General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 4 – 15, 2022)

Published on July 5, 2022.

Is there any hope around Carly regaining control of her share of the Metro Court? What will Drew present to Nina this week? Can BLQ help Chase, or will the cop be turned off the Quartermaine princess, forever? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for July 4 to July 15, 2022.

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12. Carly Tries To Hide Things From Sonny

GH spoilers and previews for this coming week suggest that Carly will try to hide something from Sonny. She won’t want him to know the situation she’s in with the Metro Court. Not only because of the embarrassment factor, but perhaps, deep down she knows that he would try to help her out of this jam, and she wants to do this all on her own.

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11. Drew’s Proposition To Nina

Drew will have a business proposition for Nina, and this may have to do with helping Carly regain her share of the Metro Court. Does this have to do with selling off Crimson Magazine? If Reeves decides to buy it, this could give him the collateral he needs to give to Carly, so she can save her stake in the Metro Court. He may feel responsible for the predicament she’s in. But will Carly go along with his plan?

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10. Why Is Carly Upset At Drew?

Carly will be upset with Drew this week, as he tries to explain something. The business proposal with Nina may be more of a partnership, and the last thing she’ll want is Drew spending more time with her nemesis. Plus, the idea of Nina being her “savior” will leave a bad taste in Carly’s mouth.

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9. Nina Is Darly’s First Fight

Darly is riding a very high wave now, despite the recent glitch with the ELQ vote and Carly’s financial woes. It’s fitting that the very person that split up her family and marriage is the same person responsible for the first fight Carly has with Drew. It’s symbolic, really. Will Nina be the downfall of Darly, too?

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8. Does Carly Lose Her Share Of The Metro Court?

It seems like she’ll try her best and do all she can, but GH spoilers for the week of July 11th hint that Carly will say “goodbye” to something, and it’ll be a challenging thing to do. One can’t help but wonder if she loses this battle, how badly she’ll handle it all. Will she decide to leave Port Charles for a bit, too?

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7. Sasha Spirals

There are so many hints that Sasha will spiral this week. She not only took those pills Felty gave her, but her Home & Heart Channel appearance is coming up soon (and it’ll go awry). Sounds like the segment will go very wrong, and it’ll be quite clear that Sasha is on something. What happens next?

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6. Brando Sends Her To Rehab

In the aftermath of what happens during the TV appearance, Sasha’s husband Brando will have a hard choice to make. It’s very likely he decides to send Sasha to rehab. Perhaps she’ll also get some therapy and counseling while she’s there. The poor young lady has been through way too much recently, and not properly addressing her grief around losing her son is at the heart of it all.

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5. Chase Decides He Needs Space From Brook Lynn

Last week, BLQ turned to her Uncle Sonny for help with Linc. Looks like she’ll tell Chase exactly what she has planned, and the cop will likely not be happy about it. Nothing against Sonny, but Harrison is a good and honest man. He won’t like the idea of Port Charles’s mob king helping him out. Will he also feel as if he needs to take a step back from his “friendship” with BLQ? She’s kind of been the reason why he’s gotten suspended from the force, twice!

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4. Who Nails Esme?

With both Curtis and Marshall, as well as Cam and Spence, working overtime to try and clear Trina’s name, who will nail Esme in the end? Will it happen in the next two weeks? Likely not, but maybe along the way these four men decide to come together for the greater good? Regardless, it’s nice that Marshall and Curtis are teaming up. They’ll likely be the ones to truly crack Esme’s plan. Meanwhile, Spence will get a shocker once he realizes who Esme’s bio parents are.

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3. Esme Drops A Bomb On Nikolas

Esme will end up expecting in the next couple of weeks. As Spencer, Cam, Marshall, and Curtis zero in from different angles, she’ll blow them out of the water by announcing she’s with child. She’ll be nabbed for the viral video scandal, but her announcement will change the game. Many will assume it’s Spencer’s, but fans and Nikolas know different.

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2. Fans Final Learn About Valentin’s Recent Actions

Valentin is doing some not-so-honest things as of late and seems that Victor is holding the strings around this all. With Charlotte still away at boarding school, one can’t help but wonder if daddy Cassadine is holding Valentin’s daughter against her will, all so that his son will do his bidding. The two are set to meet at a park this week. Fans will finally learn more about Valentin’s recent actions, and how his father is behind them all.


1. Is There More To Willow’s Health Scare?

Millow are expecting! However, does this really explain all of Willow’s recent dizzy spells and fainting? Her eyes were basically purple before she fainted at the Metro Court pool, and there just seems to be more to her health issues than a baby. Will she find out soon? Will something more happen?

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