General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 7 – 18, 2022)

Published on November 8, 2022.

Will Esme escape and blow the roof off Nikolas’ plan? Who will the hook slasher strike out against, this time around? Could the hook slasher be someone more obvious than expected? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for November 7th to November 18th, 2022.

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12. Will Esme Escape?

GH spoilers suggest that Esme will get crafty, so there’s a good chance she’ll escape captivity and cause a tremendous amount of chaos this week. Will the truth come out about her expecting Nik’s child? If she does escape, will she make her rounds in Port Charles or just hit specific targets?

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11. Will She Visit Spencer?

Spencer is about to get an unexpected visitor this week. It could be Laura, but it may also be Esme, telling him about his unborn sibling and blowing the roof off Nik’s lie. Sleeping with his dad is one thing, but carrying his father’s child is a whole new can of worms!

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10. Esme’s Resurfacing Is Timely

The hook slasher is about to attack once again in Port Charles. If the victim is someone linked to Trina, the fact that Esme is out on the loose may not be a good look for Ms. Prince! In fact, it could further implicate her as the slasher. But who will the next victim be?

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9. Who’s The Hook’s Next Victim?

The obvious choices for the next victim are either Cam or Josslyn, as everyone in the past has been linked to Trina and the viral video storyline. But then again, Rory, Curtis and Portia could all be possible targets. They are linked to Trina in one way or another. Plus, what about Marshall? Or maybe Jordan?

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8. Could It Be Curtis? Or Trina?

Since there are hints that Curtis or Trina could have the schizophrenia gene, thanks to Marshall, could they unknowingly be behind these hook slashings? What about Marshall, himself? The attacker has been identified as a woman, but this is the land of soaps, and a plot twist could be on the horizon. Could Marshall or Curtis be dressed up as a woman during their slashings?

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7. Nina’s Talk With Sonny Creates A Domino Effect

GH spoilers note that Nina will share a suspicion with Sonny this week, and it’s likely she’ll tell her boyfriend that she “thinks” Willow and TJ are having an affair. This will create a major domino effect that likely exposes the real truth: Willow’s leukemia and her refusal of treatment to ensure the safety of her unborn child.

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6. Willow’s Condition Comes Out

This week’s GH preview centers around the Willow storyline, and it starts off with Terry telling the young woman, with TJ by her side, that she’s in stage four of her cancer diagnosis. It seems like Nina will tell Sonny her suspicions, and Michael will learn about it, too. He’ll likely confront Willow, and she’ll tell him the truth.

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5. Nina Gets A Ton Of Backlash

During this week’s GH preview, Ava will lash out at Nina for “stirring the pot”. While it’ll be (somewhat) good news that Michael learns the truth, Willow would’ve told him at some point. It sounds like Willow will get her stage four diagnosis and prepare to tell Michael, but wind up getting confronted about an affair beforehand. This will cause unnecessary stress and drama. When the truth comes out, Willow (as well as Michael) will only have increased animosity against Nina.

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4. Is There A Chance Things Could Shift Between TJ And Willow?

TJ is just being a good doctor and friend to Willow, but could there be more to this? Will this storyline extend over the next few months? Could these two grow closer? Could they establish a bond that is deeper than colleagues or friends, one which extends beyond the doctor-patient relationship? Once the truth comes out, Willow may feel as if the only one she can turn to is TJ.

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3. Will The DNA Tests Ever Come In?

Looks like the DNA test results between Cody and Mac will come in during the week of November 14th. At this point, there’s a 50/50 chance that Cody is a Scorpio. On the one hand, it would make a ton of sense that he is Mac’s son, offering Mr. Bell real “roots” in Port Charles to establish the little town as home. On the other hand, anything is possible.

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2. Why Is Heather Back?

For one reason or another, Heather Webber is back, and it looks like she may be linked to the Elizabeth/Finn/Reiki storyline. The whole “flesh-eating disease” she got from the tropics seems to indicate that she’ll somehow be connected to all of this, as Reiki seemingly had something similar before she passed. Plus, with Jeff back on the canvas, it’s hard not to think she may be involved, as their history together will likely pop up.

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1. Could Reiki Be Alive?

It’s been stated over and over again that Finn’s wife Reiki has passed, but this is the land of soap operas. Could she be alive? Why would she stay hidden away for so long? The storyline up until this point in time has been one plot twist after another. It’s hard to even try and speculate on what could happen next, as things have been so unpredictable from the beginning. With that said, it is probable that Reiki is alive and well. Will she come to Port Charles soon? Highly likely!

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