General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 7 – 18, 2021)

Published on June 8, 2021.

What promise will Willow make, and to whom will she make it? How will Jax and Carly’s explosive confrontation affect Josslyn? Will Maxie be able to see Baby BLQ, or will someone nip the idea in the bud? There’s nothing General Hospital (GH) fans love more than speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for June 7 to June 18, 2021.

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12. Willow’s Promise

GH spoilers imply that Willow will make a promise this week. Who will she make a vow to, and can she keep her word? With Peter August gone, and Finn working frantically for an antidote to cure Chase, could Willow promise Harrison she won’t leave his side until he’s better? Perhaps she makes this vow to either Jackie or Finn? Can she keep true to this promise?

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11. Finn Comes Up With A Cure

With Peter a goner for good, Finn will be that much more anxious to figure out a cure for Chase. GH spoilers for this week reveal that he and Elizabeth will be working around the clock to come up with an antidote. As the days go by, Finn will have to “weigh out” options. Could the cure he has developed come with potential risks?

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10. Carly and Jax

Things will get very heated between Jax and Carly this week. There’s been conflict between the two for a little while now; however, it’ll reach a fever pitch in the coming days. Sounds like Jax might continue to question Joss’s safety; however, it also sounds like he might stick his nose in Michael’s business, which will leave a bad taste in Carly’s mouth.

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9. Jax Confronts Michael

Jax will have a conversation with Michael in the coming days, and it’s hard not to think it’s about Wiley and Nina. After the chat, Michael will talk to Willow about their conversation, so there’s a good chance that this is about their son; otherwise, why would Michael give Willow a heads-up? They are a couple, so Michael might be sharing more with his lady love; however, it’s likely about allowing Nina to visit Wiley again. Jax might be getting desperate to bring Reeves back to Port Charles, and he’ll use Wiley as the bait. This will all work like a charm to bring Nina back to the little town.

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8. Carly Confronts Jax

As the week progresses, Carly will confront Jax. If she’s learned that he’s tried to influence Michael into allowing Nina visitation rights for Wiley, she may lose her cool. GH spoilers hint that the two exes will have an explosive encounter; however, could it start ugly and turn romantic? Sounds a bit over-the-top, but it wouldn’t be the first time Carly’s started fighting with someone and ended up in bed. With Sonny still alive, the plot would thicken if Carly ended up sleeping with her ex-husband, not to mention someone whom Corinthos detests.

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7. “Mike” and Nina

If Carly and Jax cross a line in the coming weeks, then Mike and Nina will, too. It only seems natural, especially since she and Sonny have bonded recently, and there’s certainly sparks flying between the two. Nina may get the good news about Wiley, tell “Mike”, and the two could get caught up in a moment together.

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6. Maxie Stays Strong

Across town, Maxie will continue to go on with the story that her baby is missing. Sounds like she may even lie to Britt, as Westbourne will apologize to Maxie in the coming days. Jones will also have a “hard” conversation with Spinelli by her side this week. Could she have to tell James and Georgie that Baby Louise isn’t coming home? She may even have a talk with them about Peter fleeing.

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5. A Silver Lining

The only silver lining for Maxie is that her baby is close by, and with BLQ. Brook Lynn will likely have zero issues with Jones coming over to visit Louise; however, GH spoilers imply that someone will discourage Maxie from visiting “BLQ 2.0”. Who could this be? It might be Brook Lynn, for fear that they get “caught”. Still, the natural choice would be Valentin, as he may have concerns for the safety of “his” child. After all, Maxie just lost a baby and it might not be good for her to spend time with another baby girl, considering her emotional state. With that said, Olivia, Ned or even Dr. Austin could all be candidates that gently suggest Maxie stay away from the baby.

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4. Maxie and Dr. Austin Get Closer

Could Dr. Austin be Maxie’s new love interest? After all, he did help to successfully deliver Baby Louise into this world. Austin will likely gravitate towards Maxie. He has promised to help her find her newborn and wanted to assist with the search. Sounds like he’ll be in Jones’s orbit for the next little bit. Will she confide in him and tell him what’s really going on?

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3. Brook Lynn Confides In Willow

Now here’s an interesting GH spoiler for the week of June 14th! BLQ will confide in Willow about something, but what exactly does she tell her friend? Could she reveal that she loves Bailey Louise more than she had expected, or does she tell Willow the truth about where the newborn has come from? The “confession” is most likely about motherhood, but there is a small chance that BLQ brings Willow into the fold.

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2. Peter’s Passing

Sadly, unless Finn and Elizabeth reveal the truth anytime soon, Maxie will continue to believe that Peter is a threat to Louise’s safety, and she’ll stay away from her child. These baby-switch storylines tend to drag on, so fans shouldn’t expect the truth about Peter’s passing to be exposed anytime soon.

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1. Sam and Dante

Sounds like things could heat up between Sam and Dante in the coming weeks. While the two will continue to butt heads, there will be some sparks flying, too. If Jason and Britt can move forward with their relationship, there’s a good chance that Dante and Sam will, as well.

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