General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (February 15 – 26, 2021)

Published on February 16, 2021.

Will Nina ever forgive Jax? Will the truth about Sonny be revealed? Will Anna finally figure out what Peter has been up to? General Hospital (GH) fans love nothing more than to speculate over storylines. As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for February 15 to February 26, 2021.

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12. It’s All-Out War!

GH spoilers indicate that Nina will learn about Jax and Carly’s role in Nelle’s passing in the coming days. When all this comes out, Reeves will lose her mind and have nothing but revenge on the brain. Carly will be her first focal point with Jax also in her view.

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11. Nina Reaches Out To Jordan

Nina may head straight to Jordan to re-open Nelle’s case. Not only are they set to have a meeting this week, but GH spoilers also indicate that Carly will reach out to her lawyer, Diane. With this said, Nina won’t simply stop at going to the police to get back at Carly. She’ll have other things on her mind, too.

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10. Nina Wants Wiley

It’s no secret that Wiley has been on Nina’s mind since she found out she was Nelle’s bio mom. She wants a relationship with her grandson, and she wants something much more than just a Sunday visit, once a month. She missed out on seeing Nelle grow up and doesn’t want to miss the same opportunity with Wiley. She’ll launch a legal custody case against Willow and Michael. With Michael being Carly’s son, the pot will be that much sweeter.

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9. Willow and Michael Re-Assess Things

GH spoilers reveal that Willow and Michael will re-evaluate things come the week of February 22nd. A new custody case could have them re-thinking if their annulment was a good idea after all. With a new threat against Wiley, Willow and Michael may decide it’s time to step away from Sasha and Chase once again and focus on their little family.

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8. Nina Discovers Sonny’s Alive

Nearing the end of next week, Nina could discover that Sonny is alive. She’ll visit Phyllis and Lenny to update them on what’s going on in her life, and they’ll tell her how sad they are over what’s happening with their friend “Mike.” Not only does the man not know who he is, but sounds as if that cop who has been poking around may cause the “Mike” some trouble.

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7. “Mike” Gets Hauled Off To Jail

The cop will do a fingerprints test and realize that “Mike” is Sonny Corinthos. He’ll hide it from everyone, but being a shady police officer, he’ll try and figure out how he can charge “Mike” to keep him in jail. Sonny may have done something to this cop at some point, which will have him wanting to get back at the mobster. The cop will set the bail to an amount that Lenny and Phyllis can’t afford, but Nina will step in to help the couple and their friend. This is where she discovers that “Mike” is Sonny.

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6. Valentin Tries To Reach Out 

Valentin will try to reach out to Nina. He’s never truly gotten over her, and he’ll see all this chaos as a chance to swoop in. Will Reeves allow him in? Probably not. She’ll see this tactic for what it is, a sad attempt to win her heart back. But Valentin will also be preoccupied with other things in the next couple of weeks.

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5. Valentin’s Caught In The Middle

Anna is bound to figure out the truth about Peter, and who will she turn to confide in? Valentin, of course! This will place Cassadine in a very sticky predicament. Not only did Peter tell him the truth, but now Anna will know it, and Valentin will have to act “surprised” about it all. But will he try to cover for August? Will he try to defend Peter’s actions? He could just take a step back and let the chips fall where they may? He may even reach out to August to give him a heads up about what his “mom” now knows.

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4. Finn Finds Out The Truth

Speaking of “the truth,” Finn is bound to find out that Chase is his son. He’ll want to tell his dad and his “brother” the truth, but Jackie will beg him not to. There’s a good chance that Chase lands himself in a medical emergency in the next couple of weeks and needs a transplant or blood transfusion that only a father can provide. This is where things are bound to get messy with this situation.

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3. Curtis Decides To File For Divorce

Things have been up in the air between Jordan and Curtis as of late; however, it seems as if he’ll decide to legally separate from his wife in the next couple of weeks. Spending more time with Portia, plus realizing he can’t get over Jordan’s lies, will be the determining factors.

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2. Brando’s In Trouble

Cyrus will figure out what Brando’s been up to, and despite pleas and promises that he’s loyal to Renault, Corbin’s days could be numbered in the next couple of weeks. With that said, all sins could be forgiven if Brando carries out an important act, and that is getting rid of Jason Morgan for good. Can Corbin agree to do this?

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1. Britt and Jason

Thanks to last week’s impeachment trial, GH was pre-empted quite a bit, which means Valentine’s Day celebrations were pushed back. A ton of bona fide Port Charles’ super couples are set for some romance this week, and perhaps celebrations will inspire other twosomes to come together. It is Sweeps month, could Jason and Britt hit the sheets this week or next? They will be spending a lot of time together!

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