General Hospital: Spoilers For December 2020

Published on December 1, 2020.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As November ends and December starts, Port Charles will be a flurry of activity as everyone gears up for the holidays! What’s on tap for the next four weeks? An old familiar face pops up, while Monica relays Ned’s infidelity secret to someone. Also, Alexis makes a major mistake. Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for December 2020.

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12. Julian’s Exit

GH preview video teases an ugly end to Julian’s time in Port Charles in early December. While scenes flip back and forth, Ava will not be overly pleased with what her brother did last week, and she’ll ask him to leave the mansion, but a shooting gun also hints his demise is imminent. Who will be pulling the trigger?

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11. Carly Lashes Out 

It only seems natural that fans would think the gun totter would be either Sonny or Jason, with potential speculation on Cyrus or sister Ava (thanks to that GH preview video); however, as the first week of December plugs on, there’s a good chance that Carly is at the helm of it all. Spoilers indicate that Carly will lash out at Julian in December. After all, if she finds out what his role in keeping Wiley from Michael, momma bear could be scorn.

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10. Alexis and Ned’s Secret

GH spoilers tease that Alexis and Ned’s infidelity secret could be revealed. Not only does the preview video show the two talking about it, while Robert seemingly overhears everything, but GH spoilers for December also relay that Monica will tell someone about it all. The number of those in the “know” is getting larger.

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9. Curtis’ Case

GH spoilers hint that a case Curtis is working on will take him out of Port Charles in early December, as he follows a lead. What case does this have to do with? Something Laura has him on, or does it have to do with Nina’s daughter? In other teasers for this coming month, Nina will feel compassion for someone that is struggling.

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8. Maxie Finds Out

GH spoilers hint that Maxie will learn all about Peter’s wrongdoings before the Christmas season approaches. Teasers state that Maxie will prepare herself for a future without August, as she dusts herself off and is ready to move on. Who could reveal the truth? Will it be Robert and Spinelli, or Dante?

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7. Dante Catches Up With Anna

GH spoilers imply that Dante and Anna will find time to catch up in December. Does Dante present Anna with the information about what Peter has been up to? It’ll take time for Falconeri to approach Anna, considering all that is on his plate right now Lulu, but he’ll eventually get to it. Could Dante be the one to finally bring Peter down?

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6. Dante’s World

Speaking, Dante and Laura will struggle with what to do about Lulu’s condition, but ultimately they will decide to send her to a long-term care facility. This means that she could return at some point. But, in the meantime, what will Dante do? He clearly can’t reconcile with Lulu, so he’s going to need a new storyline.

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5. A Familiar Face

GH spoilers are suggesting that a familiar face will pop up on the scene in December. Laura will get an unexpected visitor, while added teasers reveal Scotty sees a familiar face during his time away from Port Charles. In fact, after he runs into this person, he’ll demand answers. Could the two spoilers be related and about the same character, and who could be coming back to the land of Port Chuckles?

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4. Finn’s World

Finn will have a lot going on in December. GH spoilers suggest some bonding time between him and his dad, which is great; however, added teasers indicate that Finn will get “caught up” in a moment, unexpectedly, with someone. Could this have to do with Jackie, or someone else? In other news, Valentin will ask Anna for some advice and help this month.

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3. Franco’s Condition

It seems as if Franco will end up being okay after his surgery. GH spoilers do tease that Elizabeth will get some documents from Martin soon, but Franco will also be turning to Kevin for advice as the month progresses. He’s not out of the woods yet, so there’s a good chance that Franco’s old self could emerge in December, which could cause a dire situation for him or those closest to Baldwin.

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2. JaSam Bonding Time

Some feel-good GH December spoilers as JaSam will be doing some family bonding this month. Fans should expect to see more one-on-one time with Jason and Danny, and even Jason and Sam will get a date night at some point … until Sonny interrupts. Speaking of, Sam will continue to struggle with Alexis’ drinking. It also sounds as if her mom will make a terrible choice that will leave Sam very upset.

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1. Nailing Cyrus

Jason and Sonny will be very busy trying to nail Cyrus this December. GH spoilers imply they’ll be very careful and meticulous when it comes to each move made. In other teasers, Diane will uncover an interesting piece of information about Cyrus in the coming weeks. In related news, Carly and Sam will get a little closer this month, as Sam confides to Mrs. Corinthos.

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