General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (January 25 – February 5, 2021)

Published on January 26, 2021.

Will Carly get Avery’s necklace before Nina or Ava notices it? Will Sonny start to remember who he really is? Is Britt hiding an unknown illness? There’s nothing General Hospital (GH) fans love to do more than speculate! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for January 25 to February 5, 2021.

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12. Carly’s Plan

Now that Carly knows Avery has Nelle’s necklace again, she’ll do all she can to get it back. GH spoilers hint that Carly will reach out to someone this week, looking for help. Could this be her mom? As the days go by, added teasers imply that Bobbie will try to distract Ava, so will mom and daughter be able to accomplish this major mission?

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11. Nina Stops By

Sounds like Carly and Bobbie may decide to pay a visit to Avery at Windemere. The plan seems perfect: Bobbie distracts Ava, as Carly “visits” Avery to deliver something. A swap will take place, and the ladies will go home. But what if Nina stops by at the same time? Could she foil the mother-daughter plan? Could she get a sneak peek at “Avery’s” special necklace?

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10. Sonny Questions His Past

GH spoilers hint that Sonny (“Mike”) will question his past the week of February 1st. Does something happen that triggers a memory? He’ll remain in the state that he’s in for the next couple of weeks; however, a vision might start to plague Corinthos to the point that he simply can’t ignore it any longer.

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9. Britt’s Illness

Britt is might be hiding an illness from everyone. She’s dropped some hints along the way in recent weeks, and there are fans out there speculating as to whether or not she has Huntington’s, like her dad Cesar Faison. Britt and Jason are about to come together to devise a new plan of action. Will Stone Cold figure out that Westbourne is hiding something in the next couple of weeks?

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8. Could Jason Do The Unthinkable

Franco is still spiraling, and while Liz has “talked” to Jason about repercussions should he go through with what Baldwin requested, this doesn’t mean that Stone Cold wouldn’t pull the trigger on this plan if things turned dire for Elizabeth or any of her sons. As Franco continues to hear Peter’s voice, could things get out of control over the next two weeks? Could Jason end up shooting Franco?

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7. Franco Hears Something Incriminating

Right now, the voices Franco hears are not making any sense. Could Franco hear something worse in the next couple of weeks? What if he hears something that could incriminate Peter? Would he turn to Liz? Jason? Maybe go directly to Maxie? Is there a chance that he could hear something while he’s around Anna or Dante? The truth about Peter could come out, and it could be Franco who saves the day on this one.

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6. Nina Keeps Things To Herself

Nina will decide to embark on another search for her daughter, and there’s a chance she hides this from Jax. He’s the one that encouraged her to let sleeping dogs lie, and she may want to “feel” things out on her own before she brings Jax into the loop. Who will be by her side to “help” out? Valentine, of course!

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5. Curtis and Portia

GH spoilers hint that Curtis will help Portia out with something this week, and as the days go by, he’ll have a new perspective on things. Could he cross a line with Portia, and try to hide it from Jordan? If he lies to his wife, he may see where she was coming from when she lied to him.


4. Nik Has A Lot On His Mind

GH spoilers imply that Nikolas will have “a lot” on his mind this week. Could he be struggling with having another child in the house? Avery seems like she would be far from a handful, but she was used to having quite a few adults at her beck and call when she lived with the Corinthos clan. Could there be strife between Nik and Avery? Could he be having a difficult time bonding with her?

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3. Ava and Avery Go Missing

Fans know that Ryan is faking his condition, so could he do something drastic this week? Could he organize and execute a plan to kidnap both Avery and Ava? Maybe just Ava, or maybe just Avery? Either way, the ordeal would end up biting Ava in the butt, especially when she preached the idea to Carly that Avery was safer at Windemere than the Corinthos mansion. Regardless, if that happens, this could be a cause for Nik to have a concern and “things” on his mind.

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2. Olivia Is Confused

Olivia will teeter this week on whether or not she should forgive Ned. Leo loves his new family, and while what Quartermaine did was wrong, she does love him, and the entire thing seemed to be a misunderstanding. With that said, Falconeri is a strong woman, and being cheated on will be hard for her to move forward from. Leo’s need for both a mom and dad might be what Olivia finds conflicting when it comes to leaving Ned and the Quartermaine mansion.

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1. Alexis Looks Towards The Future

Alexis will realize the error of her ways and just how low she sank thanks to her issues with alcohol. The bad news is that she’ll officially hit rock bottom this week, but the good news is that she’ll start to look towards a sober future. Sam and Molly will be there by her side to help her and will be relieved that she’s seen the light.

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