General Hospital: Spoilers For December 2019

Published on November 26, 2019. Updated December 3, 2019

What’s in store for Port Charles and its residents for the last month of 2019? A character exit, a character return, and a ton of medical drama to fill up the next four weeks! Learn more about what will happen to Alexis, Violet, Hayden, Finn, Anna, Peter, Jason, the Quartermaines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the month of December 2019.

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12. Bye, Bye Hayden!

GH spoilers reveal that Hayden Barnes’ stay in Port Charles won’t be a permanent one, as actress Rebecca Budig will be leaving the soap opera very soon. But, will Violet follow suit? Seems as if there’s a good chance that the child stays with her dad in the little town while mom flees from a dangerous situation.

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11. Finn Adjusts To Single Parenthood

GH spoilers indicate that with Hayden gone, Finn will have to adjust to his new full-time, single-parent duties. But, he’s not the only one that will need to get use to this new routine with Violet, as Anna too will have to adhere to new schedules as well. This is rather interesting and should test Finn and Anna’s relationship, since Devane has already been through the parenting thing, and may not like the idea of having to head back there.

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10. All Eyes On Peter

Speaking of Anna and her parenting, GH spoilers reveal that many will start to have some suspicions about Peter August. In fact, mom Anna will begin to notice his unusual behavior and question him on it. Will the jig be up soon? If Anna raises an eyebrow, then Peter could be in trouble.

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9. Jax and Valentin

Back to Barnes, GH spoilers suggest that Hayden will have to leave Port Charles because of something Valentin does in the form of trying to kidnap her. It won’t be successful; however, the stunt will be enough to cause a heated discussion between Jax and Valentin. Fans need to gear up for some major drama between these two, this month.

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8. Alexis’ Condition

GH spoilers reveal that Alexis will be involved in some sort of accident (at the hands of Kendra) and soon. Come December, family and friends could be concerned about her health status. In fact, GH spoilers reveal that Sonny will have to reassure Kristina about something, and Bobbie will offer bad news. Could all these teasers be connected?

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7. Julian’s Discovery

GH spoilers also reveal that Julian will make a terrible discovery in early December. Could this be related to Alexis and the accident? In other teasers that may be linked, Jordan reveals inconclusive findings around an investigation. Is it that she looks into Alexis’ accident, and is not able to find out who has done it? Seems as if Kendra could be off the hook on this for a while.

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6. Amy’s Back!

GH spoilers reveal that Risa Dorken, who plays Nurse Amy Driscoll, will be back in the land of Port Charles before fans know it! The actress placed a photo and post on her Instagram handle updating viewers that she is back taping scenes on the soap. Could she return, just in time for the holidays?

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5. Traci Returns!

You read that correctly! Legendary actress Jane Elliot will reprise her Tracy Quartermaine role on GH come December! While the exact air date is not yet available, Tracy will be returning to the land of Port Chuckles just in time for the holidays! What kind of trouble can she get into? Plenty! Especially with granddaughter Brook Lynn in town!

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4. Brook Lynn’s World

Speaking of trouble, GH spoilers for December hint that Brook Lynn will stir the pot in Port Charles, causing some issues for certain residents this month. Could it be Ned and Olivia, or the Quartermaines in general? Regardless, teasers also hint some romance for the young lady, so it’ll be interesting on who catches her eye.

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3. Sasha and Willow

GH spoilers indicate that Willow will turn to Sasha early on in the month, and confide in her about something. Could these two become bona fide besties? With some speculation that Willow could be Nina’s daughter, these ladies now sharing secrets could become an interesting element to this storyline. Fans should stay tuned!

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2. Franco’s Next Step

GH spoilers state that Franco will be ready to start the next chapter of his life early on in the month. In fact, he’ll move forward in completing an important project that needed some finishing touches on it. Could this be Oscar’s treehouse? Sounds like something “Dranco” would do.

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1. More December Spoilers!

Michael will be willing to lend a helping hand to someone while something will catch Nina off guard. Lulu and Maxie will stay up to date on each other’s lives with plenty of hangouts together, and Ned will be taken aback by Jason. Last but not least, Trina will continue to help out (here and there) at the Jerome Gallery.

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