General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 23 – December 4, 2020)

Published on November 24, 2020.

After the Floating Rib exploded this past Friday, it’s hard not to wonder what will happen next in the land of Port Charles! Will Julian leave town, devastated? With Dustin passing away, will this bring Lulu and Dante that much closer together? Will Cam and Joss put two-and-two together around Dev’s “apology?” It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for November 23 to December 4, 2020.

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12. What Will Julian Do Next?

Julian is feeling a tremendous amount of guilt. All the wrong people suffered the repercussions for what he did. Thankfully, Danny wasn’t hurt or affected by anything; however, Dev and Dustin lost their lives, and they were truly innocent bystanders. Will Julian fess up? It seemed as if he wanted to yesterday. Will his tune change when he realizes that Danny is okay?

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11. Sam Will Remember

With that said, GH spoilers for the week of November 30th tease that Sam will remember a detail about something. Could it be she recalls a conversation that could incriminate Julian? Or maybe this is about something else? There’s a good chance that Sam and Jason will be looking to nail Julian, as Jerome’s target was “Stone Cold.”

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10. Sam Turns To Jason

Sam may remember something about Julian and the explosion, and if she does, she’ll turn to Jason. He’ll, in turn, relay it to Sonny, and Jerome could be in massive hot water. With Dev passing away, Corinthos may want some massive revenge. If they also link this to Cyrus, Renault better watch his back. Their mob “truce” could be a thing of the past.

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9. Ava and Nik Help

Back to Julian, Jerome will turn to his sister this week, and she’ll probably give him one choice: to leave town. Nikolas will help his brother-in-law escape Port Charles, and with rumors around actor William deVry leaving the show, this will help to set up Julian Jerome’s exit. He’ll creep out of Port Charles, with a window of opportunity to someday return.

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8. Julian Gets Axed Before He Can

There’s also a good possibility that Julian could get hurt before he attempts to leave Port Charles. He’s never been Sonny’s favorite person, and with his recent actions, this gives Corinthos more than a good reason to gun for him. If Jason finds out he was the target, Julian’s exit storyline could end in a very fatal way.

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7. Someone Else Gets Hurt

As fans have learned through the years, anytime a mob war starts and there’s an intended target, the wrong person gets hurt. What if Sonny and Jason gun for Julian or Cyrus, and someone innocent gets caught in the crossfire? Whether there’s an explosion or shooting, could Ava end up getting hurt instead of Julian? Maybe Nik falls victim? Brando could get caught up in something too, as he is “working” for Cyrus.

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6. Lulu and Dante

Lulu was struggling with what to do before the Floating Rib explosion. She loved Dustin, but still had feelings for Dante. She’ll be upset this coming week and next, mourning the loss of Dustin; however, could losing Dustin the way she did make her and Dante realize they’ve wasted too much time? Could it bring them closer together? Dustin did ask Dante to watch over her right before he passed away. Dante may tell her this, and let her know that she has Dustin’s blessing.

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5. Franco’s Not Out Of The Woods

Franco still needs surgery, and with the looming idea that this could turn him into the “old” Franco, there’s a lot up in the air. There’s also the idea that something could go wrong with Franco’s surgery this week. Dustin and Dev were unexpected casualties in the Floating Rib, but could Franco also meet his demise in all of this? GH spoilers do state that Liz will meet up with Martin to go over documentation next week. Could GH fans lose Franco, too?

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4. The Port Charles Teen Scene

Joss, Trina, and Cam are sure to reel over the loss of Dev in the coming weeks. He was one of their friends, and these poor kids have lost a friend already. These three teens are sure to continue to bond and hold each other tight in the aftermath of losing Dev. But will what Dev did with Josslyn’s journal come to light?

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3. Joss Talks To Sonny

Considering how close she was with Dev, Sonny is sure to tell Joss what Dev’s final words were. He asked Corinthos to tell her that he was sorry, which might completely perplex her … or will it? He did have a bit of a spat with Joss and Trina just last week, and thanks to Cam, all was resolved. With that said, she may put two-and-two together, which could land her in Cameron’s arms sooner than fans anticipated.

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2. Will Sasha Survive?

Across town, Sasha is another character who is fighting for her life; however, while she had nothing to do with the explosion, some drugs Cyrus gave her caused her to overdose. Will Sasha survive? GH spoilers for the week of November 30th imply that Michael and Willow will have a chat about their future. They’ve learned the truth about the fake affair, but they’ve also fallen in love in the meantime.

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1. Michael and Willow Separate

If Sasha lives, there’s a good chance that Willow and Michael could separate. While Willow may not go back to Chase because she’s too upset, considering Sasha’s condition, Michael will want to do all he can to help his ex-girlfriend recover. This may mean getting back into a relationship with her. He’ll feel guilty for all that has gone down, too. That doesn’t mean he still won’t feel anything for Willow, it just means this storyline will get a lot more complicated.

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