General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 31 – September 11, 2020)

Published on September 1, 2020. Updated September 3, 2020

While fans are still reeling about what happened to Nelle last week, there’s so much to look forward to in the first two weeks of September. Will Jax and Carly remain hush-hush about Nelle’s demise? Will Sonny catch wind to what they are hiding? Will Cyrus continue his reign of terror at the hospital? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some General Hospital plotline predictions for August 31 to September 11, 2020.

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12. Jax and Carly

It’s never a good idea to have a secret with your ex that you are hiding from the world, so Jax and Carly are in for it the next couple weeks (and potentially months) ahead. Carly is sure to feel some guilt this week, especially keeping this all from Sonny, but Jax will fluff it off as a necessity to keep the mother of his child out of jail. Regardless, the two exes will certainly bond over this lie.

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11. Mike and Sonny

Carly will refrain from telling Sonny the truth about Nelle as he’ll undeniably be preoccupied with Mike over the next couple of weeks. Mike’s health will continue to decline, as GH spoilers reveal that his condition will worsen the week of September 7th. The next two weeks might prove to be the hardest ones yet for Corinthos.

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10. Nina Finds Out The Truth

GH spoilers reveal that Nina will inch closer to the truth around who her daughter is. Over the next two weeks, she’ll gather up clues; however, she probably won’t find out until the week of September 7th (or possibly the week after) that Nelle is/was her daughter. Once she finds out, Nina is sure to feel a mix of emotions from guilt to sadness, regret, and more.

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9. Britt Westbourne Returns

GH spoilers reveal that actress Kelly Thiebaud will reprise her Britt Westbourne role the week of September 7th. Britt will hit the Port Charles’ scene running, as she’ll seek out Julian, and it seems as if the two will be on opposite ends of a conflict. Could Britt’s return have to do with the idea that she may be expecting? The last fans saw these two, they had just had a one-night stand …

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8. Is Jason Okay?

It seems as if something major is set to go down the week of September 7th. GH spoilers tease that Sam will feel responsible, and Jordan will demand answers and even confront Cyrus. Could Renault finally find a way to get at Jason? While Jason isn’t mentioned in the GH teasers for that week, viewers know that Cyrus has had his eye on attacking “Stone Cold” for a while now.

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7. Could Brando Be Involved?

Could Brando get involved in Cyrus’ plan to rid Jason? The motorcycle accident didn’t work, so perhaps something else is planned? GH spoilers for September hint that Brando will be involved in Cyrus’ storyline, so perhaps he helps Renault with something, or maybe he just convinces Cyrus he’s an ally?

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6. Is It A “Behind The Scenes” Thing?

Could Brando be working with Jason to help “set up” Cyrus by helping Renault do something to Morgan when really Jason will end up being okay in the end? Could they fake an accident, and not even tell Sam what’s up? Much like what Jordan did to hide Taggert’s passing, all to set Cyrus up?

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5. Willow & Michael

Wiley is home and safe, and according to GH spoilers, Willow will have some regrets this week. Could it be not opening up her heart to Michael sooner? Or failing to protect Wiley when he needed her most? GH teasers also hint that Chase will want to tell Willow the truth, hoping for a reunion, but Willow will have caught some feelings for Michael in the process. Is this the week that Michael and Willow take their “friendship” to the next level?

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4. Intimacy That Is Caught

Perhaps Willow and Michael get caught up in a moment – they are married after all – just as Chase decides to tell Willow the truth. Chase heads to the Quartermaine mansion, only to find Michael and Willow in a compromising position, and realizes it is too late. Heartbroken, Chase will tell Sasha, who will turn to drugs to numb the pain.

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3. Will Peter Get Caught?

Seems as if the truth coming out about Peter will continue to drag on. While Spinelli has a plan this week, this storyline is nowhere near being over anytime soon. Peter will approach Valentin in the coming days for some help and advice, and he’ll be sure to lend him a hand.

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2. Dante Returns

Expect Dante to return to the land of Port Charles in the next two weeks, as he dives into the WSB mission. But, who could he be investigating? After all, it’s a “person that is close to him.” Could it be Peter? Potentially Robert? Maybe even Anna (although he and Anna aren’t that close). Laura? Maybe Kevin? Even Valentin could be an option. The possibilities are endless!

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1. Brook Lynn’s Future Continues To Linger

Now that Nelle is gone (at the moment), Brook Lynn will continue to work on her recovery; however, she’ll struggle in the next couple of weeks. Not only because this all takes time, and Brook Lynn lacks patience, but also not fully being able to communicate, this will leave her feeling alone, saddened, and down. She’ll need a friend, so here’s hoping someone else reaches out (other than Michael, Ned, and Olivia). Could Chase befriend her?

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