General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 14 – June 25, 2021)

Published on June 15, 2021.

Will Finn figure out what he needs to do to help Chase? Will Harrison and Willow say, “I do”? Will Nina’s guilt get the better of her? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines and “what will happen next”! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for June 14 to June 25, 2021.

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12. Finn Continues To Look For A Cure

Last week’s attempt at a cure didn’t work for Chase. Many GH fans on social media are speculating that this could be because Finn isn’t Chase’s dad. In fact, summer spoilers hint that there will be questions around Chase’s paternity, once again. Finn will likely review his work and possibly come to this conclusion over the next couple of weeks.

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11. Liz Helps

Elizabeth Webber is sure to be by Finn’s side, and she may be the one who points out (or makes a remark, by accident) that Hamilton may not be Chase’s dad after all. As these two continue to dig themselves deeper in lies and cures, could they begin to “feel” something more than just friendship over the next couple of weeks?

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10. Port Charles Wedding

Chase proposed to Willow last week, so there is a good chance there could be a wedding in the works over the next couple of days. GH spoilers hint that Willow will get some “assistance” from Jackie and Sasha over the next couple of days. Could this be “help” with her wedding plans to Chase?

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9. Willow and Michael Agree

As Chase is dying, Willow and Michael will agree that marrying Harrison is for the best. It’s a dying man’s wish. They’ve gone this far with their lie, what’s one little hospital wedding ceremony to ensure Chase leaves this world a happy man? What they may not bank on is that Finn will come up with a cure (after the wedding) and Harrison will be saved. This is great news; however, it does mean they might have to continue their lie for weeks and months to come, as Chase recovers. Willow may even move in with him, or he’ll join her at the Quartermaine compound.

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8. Nina Feels Guilty

GH spoilers note that Nina will run into Carly this week, and Sonny’s wife will be civil to her. Could this cause Reeves to feel a little guilty? After all, she knows her husband is alive and well. Heck, she kissed the guy at one point, too! Nina is bound to feel bad knowing that Sonny is okay, as his family continues to struggle back in Port Charles.

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7. Nina Confides In Curtis

Nina and Curtis are tight. Actually, Curtis is Nina’s go-to confidant. Could she tell him the truth about Sonny? There’s a very good chance she does. She’s got to be ripping at the seams to tell someone in Port Charles! After all, she told Wiley! If Nina tells Curtis that Sonny’s alive, he’s sure to keep it hush-hush; however, the more people that know, the likelier it is that this “secret” will come out.

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6. Maxie Struggles

It’s going to be increasingly difficult for Maxie to continue lying to the world about Baby Louise. GH spoilers note that she’ll want to see her daughter this week, but BLQ will try to dissuade her from doing this. Without any contact with the child, Jones might start to re-think her plan. Sure, Peter’s a threat, but living without her baby will be harder than she imagined. Could Maxie also start to resent Brook Lynn?

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5. Maxie Will Be Relentless

There’s nothing that will keep a momma bear away from her cub! Even if BLQ is against Jones visiting Louise, and even if Maxie starts to resent Brook Lynn for her attitude, this doesn’t mean that she’ll be able to stay away. Maxie will find excuses to go visit Brook Lynn and the baby. Someone is bound to “catch on” to the fact that Jones may have an “unhealthy” interest in the baby.

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4. Dante’s Search

Dante is investigating Baby Louise’s kidnapping. While Maxie has told the cop one side of the story, evidence is bound to surface that tells another story. There’s also a good chance that Falconeri finds Nurse Chloe’s body, which would eliminate her as the kidnapper. Could Dante find clues that link Maxie and the baby together, or will everyone just assume that Peter has taken the little one?

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3. Dr. Austin Dives Into Storylines

Fans of actor Roger Howarth will be happy to learn that Dr. Austin will dive into storylines over the next couple of weeks. He’ll not only help Dante with his search for Baby Louise, but he’ll also try and offer assistance to Anna and Valentin. Sounds like he’ll start to become an integral part of the soap opera, moving forward.

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2. Could Anna and Valentin Take Over?

Could Anna and Valentin decide to take over the search for Baby Louise? After all, Maxie is her goddaughter, and Devane will continue to feel guilty over how everything unfolded with Peter over the next two weeks. Perhaps, Dante’s search is limited to his jurisdiction, which is where Anna and Valentin could step in as WSB agents.

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1. New GH Chairperson

GH spoilers note that there will be someone new leading the hospital, as a chairperson will be announced during the week of June 21st. Added teasers imply that Terry will hope to be a positive influence for the hospital, so could she land this prestigious spot? There’s also the idea that Monica could return to the role, or possibly Dr. Austin?

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