General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 22 – December 3, 2021)

Published on November 23, 2021.

Is Jason gone for good? Will Drew, Liesl and Britt return to Port Charles broken-hearted? Will Sasha and Brando’s baby be okay? What part will Chase play in keeping Baby Louise safe? So many questions, so few answers! As such, below are some General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for November 22nd to December 3rd, 2021.

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12. Jason’s MIA

Jason will be MIA for the next couple of weeks. With the news around actor Steve Burton’s termination from GH, this storyline will leave fans wondering if Jason’s alive or a goner. It’s hard to say if this is the end for Jason in Port Charles. This storyline could pull a sudden swerve and have fans at the edges of their seats, only to bring Mr. Morgan back at some point down the road.

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11. Everyone Else Returns Heartbroken

Britt, Liesl and Drew will all return to Port Charles either later this week, or during the week of November 29th. In fact, GH spoilers hint that Carly and Britt will have a run-in next week. If Jason is missing, Britt will be heartbroken. So will Carly. She (and Carly) may believe that he hasn’t passed, teasing a return. Britt was the reason Jason was in Greece, so she’ll likely blame herself for what’s happened.

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10. Oh, The Irony!

This week is American Thanksgiving. Once that’s done, the countdown to Christmas begins! The irony of Jason missing right now won’t be lost on anyone. Sonny went missing during the holidays last year, and Carly will feel as if she’s reliving a nightmare. With that said, Sonny ended up alive and well, so perhaps there’s hope Jason will, too.

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9. Will Baby Corbin Be Okay?

As Sasha is sprinkled all over GH spoilers for the next two weeks, she’ll likely end up being okay after delivering her baby. However, there’s no word on the status of Baby Corbin. Could the infant end up passing away? Will he have medical issues? It may also be “touch and go” for a little while. The good news is that the couple will get support.

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8. Nina and Sasha Bond

Nina will be there for Sasha during this difficult time. Whether the baby is struggling to stay alive, has medical issues or sadly passes away, this will be a very hard situation for both mom and dad. GH spoilers for the week of November 29th indicate that Nina will focus on Sasha. These two ladies will bond over Sasha’s heartache, and Nina will be there to help support the young lady during her time of need.

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7. Chase Is Brought Into The Loop

Chase knows what’s up when it comes to Baby Louise. He’s cracked the case, and knowing both Maxie and BLQ (plus, how terrible Peter is), he’ll come in for the save. Valentin doesn’t need to be in the loop about this, and Harrison realizes it. The fewer people who know Bailey is Louise, the better. He’ll pretend to be BLQ 2.0’s dad, and run with the scheme. Both Brook Lynn and Maxie will be grateful.

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6. What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

Sounds like Chase and BLQ will come together this week and start “organizing” their story, so they are on the same page. They’ll decide to “pretend” to be a couple. Perhaps Harrison will add a layer to this storyline by asking BLQ to move into the mansion. It wouldn’t hurt, having a cop around to protect the child.

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5. Here Comes The BLQ Bride…

Will Chase and BLQ decide it’s best to get married? This would help solidify their story. Looks like both Brook Lynn and Chase will tell their respective families that Harrison is Bailey’s dad. Ned will be stunned, and so will Finn. Well, Ned may not be overly stunned, considering his daughter’s antics in the past; however, Hamilton will be very taken aback that his brother never mentioned that he and Brook Lynn had hooked up.

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4. Who Else Will Learn About The Baby Secret?

Maxie will continue to try and evade Austin’s questions this week. She won’t want to reveal the truth to him, which may be for the best. But what about Valentin? His heart is broken, and rightfully so. Could Jones decide to “explain” things to him? She can trust Cassadine because she knows that he not only cares for Louise/Bailey, but he also understands how dangerous Peter August is.


3. Maxie Gets The Courage

Nina told Maxie that it would be “highly unlikely” that Valentin would be okay with knowing why the ladies lied to him. Yes, he would be upset and not take it lightly, but Cassadine has changed. Maxie will likely gain the courage and do the right thing. Sometimes knowing the “why” around a lie can help with healing.

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2. Maxie Has Her Reasons

Jones will tell Valentin the truth for a number of reasons. Firstly, she hates lying, and telling Valentin why BLQ did what she did will ease her conscience. Secondly, she knows Cassadine will keep quiet, simply due to his disdain for Peter. Lastly, she won’t want Brook Lynn to be the bad guy here, as Maxie also had a major part in this. Jones will conclude that it’ll be easier for Valentin to hear the truth, in order to heal.

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1. Continued Conflict

This week’s GH preview video reveals a confrontation between Nina and Sonny. As Corinthos continues to push Nina away, Carly is noticing that her hubby seems to have a soft spot in his heart for Reeves. It won’t be long until Mrs. Corinthos puts two and two together. She may come closer to piecing this puzzle together over the next two weeks.

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