General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (March 15- 26, 2021)

Published on March 16, 2021.

Will Peter ever get nabbed? What next steps could he take to bring Anna down? Who is Chase’s bio dad? Will Nina ever move on? So many questions, so few answers! There’s nothing more fun than speculating on storylines, so below are some General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for March 15, to March 26, 2021.

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13. Peter Gets Off

Peter won’t get hauled in by the WSB just yet. While everyone “knows” what he’s been up to and the truth is out, the real issue is that with Franco gone, there’s no concrete evidence to bring him down. Seems as if Jason will get involved even further with the Peter August storyline, moving forward. Peter better watch out.

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12. Peter’s Plan

Peter isn’t too happy knowing that Anna kept the truth hidden around his real mom. Now that August knows who his parents are, there is no suppressing his true colors. He’ll embrace his inner Faison and unleash a plan to hurt Anna. Her only saving grace might be that there are so many people now on to August. Could Peter target Maxie, too? After all, she has rejected him.

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11. Who Dun It?

Could there be a Port Charles murder mystery on the horizon? As it stands now, so many people have issues with Peter. From Jason to Anna, Robert, Spinelli, Maxie, Valentin, Liesl, and (unknowingly) Dante, are all aiming for August. Could he wind up a goner in the little town over the next couple of weeks, unleashing a “Who Dun It” storyline?

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10. Maxie Wants Peter Out

GH spoilers indicate that Maxie plans on putting her child first in the coming days. Could she reach out to a lawyer to guarantee full custody of the child? Could she even try to keep August out of the baby’s life, indefinitely? She may not want his influence on their daughter and could be looking for a legal way to fulfill this.

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9. Valentin Strikes Up A Deal With Michael

GH spoilers hint that Cassadine is set to bring Michael into the loop around ELQ this week. Could Valentin strike up a deal with Corinthos? Valentin could be willing to sell his shares of the company to move on. Cassadine’s character is swerving from public enemy number one to pretty decent guy. Could he offer ELQ in exchange for Michael allowing Nina to have visitation rights to Wiley?


8. Nina’s Plans

Thanks to a GH weekly preview video, it sounds as if Nina is ready to take on the Corinthos clan. Could she try and launch legal action for custody of Wiley? There’s little chance she could get full custody, all considering; however, maybe she wants joint custody? Maybe she’ll fight Michael for visitation rights? It seems as if she may approach Michael to apologize in the coming days. While he may forgive her for what she told Wiley, he may not be open to visitation, at the moment. This will lead Nina to believe she has no other choice than to fight him for visitation rights.

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7. Nina Visits Phyllis

Nina will visit Phyllis this week, unexpectedly. Could she run into “Mike”? GH spoilers imply that Nina will make a big decision the week of March 22nd. There’s a good chance she may choose to keep “Mike” a secret from everyone else in Port Charles, especially Carly and Michael. Does she also decide to get closer to “Mike” and extend her visit with Phyllis?

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6. Who Is Chase’s Dad?

GH spoilers hint that Jackie will be remorseful in the coming weeks. She’ll have regrets around how she handled her infidelity, so could that mean Gregory is Chase’s dad, after all? If Finn was, she might not be remorseful about what she did, because it resulted in Harrison. Then again, if Finn were Chase’s dad, things could get complicated. This would be a “plus” for this storyline.

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5. The Other Option

If Gregory is Chase’s dad, there would be drama to hurdle over in terms of Finn’s one-night stand with Jackie; however, if Finn ends up being Chase’s dad, this could completely change the dynamics of this entire family. Things would need to be explained to Violet, plus, Chase and Finn’s relationship would change. If there is a relationship to salvage that is.

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4. Liz Mourns

The next couple of weeks will be hard for Liz, as she mourns the loss of Franco. The good news is that it seems as if Cameron will be there to help support her. She’ll also have friends in Terry, Finn, Laura, and others to help her along. One person that won’t be so forthcoming is Carly. Sadly, it sounds as if the two ladies will have a heated confrontation, and that could have more to do with the fact that Elizabeth won’t be able to shake the feeling that Jason was the one who shot her hubby.

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3. Joss and Cam Get Closer

Cameron has been through a lot as of late. He’s not only lost Oscar and Dev but now Franco! Trina and Josslyn will be by his side in the next couple of weeks, but there’s a good chance that he and Joss get closer, romantically. They’ve refrained from anything lately, but with everyone’s emotions running high, Cam and Joss could throw caution to the wind.

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2. “Earth-Shattering” Return

GH’s weekly preview video hints at an “earth-shattering” return in the coming days. Who could this be? With Chad Brannon (Zander Smith) set for a comeback, as well as actress Amanda Setton (Brook Lynn), anything is possible. Then, there is the idea that Frisco Jones could return, as Anna was talking to him last week.

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1. Brook Lynn’s Bump

Last fans saw Brook Lynn, she left town with a positive test stating she was expecting. If Brook Lynn returns, will she be sporting a baby bump, or trying to hide one? Will Valentin be concerned, or fluff it all off? Will she admit to her dad that she is with child? Or did something happen to the baby between the time she left and now? Brook Lynn returning this week could spice up some storylines.

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