General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 18 – 29, 2022)

Published on July 19, 2022.

Will Spencer get the better of Esme, or does she have something else up her sleeve? Will Trina be found innocent during her trial? Who is Austin’s “mystery man”? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for July 18th to 29th, 2022.

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12. Spencer’s Plan… Will It Work?

It looks as if the crap is about to hit the fan where Spencer and Esme are concerned. GH spoilers hint that he’ll drop all the pretenses with his girlfriend and place his plan into motion this coming week. Will the truth come out about Ms. Prince and all she’s been up to? Will the truth come out about her biological parents?

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11. How Will Esme Slither Out Of Her Predicament?

Esme will be backed into a corner in the days ahead, yet she is the type who can slither her way out of any predicament. GH spoilers suggest that she’ll turn to Ryan for help during the week of July 25th. In fact, added teasers hint there’s a chance she may also try to head out of town. Could the downfall of Ms. Prince occur over the next two weeks? There’s a good chance of this.

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10. Trina’s Trial

From the looks of GH spoilers over the next two weeks, Trina’s trial will be a roller coaster ride. Things won’t go well this coming week, but the week of July 25th brings hope. Portia will be concerned in the coming days, and Trina will need all the support she can get by the time the weekend hits. But a new witness will be called to the stand during the week of July 25th, and added teasers imply that they’ll offer an “opening” for Diane.

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9. All Hands On Deck

Both Jordan and Curtis will do everything they can to help Trina out, and there’s a solid possibility that thanks to their efforts, Trina could be found “not guilty” in the viral video case. GH spoilers for the week of July 25th imply that Jordan will rush to Wyndemere as “time is of the essence” to save Trina. Will she be able to find the evidence – or witness – she needs to clear the young lady’s name?


8. The One-Nighter Is Exposed

GH spoilers for the next two weeks also seem to hint that Nikolas and Esme’s one-nighter could be exposed. Nikolas will be “desperate” to keep a secret hidden; however, added teasers suggest that he’ll be fighting a losing battle. There are also teasers which note Ava will be caught off guard by something. If Esme’s ship is sinking, she’ll happily take Nik down with her.

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7. “Sina” Kiss and Make Up

Last week was a rocky one for Sonny and Nina, but their romance should get back on track over the next two weeks. They’ll have a nice conversation this coming week, and it looks as if Corinthos might see Reeves’ perspective and vice versa. All relationships hit bumps in the road, but it’s how the couple handles each bump that defines their romance. Is “Sina” built to make it for the long haul?

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6. Brando Catches Dex and Michael

Speaking of Sonny, GH spoilers for the week of July 25th suggest that Brando will catch Michael and Dex in a conversation. Will he overhear anything incriminating? Meanwhile, Dex will also push the mob boss to give him more responsibility. Corinthos will be hesitant about this, and turn to Brick for advice. Is Dex moving too fast? Will he get exposed?

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5. How Will Brando Proceed?

If Brando overhears anything incriminating, will he go straight to Sonny? He and Michael also have a close relationship. Mr. Corbin may be inclined to talk things out with his younger cousin before heading to Sonny. He may want to reason with Michael and advise him to back off on revenge plans against his dad. But will Michael listen? Sounds like Brando’s world and family life are about to get real sticky.

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4. Willow’s Health Issues Won’t Go Away

Willow expecting a child with Michael is great news, but her health issues won’t go away. Sounds as if something bigger is on the horizon; something that could blow up the “secret” that Nina’s her real mom. This coming week, TJ will dig deeper into Willow’s health problems, and he may figure out what’s wrong. Could she have a condition where she needs “something” that only a mother/parent can provide (i.e. blood, an organ, etc.)? What will Carly do if this happens? Will she allow her ego to get in the way of Willow and her future grandchild’s health? Will she tell Willow and Nina the truth?

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3. Austin’s Mystery Man

Austin will meet up with his mystery man this week, but will fans learn his identity? It’s hard not to speculate that this person could be Jimmy Lee Holt, Gatlin-Holt’s father. But it could just as easily be someone else. Could Austin and Cody be linked together? Could Austin have a brother viewers don’t know about?

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2. Spinelli Confesses To Maxie

GH spoilers for this coming week suggest that Spinelli will confess something to Maxie. Most viewers may think this has something to do with his connection to Society Setups and Zelda, but it may also be about his feelings for Jones. It’s clear that Spinelli still loves Maxie, but could the two decide to give it another go? Seems tricky, especially in light of her new romance with Austin.

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1. The Date From H-E- (Double Hockey Sticks!)

Britt and Cody will go out on their first official “date” during the week of July 18th, but from GH spoilers, it seems as if it’ll be a disaster. Sounds about right. Love doesn’t come easy in the land of Port Charles, and there is massive chemistry between Mr. Bell and Dr. Westbourne.

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