General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (May 9 – 20, 2022)

Published on May 10, 2022.

Will Ned, Drew and Michael land on the same page where ELQ is concerned? Will Spencer get caught sneaking around in Esme’s room? Will Carly bring anyone else into the loop where the Nina/Willow secret is concerned? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for May 9th to 20th, 2022.

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12. Ned Feels Uneasy

While Michael and Drew are doing all they can to present a united front and make Ned feel good about the Aurora/ELQ merger, Ned will continue to feel uneasy over the next two weeks. It’s a shame. After all, Drew and Michael are stand-up men who aren’t looking to gain control of ELQ, but rather keep it “all in the family”. Sadly, Ned’s been screwed over by “family” in the past and he has his walls up. Could this cause him to do something irrational?

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11. Will He Team Up With Valentin?

The whole reason behind the merger is to regain control of ELQ from Valentin. In a desperate attempt to keep his own powers intact when it comes to the company, however, could Ned decide to team up with Valentin? Could he believe that Michael and Drew only want this merger to push him out of his grandfather’s legacy altogether?

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10. Is Victor Behind Valentin’s Shady Activities?

Valentin’s been acting a tad shady as of late. Fans know he’s transformed since aligning himself with Anna, so what’s up? Could Victor be behind Valentin’s recent actions? Is Charlotte really at boarding school or does Victor have her? Could he be holding her hostage until Valentin completes Victor’s mission/orders?

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9. Spencer Gets Caught

Spencer’s set to go digging into Esme’s room this week. While fans hope he’ll find some evidence to nail her with, there’s a good chance he’ll get caught. Then again, he could score something which requires an expert’s opinion. As the days go by, he’ll turn to Britt when he needs help. Maybe Spence will end up getting something that can help link the viral videotape to Esme and not Trina.

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8. Ryan Pressures Esme

Ryan’s not happy about the progress Esme’s made, so he’ll likely encourage his daughter to kick up her plan a notch. Ava and Nik seem unbreakable at this point. Could Esme drop the friendly act with Nik and go in for the kill? Could Ryan advise that it’s time Esme seduces Spencer’s father? Will Nikolas fall for this?

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7. Leo’s Performance Is Flawless!

On to some feel-good GH plotline predictions: Leo’s big performance is set for this week, and the little guy has been suffering from stage fright. This is a completely normal emotion for any child to feel, and Olivia, Ned and Brook Lynn will do what they can to lift his spirits and confidence. Leo will likely nail his performance, thanks to the love and support of his parents and older sister.

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6. “Do You Love My Sister?”

After his performance during the week of May 16th, Leo will ask Chase a blunt question. The sparks between the cop and BLQ haven’t been lost on anyone, so will Leo flat-out ask Chase if he has feelings for Brook Lynn? He may even ask why they aren’t dating, or why they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend yet. Maybe Leo will help ignite something under Chase to help move things along between him and BLQ. They could use all the help they can get at this point.

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5. Violet’s Theory

Speaking of a child’s intuition, GH spoilers for the week of May 16th also indicate that Violet will have a theory that forces Gregory and Finn to wonder if they’ve overlooked details on a situation. Could this have to do with Elizabeth’s mysterious stalker? Finn has likely sugarcoated the entire situation to his daughter, but could she crack the code in an innocent way?

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4. Is Elizabeth Behind All Of This?

Could Liz be suffering from some sort of mental illness that has her stalking herself? GH spoilers imply that she’ll reach out to a medium this week. Will she get answers or more questions? Could Violet innocently connect the dots to reveal Elizabeth as being behind all these over-the-top events linked to Franco? Perhaps Liz is blacking out when she does them.

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3. Carly Lets Bobbie In On The Secret

During the week of May 16th, Bobbie will overhear a conversation Carly has and question her on it. Sounds like there’s a good chance her daughter will tell her about the Willow/Nina secret. Bobbie is one of the few people Carly trusts these days, so it would make sense to keep her mom in the loop.

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2. Willow Decides To Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Meanwhile, it’ll be confirmed that Harmony is not Willow’s bio mom. What will Willow decide to do? She’ll likely just want to leave things as they are. She won’t want to pursue finding her real mom, as she’ll need to first digest the fact that Harmony is not her biological mother. Carly will be relieved about it all, but this is only temporary.

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1. Willow’s Health Issues

With that said, secrets don’t stay hidden for long in Port Charles, and the fact that Carly knows the truth means this is bound to blow up soon. Willow has had some minor health issues in the past. If they become complicated, and it’s a life-threatening situation, Carly may decide it’s time to spill the beans. She may also keep it hidden, which will make things much worse when everything comes to the surface. May is a sweeps month, so anything can potentially unfold in the next couple of weeks.

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