General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 12 – July 23, 2021)

Published on July 13, 2021.

Could the jig be up for Maxie and BLQ? Will “Mike” head to Port Charles? Will fans find out more about Dr. Austin? Will his roots in the little town affect ELQ? There’s nothing General Hospital (GH) fans love more than speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for July 12 to July 23, 2021.

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12. Could Maxie Fill Nina In?

GH spoilers hint that Maxie will go to Nina in the coming days, looking for advice. Is it possible that she’ll tell Reeves that BLQ 2.0 is really Louise? Added teasers reveal that Nina will take Brook Lynn aback by something she says to her this week. Nina can be trusted, so there’s a good chance that Jones decides to confide in her. How can Reeves help the situation? Could she bring Maxie along to the Quartermaine mansion whenever she visits Wiley?

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11. Jones Wants To Go To Nixon Falls

In this week’s preview video, Maxie declares that she needs to leave town. Could Jones ask Nina to help her move to Nixon Falls for a bit? She’d be close enough to drive to Port Charles, should something come up with the baby; however, far away enough to clear her head. How will Reeves dissuade her? The last thing Nina needs is for her two “worlds” to collide.

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10. Brook Lynn’s Guilt

The next two weeks will wear on BLQ’s guilt. She’s no fan of Valentin, and he’s still fighting for ELQ; however, as it relates to fatherhood duties, he’s been on point. How hard will it be for him to learn that the baby he’s watched over is not his? BLQ is already feeling torn about her lie and how it will affect Cassadine when all is said and done.

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9. Anna Comes To A Conclusion

GH spoilers for the week of July 19th hint that Anna will piece something together. Sounds like she and Valentin could come closer to figuring out the truth about what has happened. Added teasers imply that she may also find out who was at the top of the hospital roof with Peter. Will Anna discover Maxie and BLQ’s plan? There’s also a chance that she realizes Finn and Elizabeth have placed August’s body in the freezer.

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8. Does “Mike” Show Up In Port Charles?

All arrows have been pointing to the idea that “Mike” will head to Port Charles to visit Nina soon; however, what if the opposite occurs? This week’s preview video shows Sonny, in what seems like an emergency hospital room, on the phone saying, “we need you”. Could Lenny or Phyllis end up in the hospital this week? Will Nina need to return to Nixon Falls?

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7. “Mike” And Nina Reunited

Nina could head back to Nixon Falls over a medical emergency, or “Mike” could head to Port Charles to see Reeves. Either way, they’ll be reunited by the week of July 19th. Spoilers for the show reveal that Sonny will update Nina on what’s been going on in Nixon Falls, so it sounds like they’ll come together. The “update” could happen via the phone, but it’s likelier they’ll meet up in person.

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6. Sparks Fly

Whether they are in Port Charles or Nixon Falls, the next time they see each other, sparks will fly between Nina and Mike. With Carly marrying Jason, and the two making it seem as if there are romantic feelings between them, Nina may shake her “guilty conscience” by keeping Sonny hidden. If Carly can easily marry “Mike’s” best friend, why should she bother telling him who he is? She’ll reassure herself that Sonny’s happier and safer in Nixon Falls, and she’ll “give in” to any doubt she once had.

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5. Who Is Dr. Austin?

Anna dropped a hint that she may know Dr. Austin’s father. There’s also been a ton of buzz on social media that Austin could be Jimmy Lee Holt’s son. Holt is an illegitimate son of Edward’s, so this would link Austin to the Quartermaines as a grandson. Given the power struggle going on with ELQ, could Austin play a role in helping (or hurting) the family’s chances of regaining power?

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4. Scotty’s Announcement

GH spoilers for this coming week reveal that Scotty Baldwin will have an announcement. Sounds like it’ll take place during an ELQ meeting, as the Quartermaines and Valentin gather. Could Dr. Austin enlist the services of Baldwin? Could he claim entitlement to shares? Long-time GH fans will recall that Jimmy Lee Holt launched some major schemes against the Quartermaines during his heyday. Austin seems like a decent guy, but he may follow the same tradition as his dad and try to gain power of ELQ. He may even decide to help Valentin out, just to screw over his so-called “family”. Then there’s also the chance that he “saves the day” for the Quartermaine clan.

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3. Who Will Notice Spencer First?

“Victor” is making the moves on Trina, and it’s nice to see the sparks fly between these young teens. With that said, fans know that “Victor” is really Spencer Cassadine, so who will notice that he’s returned to town first? It might end up being Cam. After all, he and Cam spent time together as young kids. There may be friction between these two when they reunite at first. Back in the day, they would vie for Emma Drake’s attention. There will still be tension there.

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2. Chase Lashes Out At Willow

GH spoilers for the week of July 19th suggest that Chase will lash out at Willow. Will she tell him the truth about her relationship with Michael? There’s a chance of that, but he might lose his cool during physiotherapy, too. He has a long and painful road to recovery ahead of him, which can take its toll on someone’s mental health.

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1. Sam and Dante

They kissed last week, but what will the next two weeks hold for this couple? A little bit of denial on Sam’s part. She’ll try to avoid the situation (and Dante) the best she can this week, and likely tell Dante that their kiss was a “mistake” or that she was intoxicated. But, before next week is done, they’ll likely kiss one more time. Dante will try and move this romance forward, as Sam tries to push him away.

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