General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 6 – 17, 2022)

Published on June 7, 2022.

Will Ned land on #TeamCassadine or #TeamMew when it comes to ELQ? What’s Dex up to and will Sonny catch on? What will happen when Ryan runs into Felicia and Mac? Fans of General Hospital (GH) just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for June 6 to June 17, 2022.

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12. Ned & ELQ

While Ned should side with Drew and Michael, he’ll likely align with Valentin when it comes to ELQ. It’ll be a huge stunner for the family, and while Cassadine borderlines on hero and villain as of late, when it comes to the Quartermaine family, he’s been ruthless. Ned should allow the younger generation to take over; however, his ego won’t allow him to.

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11. Ryan’s Run-in With Mac & Felicia

GH spoilers suggest that Mac and Felicia will have a run-in with Ryan Chamberlain and while it’s typical for the criminal to try and make a run for it, they’ll likely see him at Spring Ridge. Something will bring the couple to the facility, and the two may have a chilling encounter with Ryan.

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10. Do They See Him With Esme?

Could Mac and Felicia overhear a conversation between Ryan and Esme? This week’s GH preview shows the father-daughter duo together. With questions about Esme’s bio mom, could something Ryan says peak Felicia’s curiosity? Many fans on social media have questioned whether or not Mac and Felicia (or just Felicia) could be Esme’s bio-parents. Will this encounter launch a storyline?

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9. What’s Dex Up To?

GH spoilers for this week imply that Brando and Dante will be “suspicious” of Dex. This week’s preview video shows Sonny threatening his new employee when it comes to his kids. Is Dex the real deal or a plant placed to infiltrate the Corinthos organization? Could Dex do something to Dante or one of Sonny’s younger children (like Donna or Avery) that upsets the mob boss?

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8. Will Brando Join The Organization?

Brando makes an offer to Sonny in the coming days ahead. Sasha wants her hubby to have nothing to do with the mob, but sometimes that lifestyle simply “draws” a person in. Would Brando do this behind his wife’s back? The only reason he may join Sonny’s mob world is to help his cousin in a pinch. With Jason gone, Sonny could use someone to watch his back. If Dex turns out to be a dud, Brando may feel his “family” needs him.

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7. Nikolas Continues To Hide His Affair

Nik made a huge mistake this past week when he gave into temptation. He and Ava have reconciled, but will he ever gain up the courage to tell her what he’s done. They were (technically) on a break; however, sleeping with Esme will have Ava (and Spence) reeling. Over the next two weeks, Nik will continue to keep his one-nighter with Esme a secret.

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6. More Than One Roll In The Hay

With that said, could Esme continue to manipulate Nikolas through seduction? Will the two have an affair versus a one-nighter? Can she get him to sleep with her again? A single “slip-up” is one thing (and maybe forgivable), but bedding Esme, while he’s trying to work things out with Ava, would be the final straw in their marriage.

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5. Spencer Gives It His All

Cameron gave Spencer some clear instructions: get the job done and nab Esme so that they can nail her for the videotape scandal and move on! Cam’s been under so much pressure with his mom’s issues that he can’t stand having Josslyn upset with him. Who could blame the poor kid? Will this “encouragement” from Cam, motivate Spence to become intimate with Esme?
She’d question his loyalty a lot less if they did sleep together again, and likely drop her guard. If Esme does the deed with Spencer, mere days after she bedded his father, it’s hard not to think that she may end up expecting sometime soon. 

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4. Spencer & Ava Bond?

Could Spence and Ava develop a special stepmom-stepson relationship? They could head in that direction over the next couple of weeks (baby steps of course)! Ava’s going to call out Spencer on the feelings he has for Trina. Will their mutual love and respect for Ms. Robinson be the glue that helps these two bond?

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3. Spencer’s Plan B

GH spoilers for the week of June 13th note that Spencer will work on a plan B. Will Esme drift further from him now that she has Nikolas in her pocket? Spence could decide to confide in Ava, which would be out of character considering his hate for her, but he does know how much she cares for Trina, so that may be why he turns to her for help.

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2. Uncle Victor To The Rescue!

GH spoilers for that week also hint that Spencer will turn to Uncle Victor for some advice. Is this about his “plan B”? Will he ask his powerful (and rich) uncle for help? Could he confide in him about what he’s doing to help Trina? Would this be a good move? It’s hard to say. Victor likes Esme, but really only made nice with her for Spencer’s sake. If he knows his grand-nephew isn’t in love with Ms. Prince anymore, he may help him nab her. 

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1. The Date Fans Have Been Waiting For

Back to Valentin, he and Anna will FINALLY go out on their first date the week of June 13th. Considering their friendship and history, will the two end up in bed? Cassadine and Devane have been “dancing” around this romance for far too long. It’s time to give (most) fans what they want, which is some Vanna love scenes already!

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