get hurt at this Wyndemere party? Seems as if the adults won’t be kept in the loop about this, so this leaves Spencer, Josslyn, Cameron and Trina at risk. Trina or Joss might be victims when something innocent turns very ugly. How many people have fallen off that parapet over the years, either by accident or on purpose? One of these teens is bound to end up at the hospital or MIA!

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2. Things Heat Up!

GH spoilers for the week of August 9th reveal that things will heat up between Liesl Obrecht and Scotty Baldwin. This is good news for fans who are rooting for this new couple! But what about other duos on the verge of something special? Could sparks fly between Dante and Sam over the next couple of weeks, too?

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1. Gearing Up For A Hayden Return

Does anyone else feel as though GH is gearing fans up for a Hayden return? From Finn and Elizabeth getting closer, to Shawn and Sam investigating Barnes’s shooting, it seems like she could blow into town by the end of August, or sometime in the fall. Over the next couple of weeks, GH spoilers hint that Shawn and Sam will continue to dig into this case, and even communicate with Hayden’s mom. Could she offer some insight as to where Hayden is now?

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