General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For Winter 2021

Published on January 20, 2021.

Will Nina ever find out about Nelle? Will she also learn Jax and Carly were behind a cover-up? Will Sonny make it back to the land of Port Charles anytime soon? Will JaSam truly stay broken up? So many questions, so few answers! As such, below are some General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for the winter of 2021.

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12. Nina Decides To Give It One More Go …

Nina’s at peace with not knowing who her daughter is … or is she? In the coming weeks, she may decide to re-launch the search for her bio daughter. Valentin will be there when she decides to do so, and be more than willing to help out. She may also keep the new venture from Jax. After all, he was the one who tried to convince her to abandon her efforts.

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11. Nina Turns To Nurse Phyllis

Nina will pay her nurse, Phyllis, a visit by February. While she won’t run into Sonny, there will be a couple of close calls between the characters. In fact, Phyllis will have it on her mind to mention the new stranger that has entered their lives recently, who might have connections to Port Charles, but she’ll “forget to.” Or she’ll mention it to Nina, but the two won’t officially meet.

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10. Ava and Avery

At some point in mid-February, Ava and Avery will visit Nina. After all, Avery may want to see what the offices of Crimson look like, or Ava could be running errands with Avery in tow, or the three will head off to lunch or dinner together. Avery will be wearing the necklace, and when Nina sees it, she’ll be taken aback.

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9. The Story Starts To Unravel

Nina may ask the child about the necklace directly, or she’ll wait to ask Ava alone. Nina won’t want to interrogate Avery; after all, she’s only a kid, but she will have a ton of questions for her friend. Ava won’t have all the answers, but after a couple of weeks, the women will realize where Avery found the necklace, and pinpoint it to potentially being Nelle’s.

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8. Nina’s Search

All while this is going on, Nina will continue her search and it will finally lead her to the Benson family. Along with “Avery’s necklace” she’ll determine the jewelry was Nelle’s and that Benson was her daughter. She may also confront Jax, and the truth about what he and Carly did will come out.

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7. Nina Reverts To Her Old Ways

While finding out the truth about Nelle, as well as Jax and Carly’s deception, Nina will visit Phyllis one last time. During that visit, she’ll run into Sonny and realize that Corinthos is very much alive, and has amnesia. The major plot twist in this storyline is that Nina will keep this news to herself for a little while as a “payback” to Carly for keeping Nelle a secret from her.

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6. Jax and Carly Get Closer

While Sonny’s thought to be gone for good, and amid all the secrets they share, these exes will get way too close for comfort over the coming winter months, especially once Nina finds out the truth and dumps Jax. As they get closer, Sonny will start to remember his life, piece by piece. Jax and Carly will cross a line, and in the aftermath of it all, Corinthos will return to town, remembering all, and catch his wife, with his nemesis, in bed.

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5. Martin Sides With Laura

As Cyrus and Laura continue to struggle, the sibling that has remained neutral in all of this will gear towards Team Good Guys. Martin has always been a character that teeters between good and bad, and with Laura’s influence, he’ll become a bona fide “hero” as winter turns into spring. He’ll help Laura bring Cyrus down!

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4. JaSam Explore Other Options

According to GH spoilers, the JaSam breakup seems for real. Things are going ok now because they both believe that they are doing this for the safety of their family and the greater good; however, how will one of them feel when Sam starts spending more time with Dante, and Jason and Britt hook up as they strategize against Cyrus Renault? Things will get complicated!

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3. Double Wedding Drama

Will Peter and Maxie end up getting hitched? How about Finn and Anna? GH spoilers hint there are rocky roads ahead as these two super couples approach their double-wedding day event! There’s a good chance that the nuptials could get canceled for one couple or even both. The lies Peter has told should soon be revealed, which would leave Maxie heartbroken, but there are some lies between Finn and Anna, too.

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2. Finn Calls Off The Wedding

Anna’s lie that she is Peter’s mother could also come to light. If he finds out that Anna did not confide in him, but did with Valentin, he would be devastated. He’s not interested in the double wedding as it is, so he may decide to call it off and rethink getting married in general.

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1. Liz In Danger

GH spoilers state that the current situation between Friz will be the couple’s biggest obstacle yet. Could the voices in Franco’s head cause him to turn violent against Liz? Potentially one of the kids? Could he hurt either his wife or her children because of the tumor? That would be hard for the couple to come back from.

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