General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (January 31 – February 11, 2022)

Published on February 1, 2022.

Looks like the next two weeks will offer some incredible drama in the land of Port Charles! Will Peter August safely get to Pentonville or will chaos erupt? Is Louise/Bailey still safe with Brook Lynn and Chase? What will happen to Carly and Sonny? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for January 31st to February 11th, 2022.

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12. Peter Escapes

It’s not hard to believe Peter will escape Mac and Dante’s custody while the two transport him to Pentonville, especially given everything he knows about Bailey/Louise. GH spoilers for the week of January 31st hint that something could go wrong. While teasers reveal that Mac and Dante will be on their way to prison with August in tow by mid-week, they state that Anna and Felicia will be anxiously awaiting an update on a situation the next day.

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11. Is Mac In Danger?

GH spoilers for the week of February 7th suggest that Dante, Laura and Anna will work on something together. If Peter escapes, Laura will work with the PCPD (Dante) to nab him. Meanwhile, Anna will collaborate on the project because of her expertise and how close she is to the Peter August case. But Mac is not in any spoilers for next week, despite being the police commissioner. Wouldn’t he be involved? Could Peter hurt Mac in an attempt to escape?

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10. BLQ Feels Guilty, While Maxie Needs Support

GH spoilers for the week of February 7th hint that Peter could kidnap Louise. Teasers suggest that Brook Lynn will feel guilty, while Maxie needs support (and Austin is there). The spoilers all seem to indicate that these women will be distraught, so there’s a good chance that Louise will be taken by August something which would undeniably escalate their concern.

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9. Chase, Maxie and BLQ Come Clean

Once the baby is taken, these three will come clean. The entire purpose of lying about Bailey’s identity was to keep the child safe, and if Peter kidnaps her, there’s no need for that anymore. GH spoilers for the week of February 7th note that Chase, BLQ and Maxie will have to make a hard choice. When they do reveal the truth, will they face backlash or understanding?

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8. Chase And Brook Lynn

Before the proverbial poop hits the fan, BLQ and Chase may inch closer to a romance during the week of January 31st. They may even share a kiss, along with a mutual admission of feelings for each other. What will likely happen: BLQ and Chase will finally admit the spark they share, and just as they move forward towards something more, news about Louise will hit.

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7. Is That Why BLQ Feels Guilty?

Then there’s the idea that Chase and BLQ get caught up in a moment and that’s when Peter will steal Bailey, right from under their noses. They may hear some shuffling over the baby monitor and shrug it off because they are so wrapped up in each other. Or, they may not hear her cries (again, on account of what they are doing). Having said that, maybe all they share is a simple kiss, but while they weren’t on “high alert”, the baby was taken. It wouldn’t be their fault, but Brook Lynn would agonize over the entire thing. Chase would, too.

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6. Romance Placed On The Back-Burner

If something were to happen between Chase and BLQ before (or while) Louise was being kidnapped, then they would likely push their feelings (and romance) aside until the baby is found. This could prolong the two hooking up. They might also feel too guilty about their actions. Their job was to protect the baby, and both might feel as if they failed Jones and Louise.

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5. Will Sonny Be Okay?

Sonny’s been very agitated since he stopped taking his meds. Fans can see the mob boss spiraling, but will anyone notice before it’s too late? There have been mentions of his meds by both Carly and Nina; however, it hasn’t changed his situation. GH spoilers for the week of February 7th suggest that Carly will rush to the hospital, while Nina is worried. Are both of these teasers about Sonny?

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4. Is This About Valentin?

Fans shouldn’t forget that Valentin has put two-and-two together, just like Victor (who told Peter). Carly and Nina’s spoilers might be about different people. Added teasers suggest that Victor’s plan won’t go ahead as he thought it would. Plus, Charlotte will also be concerned over her papa during the week of February 7th. Is Cassadine the one who’s landed in the hospital?

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3. Valentin Tries To Stop Peter

It’s not far-fetched to believe that Peter could escape Mac and Dante and head to the Quartermaines, only for Valentin to try and stop him. Cassadine has only recently recovered from a severe gunshot wound, and August knows this. If Valentin ends up in the hospital, Victor will regret ever giving Peter the information he did.

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2. Carly and Drew

Perusing the GH spoilers over the next two weeks, fans can see that Carly and Drew will continue to run into each other. So, it looks like these two will also continue to reconnect. Will it turn into something more? Will fans start to see some chemistry creep up? Will Carly and Drew feel some sparks between them?

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1. Drew Wants More Time With Scout

Plus, Drew and Sam will sit down for a chat during the week of February 7th. Could Drew feel like it’s time for him to have more one-on-one time with Scout? While he doesn’t want to rush things and respects Scout’s feelings, he may want to talk about the possibility of taking a more active role in Scout’s life. Drew might want to look into a formal custody agreement, in which he has scheduled time with his little girl to help create a routine. Sam will be completely accepting of this, but as February’s spoilers note, old feelings for her ex will stir up within her. Could Drew’s love for Scout remind McCall just how much she once loved Cain?

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