General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (March 14 – 25, 2022)

Published on March 15, 2022.

Will Carly shake Esme to the point that she backs down with Josslyn? Or will the confrontation fire the young lady up for more drama? Finn will solve a mystery this week, so does this have to do with Elizabeth’s “stalker”? What will come out of Nina and Harmony’s meeting in the coming days? General Hospital (GH) fans love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for March 14th to 25th, 2022.

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12. Will Carly Simmer Esme Down?

Carly had some words with Esme this week, which begs the question: will Esme back off, or will whatever Carly says add fuel to Ms. Prince’s fire? Her father made it crystal clear that she needs to focus on breaking Nikolas and Ava up, not worrying about teen drama with Trina and Joss. Esme won’t like being put in her place, so could she decide to stir the pot even more?

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11. Sydney Mikayla’s Exit

News recently hit that actress Sydney Mikayla’s (Trina) last episode on GH is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 17th. Actress Tabyana Ali has been recast in the role. Trina is set to make a hard decision this coming week, so it sounds as if the young woman may decide to take a small break from school and leave town for a bit. How long will Trina be out of Port Charles during the transition from one actress to another?

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10. Longer Than Expected

Trina’s had a tremendous amount of stress on her shoulders. With everything that has happened, she may decide to leave town for a few days to “clear her head”. GH spoilers state that Taggert and Portia will worry about their daughter during the week of March 21st. Will Trina decide to withdraw from school for the remainder of the year? Will she take a break that is longer than expected? Or, maybe her parents are concerned because she’s unreachable?

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9. Esme Charms Nikolas

Now that Esme has a concrete plan (thanks to advice from her dad, Ryan), she’ll be laying the charm on thick with Nikolas. But will Mr. Cassadine fall for the young lady’s games? If his son fell for them, he likely will, too. How will Ava feel once Nikolas changes his tune on Ms. Prince? Conflict for Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine is on the horizon!

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8. Finn Solves A Mystery

GH spoilers for the week of March 14th indicate that Finn will solve a mystery. Will this have to do with Elizabeth’s “stalker” situation? Most likely! All arrows are pointing in the direction of Jake being the culprit, and although added teasers note he’ll worry his mom will never forgive him, could Aiden be behind what’s happening? Maybe Jake knew about it and tried to cover for his brother?

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7. Nina And Harmony

GH fans have been speculating over Nina being Willow’s bio mom for years now. As the days go by, Nina will meet up with Harmony. It’s hard not to wonder if writers will finally bring this storyline to the surface, after all these years. In added teasers for the week of March 21st, Nina will make a discovery. This could roll out in a number of ways.

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6. How Is Willow Nina’s Daughter?

Could Nina find out she’s had not one, but two long-lost children? Is that her “discovery” next week? Nina found out about Nelle some time ago; could Willow be next? Did Reeves have more than one child over the years, making Willow and Nelle sisters? Could Nina have had twin girls, instead of just Nelle? The possibilities are endless!

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5. Sonny Goes To Bat For Nina

GH spoilers reveal that Sonny will be on the opposite side of an issue with Michael and Willow. This is likely about Nina’s pursuit of visitation rights with Wiley. Will he strongly advise the couple to allow Reeves to see their son? Could Sonny help resolve this situation before it gets way out of hand?

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4. Sonny And Nina Do The Deed

Things have fallen a little flat between Nina and Sonny since Carly caught them together on the boat. If it seems like Mr. Corinthos has given up on trying to rekindle his romance with Mrs. Corinthos, he’s also somewhat given up on Reeves! Could he and Nina cross another line in the next two weeks? If he can convince Michael and Willow to allow Reeves access to Wiley, Sonny and Nina might get caught up in some emotions!

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3. Danger On The Horizon

Felicia and Anna are headed to Austria, and it sounds like these two women may inch closer to finding out who was responsible for Luke’s passing. However, GH spoilers note that while the two will be undercover, danger will also be looming. Will Devane and Scorpio find any evidence? Added teasers for the week of March 21st note that Anna will compare notes with Dante and Sam, so it sounds as if the trip to Austria will be somewhat successful. Devane will return to Port Chuckles in one piece, at least but what about Felicia?

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2. BLQ And Chase

Brook Lynn is back from her trip, so will she and Chase finally take a leap into something special? They’ve tiptoed around a romance for far too long! Sadly, both are apprehensive about jumping right in, due to their friendship. Could circumstances over the next two weeks help them realize it’s time to head out of the friend zone?

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1. What Does Brad Need Help With?

Brad will turn to Britt this week for help, but what could this be all about? GH spoilers hint that his Auntie Selina will be popping back on the canvas over the next two weeks. Could Ms. Wu have a special job she wants her nephew to take care of? Will Brad need help standing up to his powerful and controlling aunt?

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