General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (March 1 – 12, 2021)

Published on March 2, 2021.

It’s the moment General Hospital (GH) fans have been waiting for, for a very long time! The double wedding is set to unravel this week and spill over into the next. Will Maxie finally learn the truth about Peter? Will the wedding be interrupted, and who will be the one to tell Jones who August is really about? How will Franco’s condition come into play when everything comes out? There’s nothing viewers love to do more than speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for March 1 to March 12, 2021.

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12. Wedding Interrupted

GH preview video indicates that someone will interrupt the wedding this week. Could this be Liesl? She’s been reeling with the idea that Maxie could marry Peter, and it disgusts her that August could play a father-figure role for little James. But, if Obrecht stops the wedding, will Maxie listen to what she has to say?

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11. Anna Gets Kidnapped

GH spoilers reveal that Anna will confront Peter this week, and if she tells him the whole truth, he just might panic. Could he try and lock Anna away somewhere so that he and Maxie could still get married? If he finds out that she knows all about his past deeds, he might get that desperate.

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10. What About Finn?

Peter might hold Devane by gunpoint, instructing her to call Finn. She may cancel the wedding with him, but then also call Maxie to give her thumbs up on marrying Peter anyway. GH spoilers say that Finn will need some support this week, and Chase will be there for him. Hamilton would be upset if Anna canceled their wedding on the day of.

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9. Anna’s Luring Peter

With that said, GH spoilers for the week of March 8th indicate that the double-wedding drama will continue. Maxie will still be on the fence about saying her “I do’s” to Peter, and Britt will provide the bride-to-be some advice. Perhaps, the truth doesn’t fully come out the week of March 1st, and Anna will try to “lure” a confession from August. After all, Devane and Valentin will come up with a plan this coming week to nab Peter.

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8. Anna’s Apologetic

Anna will be apologetic this coming week, so there’s a good chance she cancels her wedding to Finn, but Maxie and Peter decide to move forward. This could mean that the wedding would be delayed by some hours, or maybe even days, thus moving it to the week of March 8th. With that said, Anna will also admit to Robert that she’s made some mistakes, so there’s a good chance she’ll bring Scorpio into the loop. She’ll also have some discussions with Mac next week, while Finn spends some time with Violet. Sounds like the Scorpio brothers will be brought into the plan to bring down Peter August.

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7. Maxie Does What’s Best For Her

GH spoilers reveal that Maxie will decide to do what’s best for her the week of March 8th, and as the days go by, added teasers hint she may regret her decision. Despite her flip-flopping as of late, Jones could move forward with her marriage Peter August, only to learn the truth and regret what she’s done.  

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6. Peter Comes To Terms

Without knowing exactly how Peter gets brought down, GH spoilers for the week of March 8th do state that August will “come to terms” with his fate. He may also learn the truth about his parents, and that Alex – not Anna – is his bio mom. With, or without, Maxie by his side, this truth coming out will alter the way Peter moves forward in storylines.

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5. Frisco’s Coming Back?

Could fans be gearing up for a Frisco Jones return? GH spoilers for the week of March 8th suggest that Anna will reach out to Frisco. Could she need him for WSB business or some support for Maxie? Felicia is out of town taking care of a sick relative, so she may not be able to return to support her daughter. Either way, the very idea of Frisco Jones, and actor Jack Wagner, returning to his old stomping grounds, is exciting! 

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4. Chase Finds Out The Truth

Finn decided to “wait on” finding out if Chase was his son last week when the DNA test results were in. Could this have been the wrong move on his part? GH spoilers hint that Chase will see something not meant for him, the week of March 8th. Does he fall across those DNA tests? Does he learn that Finn is his father before Finn (or Jackie) does? He could also overhear a conversation.

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3. Franco’s Discovery

GH spoilers indicate that Franco’s will make a stunning discovery this week. Could he approach Jason with what he finds? Added teasers for the week of March 8th reveal that Jason will feel as if he can’t ignore facts that have been presented to him. As the days go by, Stone Cold will have a discovery his own. Is he the one that outs Peter? Could Jason save the day for Maxie?

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2. They Find Sonny

Then, there’s the idea that Franco or Jason stumble upon evidence that Sonny is still alive. Maybe they even see a photo or video of “Mike” on social media. Jason could bring Sam into the loop, as she too will be taken aback by something that goes down next week. Could Franco and Jason be the two that bring Sonny back home? They certainly wouldn’t bring it up with Carly, as not to get her hopes up.

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1. Jason Learns About Britt’s Condition

Jason’s stunning discovery could be around Britt and her condition. After all, they have been spending a lot of time together recently, and Stone Cold might stumble upon the medication she’s taking for her illness. This could open up a can of worms that Westbourne is not ready for. However, this could also further the bond the couple shares.

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