General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 19 – 30, 2020)

Published on October 20, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Will Spinelli be able to uncover the truth about Peter? Will Anna learn if she’s really his mother? Will Brando be able to pull the wool over Cyrus’ eyes? So many questions need to be answered in the next couple of weeks! As such, below are some potential answers with ou GH plotline predictions for October 19 to October 30, 2020.

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12. Carly and Jax Continue To Lie

GH spoilers indicate that Carly will confide in Jax the week of October 26th, and as the Port Charles Police Department try and wrap up Nelle’s case, these two will remain tight-lipped about the role they played in her fall. Will the truth ever come out? It should eventually, but not anytime soon! These two will continue to dig deeper and deeper into their lies.

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11. Anna Learns The Truth

GH spoilers for the week of October 26th imply that Anna will learn the truth about something. Added teasers indicate that Peter will also receive a distorted phone close to Halloween. Seems as if Alex is slowly making her way back to Port Charles, and ready to stake her claim on her son. She’ll let the truth be known in one way or another; however, perhaps Anna learns via that DNA test she and Finn were chatting about last week.

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10. Alex Is Peter’s Bio Mom

It’s hard not to think that Peter must be two parts evil, especially with what he’s been up to as of late. Alex may tell Peter that he is her child, and Anna will be upset that she didn’t get to him first. After all, she does care for him, whether he is her son or her nephew. Her protective side will want him to be her son, but there could be some relief around the fact that he is Alex’s after all. That would mean she was never with Cesar, which might ease some trauma for Devane.

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9. Spinelli Will Be Relentless

Speaking of Peter, Spinelli will be relentless in his pursuit to nail August. With that said, he’ll heed Robert’s advice, and play nice with both Maxie and Peter in the coming weeks. He won’t want Maxie’s guard up, and he’ll want them both of them to be comfortable, so they don’t see what’s coming.

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8. Peter Spirals

When Peter learns he is Alex’s son, he’ll spiral. He may even push Maxie away. Knowing that he had one-half of a parent that was “normal” justified his coverups as of late because he truly wanted a chance at a better life. Knowing Alex is his mom will have him reeling. This means he’ll slip up, just in time for Dante and Spinelli to get the goods.

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7. Lulu Struggles

The next couple of weeks will be a struggle for Lulu. GH spoilers imply that she’ll feel torn, as she looks at her past and future. Dante will be apologetic, but will that be enough for Lulu to drop Dustin and rebuild her old family unit? She’ll struggle with what’s best for her and her kids.

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6. Valentin Rides A High Wave, Then Crashes!

This week, Valentin will happily help Nina out with something, and as the days go by, he’ll feel vindicated about a situation. Could it be that he helped her out with something that Jax couldn’t? As great as he feels this coming week, he’ll be gutted the next, as GH spoilers reveal that Nina will flat out reject Cassadine. It’ll hurt his heart and ego.


5. Chase Notices Something

While Willow and Sasha will make amends this week, thus driving Willow to reach out to Chase, the bigger news is that Chase will notice Sasha acting “strange” the week of October 26th. She fumbled the Deception presentation this past week, so people are on to her. But will they be too late? Sasha will continue to spiral as October winds down.

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4. Nik Does All He Can To Delay

Nik has had a change of heart when it comes to divorcing Ava, and as crazy as it seems to everyone, there’s a good chance he’ll do everything he can to delay this in the coming weeks. GH spoilers reveal he’ll even approach Julian, and may lay it out on the line for Ava. Will she accept? She’s also got Ryan breathing down her neck!

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3. Sam & Michael Start To Work Together

GH spoilers for this week relay that Sam will be looking for someone to hire at Aurora Media, while Michael is presented with an opportunity. Could they start working together? What implications could a new job have for Michael, Willow, and Wiley? Michael and Willow have been on cloud nine lately; could reality set in?

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2. Josslyn, Cameron, and Dev

How long can Dev get away with what he’s doing before it catches up with him? Even with manipulating Joss into believing that Cam isn’t into her, she’s still not into him. Dev will succeed in keeping these two apart for the next two weeks at least, and Cam could be inching that much closer to choosing Trina.

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1. Chase Finds Out The Truth

GH spoilers state that Chase will go behind Jordan’s back on something. Could he figure out what she’s been up to with Cyrus? Will he reach out to her, or try and find a way to nail her for what she’s been doing? Could he find a way to nail Cyrus, and not tell her? Either way, Chase may be headed for trouble!

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