General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (January 11 – 22, 2021)

Published on January 12, 2021.

Will Carly and Jason find out that Sonny is alive? Will Cyrus find Bobbie and his mom? Who will Willow end up choosing between Chase and Michael? What has Liz so upset in the coming weeks? There is nothing General Hospital (GH) fans love more than speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for January 11 to January 22nd.

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12. Carly and Jason Are Left In The Dark

While fans know Sonny is alive, Jason and Carly will be left in the dark over the next couple of weeks. Jason will meet with Brick in the coming days, and will likely launch a more thorough search; however, Jason and Carly will start to lose hope as time drags on. In fact, Carly will face a hard decision this week, and it may be around choosing to organize a memorial for Corinthos.

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11. Ava Stumbles On A Secret

GH spoilers imply that Ava will accidentally stumble on a secret this week. Could she find the safehouse where Carly is storing Bobbie and Cyrus’s mom? Added teasers for the week of January 18th suggest that Bobbie will try and distract Ava. Could Spencer hope to defer Ava’s interest so that she doesn’t find out about Carly’s secret?

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10. Cyrus Looks For An Opportunity

Cyrus won’t find his mom, but he’ll be looking for an opportunity to nab Jason. Could he also find Sonny before Jason and Carly do? Could he use Sonny as leverage to get his mom back? He’ll be working on just this in the next couple of weeks. He hates being placed in the corner he is in right now.

9 Jason and Carly Cross A Line

Jason and Carly have always been close, they even had a romance during their early years of friendship, decades ago. With that said, if Carly has to plan a memorial service for Sonny, she may spiral due to stress. Could these BFFs cross a line? It’s only been a couple of weeks since Sonny has gone missing, but GH writers seem to be hinting at a Jarly hookup.

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8. Ned and Alexis Exposed

Speaking of one-nighters, all arrows are pointing to the idea that Ned and Alexis will be exposed for their fling. Olivia will lose her mind when the truth is revealed and likely move out of the Quartermaine mansion with Leo in tow. Since Sam might be behind exposing the affair, could she offer up her place for Olivia to stay? It might be a reason for Dante to come and visit?

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7. Dante and Sam

Dante and Sam have a little brother in common, and as suddenly single parents, could these two be floating closer into a friendship that turns into more? Anything is possible in the land of Port Charles, and on paper, these two could make an amazing GH super couple. Only time will tell!

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6. Sante Bonds By Helping Olivia

If Olivia breaks up and needs a place to stay, she could end up at either Sam’s or Dante’s. Since the two are connected by Leo, they’ll run into each other a lot more soon by helping out Olivia. Dante could pick Leo up from Sam’s house (or vice versa), so they’ll “bump” into each other all the time now! Sam may also feel responsible for Olivia’s troubles because of what her mom (Alexis) did; therefore, she’ll be more apt to help her out with anything she needs.

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5. Alexis Scared Straight

Back to Alexis, once she realizes all the hurt and pain her alcoholism has caused, she may decide to drop the bottle for good. After all, GH spoilers for the week of January 18th hint she’ll be making amends all around town. Could Olivia be first on the list of apologies, or perhaps Sam?

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4. Willow’s Choice

Willow will still be conflicted this coming week, but will finally make a choice during the week of January 18th. Who will she choose? GH spoilers hint that Michael will have to consider making his next move after Willow lets her decision known. Could this mean she chooses Chase? Maybe she asks for a bit more time? Maybe she decides on “neither” and she needs to be single for a little while?

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3. Elizabeth Upset At Both Jason & Franco

GH spoilers for the week of January 18th imply that Liz will be upset at both Franco and Jason. Does she learn about their secret plan? Sounds like it. She’ll confront her hubby first, and then her ex days later. Still, will she get Jason to promise not to ax Franco if he gets out of hand? This could lead to something unsettling, especially since he’s been hearing Peter’s voice more and more.

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2. Britt’s Learns About Peter

Britt’s attitude towards her half-brother will change the week of January 18th. Does mommy Liesl fill her in, or does she overhear something August says? Either way, Peter will have another enemy on the horizon. Sure, they are siblings, but Westbourne was very close to Nate. If she learns that Peter set her mom up, she won’t be happy. Could she end up exposing August for what he really is?

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1. Curtis and Portia

As Curtis and Jordan drift apart, will Curtis and Portia continue to come together? They are friends, who are turning to each other for more and more these days. According to GH spoilers, Portia and Curtis will bond in the coming weeks, but the real question is, will they cross a line?

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