General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 9 – 20, 2020)

Published on November 10, 2020.

Will Alex get away with kidnapping Maxie? Will she be brought to justice? How will Peter handle this week and next, with all that is going down? There’s nothing General Hospital (GH) fans love to do more than speculate! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for November 9 to November 20, 2020.

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12. Julian Confesses

Julian is likely going to spill the beans to Jason and Sonny, as they’ll have him cornered early on in the week. He’ll tell them all he did with Brad, his reasons why he married Nelle, and why he kept it all a secret. Sure, Sonny has a hate-on for Jerome; however, he may turn this information into a peace offering, if Julian helps him.

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11. Julian Teams Up With Corinthos

GH spoilers hint that Julian is about to re-enter the mob business, so Julian will likely team up with Sonny and Jason to bring Cyrus down. What Jerome did to Michael will be swept under the rug so that they can all work together to rid Renault of Port Charles. Wiley is back where he belongs, and Sonny wants to nail Cyrus more than anything.

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10. Maxie Is Saved

While Peter will be anxious this week, Maxie will likely be saved. The sad part of all this is a bump or simply the stress of being kidnapped will have her losing the baby. This will bring on even more torn emotions from Peter. He’ll learn he’s the offspring of two horrible people, plus his chance at redemption is gone. He’ll start to spiral over the next two weeks.

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9. Alex Escapes

Despite saving Maxie, Anna and Robert will fail to capture Alex. Got to have her still out there with question marks, and looming to wreak havoc at any moment. Both Anna and Robert will be very upset that Alex has escaped, especially considering the damage she’s caused as of late. But Anna might be more preoccupied with Finn’s condition.

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8. Finn’s Life Hangs In The Balance

Finn’s life will hang in the balance over the next couple of weeks. As Anna, Violet, and Chase worry about his condition, Jackie will be quite concerned as well. This will leave Robert raising an eyebrow. Anna and Chase won’t notice how distraught Jackie is because they’ll be too preoccupied with Finn, plus ensuring Violet is okay.

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7. Chase Reveals A Secret

GH spoilers hint that Chase will reveal a secret to Brook Lynn this week, and it probably has to do with his “fake” affair with Sasha. He may be drunk and upset when he tells her; after all, he could have a few too many if he’s worried about his brother. Brook Lynn will vow not to tell anyone; however, the truth is sure to come out to Michael and Willow eventually, and it could be from BLQ in the end.

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6. Alexis Lashes Out

Alexis will lash out at Julian and Cyrus over the coming weeks. While GH spoilers hint that Ned is set to check in on her this coming week, she’s likelier to lash out at him than engage in anything romantic. She’s pushing everyone away as she hits rock bottom, and Ned will not be the exception.

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5. Britt Sees The Light

GH spoilers tease a revelation of sorts for good old Britt Westbourne. She’ll know exactly what she’s dealing with come the week of November 16th, as Jason will bring up a theory to her, plus something comes into the light about Cyrus. What will she do with this information? Will she team up with Sonny and Jason, try to get back at Cyrus on her own, or double up with Renault and hope for the best?

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4. Is A “Who Dunnit” On Its Way?

Cyrus is adding up enemies left, right, and center in the coming weeks. He already has the Corinthos family, Jordan, and Curtis, Jason, as well as Lulu, Laura, Portia, and Trina against him. Plus, a ton of people at the hospital; however, in the next couple of weeks fans can add Nina and Alexis to the list. Not to mention the possibility of Britt. Could fans be leading up to a murder mystery soon?

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3. Nina Is Deflected

While Curtis will inch closer to the truth, GH spoilers hint that Nina will feel “defeated” the week of November 16th. Could Curtis come close to something, only to have someone flip the rug right from under him? Could that someone be Jax? He and Carly may not want Nina to find out that Nelle was her daughter.

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2. Exes That Team Together, Scheme Together

Carly is set to find something very unexpected this week, so don’t be alarmed if she discovers that little Avery has Nelle’s necklace. She’ll put two-and-two together and immediately head to Jax. GH spoilers reveal that he’ll “caution” her towards something. Seems as if these two could work together to keep Nina in the dark. They’ve already lied about how Nelle passed away, so this is just another drop in the bucket.

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1. Lulu and Dante

Lulu and Dante will continue to gravitate towards each other. As confused as Spencer is about “who to choose,” she’ll be reminded over the next two weeks of why she loved Dante so much, and the spark they shared. Could they come together before Lulu leaves town? There are rumors swirling that actress Emme Rylan is on her way out.


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