General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 9 – 20, 2021)

Published on August 10, 2021.

As August winds down, the drama in the land of Port Charles will continue to heat up. Drew Cain is officially set to return over the next couple of weeks! What does this mean for Sam, Monica, Jason and the rest of the Quartermaine clan? Also, what will Chase do, now that he knows the truth about Millow? General Hospital (GH) fans love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 9th to August 20th, 2021.

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12. Drew Cain Returns… Now What?

It’s official! Drew Cain will return to the land of Port Charles the week of August 16th. What does this mean for Sam, Jason, Monica and the rest of the Quartermaine family? Will he return with all his memories (Peter August stuff included), or will he suffer from amnesia, not knowing who anyone is?

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11. Sante Is In Jeopardy

GH spoilers seem to tease that he’ll reach out to Sam. It also sounds like McCall will be rocked to her very core when she realizes that Scout’s father is really alive. Drew Cain’s return will place the Dante/Sam relationship in jeopardy. While some fans love the idea of these two together, others are on the fence. It’ll be interesting to see the chemistry between Sam and this “new” Drew (played by actor Cameron Mathison).

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10. Sam and Dante Cross A Line

Since Drew’s expected to arrive on the scene during the week of August 16th, something major is bound to go down between Dante and Sam this coming week. Could the two hit the sheets? Or do they admit they have feelings for each other? They may decide to acknowledge their romance and pursue it. Perhaps they kiss, make out, and are about to cross a line before Drew either calls Sam or comes storming in? This could be the cliffhanger Friday episode for the week of August 9th, leading into August 16th.

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9. Chase Is Unsure About What To Do

GH spoilers for this week imply that Chase will get an idea from Austin. A weekly preview also shows the two talking about Michael and Willow. Chase knows the truth but is unsure of how to move forward. Does he decide to trick Millow into thinking he doesn’t know what’s going on? Will he purposely delay his recovery to “get back” at the two of them?

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8. What Will Austin’s Advice Be?

GH spoilers for the week of August 9th hint that Austin will offer Chase some advice. Will he try and convince Harrison to fool Millow into believing that he’s regressed to make them pay, or will he encourage his patient to break things off with Willow and focus on his recovery? Everyone is still on the fence as to whether Austin’s a “good” or “bad” guy.

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7. Chase Does What’s Right

Chase may “sit on” deciding what to do about Willow for some days, or even a week. Who could blame him? It’s a stunner, to say the least. But would Chase scheme to try and trick Millow? Would he hide his recovery as a way to get back at them? Anything is possible in the land of soaps; however, Harrison Chase is a decent guy who’s been dealt a bad hand. He will eventually tell Willow what he saw, and break up with her. He won’t scheme against her and Michael. Even if Austin suggests it, it’s not in Chase’s personality.

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6. Austin Has A Case

Speaking of the good doctor, GH spoilers for the week of August 9th tease that Ned will be concerned about Austin and his stake in ELQ, plus the family fortune. Sounds like Ned will believe there’s a good chance his cousin has a case. How will a returning Drew Cain affect Austin’s legal battles? Will it even matter?

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5. Party Ends In Disaster

GH spoilers hint that the teens are set to enjoy a party at Wyndemere. If the history of parties at the big, creepy mansion dictates anything, however, this will end in disaster. Could one of the teens fall from the parapet? That’s likely (again, when looking at history), but something may happen to Joss. Could she go missing? Could a mobster take the opportunity to snag Carly’s daughter and kidnap her?

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4. The Teens Get Drunk, Someone Gets (Slightly) Hurt

There’s also a good chance Spencer slips something into a punch and the teens get drunk or drugged up. Maybe someone falls off the parapet but doesn’t get overly hurt. GH spoilers reveal that Spencer will be in a “tight spot” the week of August 16th, so it sounds like disaster will strike. Everyone will end up okay, but Spence will be in a ton of trouble with his dad.

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3. Hints Of Hayden

Shawn will track down Naomi this week, and inch closer to the truth about Hayden’s shooting. Do any other fans wonder if we are on the cusp of seeing Hayden Barnes return? If Finn kisses Elizabeth or they land in bed, it’s coming for sure! That’s unlikely to happen in the next couple of weeks, but her mom in town and Butler zeroing in on the truth does mean a Hayden comeback is imminent.

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2. Mina Make Love

Can we attach a ship name to Mike and Nina already? Mina or Sina — at this point, does it matter? All arrows are pointing to the fact that these two are about to hit the sheets in Nixon Falls over the coming days. It’s about time! Whether you are Team Mina/Sina or Team CarSon, Nina and Mike getting together thicken this storyline.

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1. Jarly Set A Date

Carly and Jason will finally set a date for their so-called wedding during the week of August 16th. It’ll likely be set for September. This gives them plenty of time to organize things; it also gives Mike time to get back to Port Charles, remember he’s Sonny and catch his BFF marrying his wife. Right?

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