General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 20 – July 1, 2022)

Published on June 21, 2022.

Who will win control of ELQ? Will Trina and Joss find the evidence they need against Esme before Robinson’s trial begins? Will Spencer find something that nails his “girlfriend” to help his “friend”? General Hospital (GH) fans love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for June 20 to July 1, 2022.

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12. Controlling ELQ

From the sounds of GH spoilers this week, it looks like Drew and Michael (plus, Carly) will win the battle for ELQ. Teasers hint that Carly will celebrate something with Joss and Bobbie some days after board members hold the big meeting to establish who will control things, so for now, Valentin (and possibly Ned) will have to wait in the wings and come up with another plan.

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11. Who’s Austin’s, Mystery Man?

Speaking of ELQ, what would happen to the company (and voting shares) if Austin’s father, Jimmy Lee Holt was actually alive? Last week, the good doctor hopped into the shadows during a hike and spoke to someone (whose face the fans couldn’t see), and viewers have been buzzing with speculation, since. One can’t ignore that there’s a good chance it is Austin’s dad, re-emerging on the scene. No one is ever truly “gone” in the land of soaps. With all the drama surrounding ELQ, Jimmy making a comeback to Port Charles seems like a possibility.

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10. Trina’s Trial

Soap operas love exposing the truth in the umpteenth hour, so there’s a good chance that Trina and Josslyn won’t find any concrete evidence on Esme until Robinson’s trial is well underway (or close to ending). When Rory found the two young ladies (fake IDs and all) at the bar as they tried to dig up something against Esme, he promised he would follow up on things. The cop is seemingly smitten with Trina, but does he find evidence against Esme, only to help keep it hidden?

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9. Esme Flirts With Rory

GH spoilers for the next two weeks suggest that Esme will flirt with Rory, but will he reciprocate? Will this flirt session reveal that the two are actually in cahoots? The new cop seems like a really nice guy who goes strictly by the books; however, in the land of daytime drama, fans have learned that if it’s too good to be true, it generally is.

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8. Esme’s Juggling A Ton Of Balls

Between trying to destroy Ava and Nik’s relationship, and keeping her viral videotape a secret, Esme’s juggling a lot of balls. With that said, she has quite the plan in store for Spencer, his father, and his stepmother. All arrows seem to be pointing to the idea that she may end up expecting, which would ruin the family. Fans also can’t seem to shake the connection Felicia could have to Esme.

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7. Felicia’s Warning

Felicia had quite the warning for Esme when it came to Ryan, last week. Could she be foreshadowing some motherly advice? With so much talk about Mac and Felicia never having a child of their own, it’s hard not to think that Ryan pulled the coup of the century by somehow keeping their bio daughter from them and claiming her as his own. Then again, he may be her bio dad, with Felicia as her mom. It’s hard for any long-time fan to wrap their mind around either idea; however, in the land of daytime drama … anything is possible.

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6. Will Spencer Swing In For The Save?

Back to clearing Trina, Spence is digging himself deeper and deeper when it comes to Esme, as Joss and Ms. Robinson’s hate for the young man grows. He’s trying to do the right thing, but will he be able to pull it off? He’ll turn to Victor this week for advice. Can his powerful uncle help turn the tide? 

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5. Vanna On The Rocks

There’s something going on with Valentin, and Charlotte for that matter. Unfortunately, it seems as if Cassadine is up to no good, but it also seems that he’s being “put up” to do no good. While he enjoyed his official first date with Anna, she continually questions him on his newfound relationship with bio dad, Victor. Anna will once again inquire about his loyalty to his father the week of June 20th. Valentin isn’t loyal to Victor, but his dad could be holding Charlotte ransom to ensure his son carries out some pieces of a plan. Sounds like Victor could place a wedge between the budding Vanna romance.

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4. Everything Works Out For Chase

Speaking of budding romances, BLQ and Chase keep dancing around the idea of a relationship. With the cop recently getting arrested defending Brook Lynn’s honor mere weeks before he’s supposed to be re-instated back to the force, will these two finally come together or will this cause them to drift apart? Linc is not the best of characters. Perhaps he does something or says something where charges are dropped against Chase. Maybe BLQ promises the slim ball to let up on her songs so Harrison’s charges are lifted, and he can get his job back with ease. 

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3. Chase & BLQ Finally Come Together

Brook Lynn will hide the fact that she’s struck up a deal with Linc to get Chase’s charges dropped. However, the good news is that Chase will be okay, and punching out Linc will not affect his future with the PCPD. It may also bring BLQ and Chase together. They may finally throw all caution to the wind and let their feelings take control.

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2. Then Again …

Brook Lynn may get Chase off the hook but pull back from any possible romance with him. After all, she may feel like she’s just trouble in his life, causing the cop more distress than he deserves. How will Chase react if she drops him, their budding romance, and more importantly, their incredible friendship?

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1. Darly Hits A Snag

GH spoilers for the week of June 27th reveal that Drew and Nina will need to talk about business. Is this about Crimson or something else? If Cain and Reeves need to collaborate on anything, this will not make Carly happy at all. Darly seems to be riding a nice, but slow, romantic wave. Could Drew, working on anything with Nina (even if it’s Crimson-related), cause a snag for the Darly romance?

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