General Hospital: Spoilers For Christmas 2021

Published on December 15, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Port Charles for Christmas? Residents will enjoy a tree-lighting ceremony, while Anna and Violet meet for a holiday tea. Also, the Quartermaine mansion will be a flurry of activity! Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for Christmas 2021.

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12. Annual Tree-Lighting Ceremony

Starting GH Christmas spoilers with some feel-good moments! Teasers note that residents will gather for a tree-lighting ceremony, which is sure to be filled with festive colors that make everyone feel merry and bright. With that said, will there be any drama amongst the crowd, or will characters try to keep the peace during this important holiday event?

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11. Santa Claus Brings An Unexpected Reunion

Over at the hospital, GH spoilers suggest that Santa Claus will swing by with some gifts for all and possibly an unexpected reunion. Added teasers throughout the week of Christmas note that Elizabeth will run into Drew, while Spencer will finally reunite with Laura. Could one of these spoilers have to do with the “reunion” at the hospital?

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10. Quartermaine Christmas Chaos

GH spoilers promise a flurry of activity over at the Quartermaine mansion as everyone gears up for Christmas. Not only will the house be filled with little ones to spoil, but Monica will likely gear up for a special holiday season with her recently reunited son, Drew. She’ll want everything to be in order, as one of Port Charles’ richest families celebrates what is truly important in life: family.

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9. Christmas With The Corinthos Clan

Over at the Corinthos compound, GH spoilers note that Carly and Sonny will gather the family together for some holiday celebrating. Corinthos was officially missing as of Christmas Eve last year, and with Jason now gone, this will be a bittersweet celebration for Sonny, Carly, and the rest of the clan.

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8. Alexis Has A Shindig!

Meanwhile, across town, GH spoilers promise that Alexis will host a Christmas party, too; however, it sounds like hers might be a bit “wilder” than what Carly and Sonny have planned. Who will Davis invite, and how does the shindig get out of hand? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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7. Holiday Tea Between Two Sophisticated Minds

Chalk this one up in the “cutest GH Christmas spoiler ever” category! Finn will bring Violet to Anna’s so the two can enjoy a special holiday tea date. Nice to know that despite Devane and Hamilton’s differences, she and Violet can still share a relationship. Will there be Christmas shortbread in the mix?

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6. Nina’s Preliminary Hearing

Oddly enough, Nina’s preliminary hearing will take place during the week of Christmas. Could something go wrong, landing Reeves in the slammer before the holiday hits? Added teasers suggest that Scotty Baldwin will be nervous, which doesn’t sound like a good sign. In other news, Nina will take the time to chat with Phyllis. Will the lady spend Christmas with Reeves, with Sonny, or head back to Nixon Falls?

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5. Willow’s Emotional

GH spoilers reveal that Willow will be a tad emotional during the week of Christmas, as she’s reminded of the past. Is she missing her bio son at this time of year, or does this possibly involve holiday memories with Chase? She has seemed a tad jealous of him and BLQ lately. In other related teasers, Carly will visit Michael to ensure he’s doing okay.

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4. Blue, Blue Christmas

With the news that was dropped this week about little Liam, Sasha and Brando will likely have a blue Christmas. GH spoilers do hint that Sasha will be released from the hospital before the holidays, and Brando will be there to help her through everything. With that said, if Liam doesn’t come home or things don’t turn around, this won’t be a season the couple will want to celebrate.

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3. Spencer’s World

GH spoilers reveal that Spencer will get a little curious when he sees his dad and Trina chatting. What could these two be talking about? Added teasers for the week of Christmas note that Spence and Trina will cross paths before the holidays hit. How will this confrontation go? Lastly, Cam and Joss will be interrupted… again!

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2. Important Business

Meanwhile, GH spoilers reveal that Nikolas will be heading to the Metro Court for an important breakfast meeting, right before Christmas hits. What’s the need for this, especially when most dealings enter a standstill during the holidays? Will Nikolas also learn that Laura is back in town? Only time will tell.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH Christmas spoilers, Marshall will start volunteering at the hospital during the holidays. Added teasers hint that he’d better not push Epiphany’s buttons, or trouble will be had! Lastly, Liesl will work hard to get Scotty to agree to something. How will she charm him into seeing things her way?

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