General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (February 14 – 25, 2022)

Published on February 15, 2022.

Last week was a huge week in the land of Port Chuckles, and by the looks of it, the next two weeks will be just as explosive! Will Carly officially file papers to end her marriage? Will Maxie escape Peter? Will August finally go down? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are GH plotline predictions for February 14th to 25th, 2022.

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12. Carly Meets With A Lawyer

Carly will likely move forward and meet with the lawyer as she planned last week. She’ll be overwhelmed with all the information she receives, and the attorney will probably encourage her to take Sonny to the cleaners. She won’t initially want to go that route, but the lawyer will try to manipulate the situation. Other factors will ultimately influence Carly’s decision.

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11. Carly Witnesses A Tender Moment

Carly will fluff off her meeting with her lawyer but will keep the information she received in the back of her mind. She loves Sonny and wants to make things work; however, when she oversees a tender moment between her hubby and Nina sometime over the next two weeks, all bets could be off.

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10. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

They’ve opened Pandora’s box, and Carly was there to witness the aftermath! So what will happen next between Sonny and Nina? Sonny will try to push Nina away over the next two weeks. Corinthos may acknowledge that their night together was a “mistake”, as it reaffirmed his feelings for Carly. He’s lying to her and to himself, but Sonny is afraid to truly give himself to Nina. This isn’t the end for Sonny and Nina just an obstacle Reeves will have to jump over. She won’t believe what he’s spouting and will continue to pursue him, especially in light of Carly’s legal proceedings.

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9. Will Maxie Be Rescued?

Maxie’s other earring will play a pivotal role in her rescue. It’s no accident that she left one in Louise’s car seat. She’ll be hoping that Anna and the rest of the crew interpret that as a clue, and when she drops the other at some point, it will be found. But the real question is, by the time our Port Charles heroes find the other earring, will it be too late?

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8. Maxie Becomes Her Own Hero

GH spoilers for the week of February 14th indicate Liesl and Austin will team up and devise a “plan”. This is probably around a rescue effort for Maxie. The good doctor and Obrecht will get very close to finding Jones, but in the end, she’ll become her own hero. Maxie will likely be the one to bring Peter down and end his reign of terror in Port Charles (for now).

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7. When The Dust Settles…

Maxie will bring Peter down and save herself from her hostage-like situation this week. GH spoilers for the week of February 21st hint that she’ll have to consider some options. She’s been desperate to reunite with Louise since she handed her baby over to BLQ, shortly after the infant was born. It’ll be time to transition the little one out of the Quartermaine mansion and into her real life as a member of the Jones clan. Will BLQ and the rest of the Quartermaines suggest that Maxie move into the mansion to ease the change?

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6. Keeping Everyone Safe

Then again, the Quartermaines (Monica and Ned) might suggest that Maxie and her kids move into the mansion on a short-term basis for safety reasons. If Jones escapes Peter but he is thought to still be alive, the Quartermaines may want to do everything they can to keep “Bailey” out of harm’s way. They have the money and resources to do this. While Louise isn’t officially part of the family, they will still love that baby like their own. Plus, it may make Louise’s transition a lot easier if Brook Lynn is around while Maxie takes over as her mom.

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5. BLQ And Chase Do The Deed

Maxie might take Louise to stay with either Anna or Mac and Felicia. There’s also a good chance that she’ll bring the baby home and have Spinelli move in for protection and co-parenting reasons. Regardless, even though BLQ knew this day would come, she’ll be distraught when “Bailey” leaves. She and Chase will likely get very emotional. One thing will lead to another (wink-wink) and these two will finally come together. It’ll be a bittersweet moment for them both.

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4. Spencer Is Floored

GH spoilers for the week of February 14th tease that Spencer will be stunned by something on Valentine’s Day. It may be that Esme pops in for a visit on this special and romantic holiday. However, what if Cassadine overhears a conversation between his girlfriend and Ryan? With Esme volunteering at Spring Ridge, this could be a possibility over the next two weeks.

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3. Laura Sets The Record Straight

After Spence is thrown off his guard this coming week, GH spoilers for the week of February 21st note that Laura will have a chat with Esme and “set her straight”. Could Spence confide in his grandmother about what he saw between his girlfriend and Chamberlain? Laura will pay Spencer a visit at Spring Ridge in the coming days. She may turn all grand-mama bear on Ms. Prince if she thinks the young lady is up to no good.

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2. What’s Going On With Elizabeth?

What’s really going on with Elizabeth; first, her re-appearing wedding ring, Franco’s burned-down art studio, and now her wedding dress? One might think it’s Franco’s ghost trying to send her a message, and with actor Roger Howarth (ex-Franco, now Austin) still in the cast, it may be a fun opportunity to have Baldwin return to tell his love to move on. Maybe all his messages have been misinterpreted?

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1. Could Someone Else Be Behind It All?

Then again, it could be someone setting all these things up to make it look like Franco’s ghost. Could one of Liz’s kids be behind this, like Aiden? Maybe it’s Hayden, lurking in the shadows and upset that Elizabeth moved in on “her man”; could she be making it seem like Franco, to play on her sister’s guilt? What if Heather Webber, Franco’s mom, has escaped her facility and is the one behind all of this? She may be upset that Franco’s widow is already “moving on”.

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