General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (February 8 – 19, 2021)

Published on February 9, 2021.

Friday’s big cliffhanger was Nina calling Phyllis and “Mike” answering the phone. So, what now? With Maxie and Peter’s big day on the horizon, will Jones learn the truth about August before it’s too late? Will Olivia keep her promise against Alexis? So many questions, so few answers! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for February 8 to February 19, 2021.

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14. Nina Will Be Perplexed

Nina’s bound to feel like she “knows” that voice from somewhere, but as someone who isn’t close to Sonny, Friday’s phone call won’t mean much. She’ll want to talk to Phyllis at some point regarding Nelle being her daughter; however, she won’t be visiting the nurse anytime soon. Nina being on the phone is a moment where fans wish more would happen, but nothing will … well … nothing will happen in the next couple of weeks.

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13. Nina Reaches Out To Michael

While Nina can’t make up for time lost with Nelle, there is someone she can get to know better right away, and that’s Wiley. Nina will reach out to Michael and Willow and see if there’s a chance she can start to form a relationship with Wiley. Michael and Willow won’t reject the idea, but they’ll need to come together to figure out a way to appease Nina without Wiley knowing she’s connected to Nelle.

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12. Nina and Wiley Meet

Nina will get to bond with Wiley either this week or next. She’ll come up with a cute name he can call her, and she’ll make him a promise. As she couldn’t be there for Nelle, she’ll make him and their relationship a priority. Nina will let Wiley know that she can always be someone he can count on and turn to.

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11. Nina’s Not Done, Yet

There are still a ton of unanswered questions around Nelle’s passing that has surfaced now that Nina has the necklace. GH spoilers hint that Nina will turn to Jordan this week, so could she believe there is ground to open up the case again? Should Carly and Jax be worried about the repercussions around all this?

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10. Carly Turns To Diane

GH spoilers hint that Carly will reach out to Diane in the coming days. Could this be legal advice around Sonny’s will or worries that Nelle’s case might be opened up again? Then, there’s the idea that she might have some concern around Cyrus and kidnapping his mom. There’s always the idea that she could inform Diane about the Dev situation and Cyrus knowing the truth. Sadly, Ms. Corinthos has been up to a lot of unlawful activities, so the answers could be endless on why she has to meet up with Diane this week.

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9. Anna Learns The Truth

There’s a good chance that Anna will learn the truth about Peter this week. If she does, she’ll hide it from Finn and the only one in the loop may be Valentin. What will Devane do when she does learn what her “son” has been up to? She’ll go soft on the kid. She’ll try to reach out and talk some sense into him. She’ll try and reason with him to come forward. While her heart is in the right place, it’ll be a bad move on her part.

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8. Peter Locks Anna Up

August will panic when Anna tells him what she knows. It could be right before the wedding, so he’ll tie her up and take her to an undisclosed location. He’ll threaten Violet and Finn if she doesn’t write a note that states she’s breaking up with Hamilton before their wedding. That way, he can still marry Maxie and take off on their honeymoon before anyone is the wiser.

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7. Wedding Disaster

The double wedding is about to take place sometime soon, and GH spoilers hint that a “shooting” will take place. Sadly, the innocent will end up being victims in this all, as added teasers indicate that Maxie and Chase will get caught in the crossfire of it all. Could Liesl be behind the shooting and hit Maxie by accident? She may want to stop Jones from marrying Peter, and August would be the intended victim. Teasers hint that Britt will try to talk some sense into her mom next week. Is this because she’s aware of her plan?

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6. Valentine’s Day Disaster

Back to Willow and Michael. GH spoilers hint that there will be some complications around Valentine’s Day celebrations when it comes to Sasha and Michael, as well as Chase and Willow. Could something (small) happen to Wiley, where Michael and Willow are torn away from their dates? When they come together to take care of their son, this might remind them of why they got together in the first place.

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5. Alexis Better Watch Out

No amount of apologizing will place Alexis in Olivia’s good graces. Sleeping with Ned was one thing, but no one messes with a momma bear’s cub (even when they are an adult, like Dante). If Alexis confronts Olivia in the next couple of weeks, even with an olive branch, fans should gear up to see Falconeri explode on Davis. She may even start to plan a revenge scheme in the coming weeks.

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4. Jackie and Martin

Jackie and Martin make a great team. Seems as if over the next couple of weeks, the two could finally find Florence. Sure, there will be tons of twists and turns until the two finally pinpoint where she is at. What comes next? A plan to spring her out of there, and place her in another (safe) facility.

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3. Brando’s Playing With Fire

While Sonny is no longer around in Port Charles, Brando’s undercover work could be exposed. Cyrus is breathing down the young man’s neck and is highly suspicious of his “employee.” Over the next couple of weeks, the truth could come out about Sonny’s deal with Corbin. If it does, Brando could find himself between a rock and a hard place. Could he do the unthinkable and shoot Renault himself? It might even be in self-defense?

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2. Curtis and Portia

Curtis and Portia will spend time together over the next couple of weeks during a stake-out. Will they cross a line? They won’t have a one-nighter, but what may end up happening is a lip lock between them. They will mutually pull away from their kiss; however, the entire thing could leave Curtis and Portia confused about their “friendship.”

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1. Franco Has An Outburst With Cam

A worst-case scenario around Franco’s tumor is that the “old” Franco could surface in front of Elizabeth and her kids. Baldwin will have an incident that “turns dark” in the coming weeks ahead, one that he tries to fluff off and make light of. Could Franco turn on Cam? Could the teen do something innocent like not clean his room where Baldwin loses it? Nothing would happen to Cameron, but the entire situation would leave the teenager rattled, and Elizabeth questioning her decisions where her hubby is concerned. Franco could make light of the fact that he’s a “clean” freak or something of that nature!

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