General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (May 4 – May 15, 2020)

Published on May 1, 2020. Updated May 4, 2020

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Wonder what’s going to roll down the pipe in the next couple of weeks? Will Alexis get nabbed by the bar association for lying? Will Willow and Michael get hitched? How will Nelle react to it all? There’s nothing soap opera audiences love to do more than speculate, and below are some interesting GH plotline predictions for May 4 to May 15, 2020.

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12. Alexis Does What’s Right

GH spoilers seem to be pointing to the fact that Alexis will do what right and tell the truth in the coming days. She lied to the bar association about her relationship with Neil, and she’s been caught. Once all is said and done, she’ll come clean and fess up.

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11. Alexis Loses Her License

While the truth should set you free, this may not be the case for Alexis. She really should’ve come clean while under oath, and lying was most certainly a bad life choice on Alexis’ part. While she will come clean to the bar association in the coming days, they won’t allow her fibbing to go unpunished. She’ll lose her legal license for a specific amount of time. She may not get a lifetime ban, but she will get a slap on the wrists.

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10. Cracks Will Start To Settle

Neil and Alexis make a fantastic couple; however, all this drama will slowly start to create some cracks in the foundation of their relationship. Losing their careers in one fell swoop will allow them to be together, but it seems as if once they this is no longer “forbidden,” it may not all be worth it for either of them.

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9. Willow & Michael Get Married

On to another “couple” in the land of Port Charles, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it is only a matter of time before Willow and Michael get married. Their relationships with Chase and Sasha were standing in their way, and now without those relationships gone, Michael and Willow will get married.

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8. How It Will Unfold

Now that the shock of Chase and Sasha’s cheating has worn off, GH viewers should expect Willow and Michael to start seeing the light around a possible marriage this coming week. In an effort to try and move on, they’ll both agree that their focus should now be Wiley, and keeping him safe from Nelle.

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7. The Wedding

By the week of May 11th, Willow and Michael will be ready to say, “I do.” No need for an extravagant wedding, but it will be special in its own right. While Willow and Michael have always been just friends, and are entering this holy union as buddies, GH fans should start to expect a tide in the way they feel for each other change. After all, the two have always had a certain chemistry together.

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6. Carly Fully In The Know Is Not Good

It’s clear that Carly knows exactly what is up. She knows that Sasha wouldn’t cheat on Michael, and probably believes the same thing about Chase. With that said, she wants to protect Wiley, but moreover, she wants Nelle to go down. Being in the “know” around Chase and Sasha’s plan, and not saying anything to Michael, will not be a good look for her in the future.

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5. Nelle Continues To Scheme

With Wiley’s court case looming, and Nelle being resourceful when it comes to digging up information, she’ll catch wind of what Willow and Michael are up to. Even if she doesn’t, she’ll still continue to scheme to find a way to gain the upper hand; she’s already done so with her lawsuit against the “grandmothers.” Could she catch Sasha and Chase talking about their plan, and then record it as evidence for her custody hearing?

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4. Court Commences

Seems like Willow and Michael gear up for their wedding, Michael will also be gearing up for his custody case. According to GH spoilers, Diane will help brief him; however, sounds like Nelle has something up her sleeve, as related teasers imply she’ll make a grand entrance in the courtroom on the day of the hearing. What does she have up her sleeve? Could she have found dirt on Willow that could be incriminating when it comes to the hearing?

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3. Sonny’s Upset – Cyrus Takes Advantage

GH spoilers hint that mob boss Sonny will struggle the following week, so it seems as if Mike’s health will continue to go downhill. As Sonny has to deal with some much at home, plus Michael’s custody hearing, will this offer the perfect opportunity for Cyrus to take advantage and strike at Corinthos? Or even worse, target Jason Morgan as he has been planning on doing?

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2. Molly & Brando Continue To Collide

Now that many more people are in the know around Brando and Molly’s one-nighter, the two will inevitably continue to start to run into each other that much more. Except now, it’ll be him running into Molly and TJ; Sam, Molly, and Kristina; and Sam and TJ. The awkwardness factor between all these people will increase as the weeks and days go by.

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1. Molly Will Feel Guilty

Running into Brando with TJ, or even her sisters, will just enhance Molly’s guilt, as she continues to lie to TJ about what she did. The worst part is that TJ will not even have an inch of suspicion about the lie, which will only make Molly feel that much worse about lying and what she did.


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